Why not outstation players in TNPL?

TNCA questions BCCI in a hard-hitting letter; hopes for a favourable reply. The State association felt there were no clear rules drafted by the BCCI in this regard.

The Tamil Nadu Premier League is set to begin on July 22.   -  K. Pichumani

The Tamil Nadu Cricket Association has sent a hard-hitting letter to the BCCI, asking why outstation players could not be a part of the TNPL. It also put forward several questions to the Board on the need for its permission to include outstation players in such tournaments.

The TNCA, Sportstar has learnt, emphasised in its mail, “It has never been the BCCI’s position that all these associations get prior permission of the BCCI to include outstation cricketers in their domestic structure and it is inconceivable as to why the TNPL is being singled out when it is part of the domestic tournament structure of the TNCA, nothing more.”

No clear rules

The State association felt there were no clear rules drafted by the BCCI in this regard. “In the above circumstances, two positions appear clear. Firstly, the BCCI has not framed any regulations in the past several decades for regulating grant or refusal of permission. Secondly, at various points of time BCCI has permitted [actively or tacitly] the so-called outstation players to play in various tournaments of State associations.”

The TNCA said Twenty20 competitions in Karnataka and Goa, which had wanted to include outstation cricketers as guest players, could not be taken as precedents to decide on TNPL, “We do not therefore believe that legally what was written to KSCA [Karnataka] or GCA [Goa] can constitute as ‘precedents’ so as to give BCCI any right to prevent players who are playing in various tournaments conducted by us or propose to play our league and other tournaments from playing in TNPL.”

The TNCA felt the BCCI was not quite on a firm legal ground in this regard. “In the present situation where we are as yet unsure of what Constitution the BCCI will follow, we do not see any Article giving BCCI this authority other than to ensure that the tournaments are conducted by State associations in accordance with Cricketing rules of the ICC.”

The TNCA stressed the right of players to take part in various tournaments. “We may hasten to add that all the players who have registered for the TNPL draft have done so voluntarily and with a view to use their free time to get match experience as well as prove their merit while making some money. In the current situation where BCCI is being player-friendly, this move will be seen by them as interfering when they are only exercising their right to play.”

Despite the BCCI’s previous stand, the TNCA expected a favourable reply from the Board. It said, “We trust and hope that you find this explanation satisfactory and allow us to proceed. As the tournament starts on 22nd July, we trust and hope that we will receive a positive response from you in the meantime.”

Player draft held

Meanwhile, the player draft was held only for the Tamil Nadu cricketers here on Friday.

The draft was in reverse order of the team’s placings last year and free-stroking batsman Shahrukh Khan was snapped up by Madurai Super Giant. Although promising batsman R. Radhakrishnan will not be able to play this year since he will be touring with the India under-19 team, Chepauk Super Gillies roped in the youngster.

Super Gillies coach Hemang Badani said, “We are looking at the future and that is why we opted for Radhakrishnan. He has a lot of ability.” Another upcoming batsman Pradosh Ranjan Paul was signed up by Lyca Kovai Kings.

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