Vinod Rai: I'd like to see BCCI become the role model for administration

Vinod Rai was speaking at the inaugural Indian Chamber of Commerce, his lecture touching on the administrative aspects among others.


Emphasising the need to put a model system in place, the chairman of the Committee of Administrators running Indian cricket, Vinod Rai said the cleaning up process is needed to be sustained in the longer run.

Rai said it would take some time to streamline the functioning of the Indian Cricket Board (BCCI). “For anything to be sustainable in long run the edifice has to be on foundation of probity and objectivity. Unless we clean up, we do not have long term sustainability. The agency has to be accountable,” said Rai speaking at the inaugural Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Sports Lecture here on Saturday.

According to Rai, the system needed good governance without the “jugaad” culture. “The thing that needs to be cleaned has degenerated over 30 years. You cannot do it overnight. The buzzword is perseverance.”

Rai said the objections notwithstanding the Lodha Committee have done the basic job well in its report. “We should acknowledge they have gotten to the root of the problem. They have been defined 99 percent problems. They have done a good job in diagnosing the problem.”

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Acknowledging the good work done by some previous administrators of the BCCI, Rai said, “Unfortunately the West Indies board did not have a self-sustained system. People behind BCCI have done huge amount good (work). We should not decry that. We have to put a model in place which will stand the test of time.”

Rai was not averse to capable politicians taking up the role of cricket administrators. “Politicians also make good administrators. The reason I support ex-players being part of the administration is because they have gone through the pain to understand where the shoe pinches.”

Rai said the CoA wanted cricketers and cricket loving public linked with pure cricketing action. “As an avid sports lover, I would like to see the BCCI become the role model for administration.”

He informed that following a meeting with the Cricket Association for Blind in India (CABI), the BCCI would make an announcement about setting apart a certain amount of money to be given to the blind cricketers who recently won the World Cup and for the development of the game.

Rai also said that BCCI had been actively looking into the prospect of conducting women's Indian Premier League.

Touching upon issues of sports administration in a broader sense, Rai said the draft Sports Bill had not been able to be tabled in the Parliament yet because of the lack of application. People in Delhi do not think it is worth spending that much of time on that (sports) bill.”

Rai also advocated the public-private-partnership in sports to get the best result in sports administration.

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