IND-W vs SA-W Highlights, Women's World Cup 2022: India crash out, Du Preez guides South Africa to win in last-over thriller

Women's World Cup 2022 IND vs SA: Get live scores, commentary and updates from the CWC 2022 game between India and South Africa in Christchurch on Sunday.


Harmanpreet Kaur took two crucial wickets to pull back a crunch World Cup game in India's favour.   -  AFP

Welcome to Sportstar's coverage of the Women's World Cup [CWC 2022] match between India and South Africa in Christchurch on Sunday.

UPDATE: INDIA crashes out of the Women's World Cup. West Indies occupies the fourth spot on the spot and makes it to the knockouts.

Mithali Raj: I personally think the girls have given it all knowing the importance of today's game. It was a good game from both the sides, good for the sport but it ends our campaign but I'm very proud of our comeback into the tournament after a few losses. Our bowlers have been really good apart from a couple of games. I felt the score was a good total, coming from the fact that we have defended similar scores in the past. Jhulan's experience would have added a lot but it was a good opportunity for the other bowlers. Everything does come to an end, it will take some time to settle the emotions but that's what sport is... Thanks to everybody who's turned out for every game of India. I hope you continue to support women's cricket, the Indian Women's team in the coming years.

Sune Luus:  The team's extremely happy, we're happy for Mignon to finally get that 50. It's been a tough tournament for her but to see her flourish like this today, it just makes all of our hearts happy. I think this is how the semi-finals is gonna be, it won't be an easy match and today's game was great preparation. To get a win on top of that is very good and we hope to take the momentum forward. On Lara Goodall, it's amazing for her and what she can do when you know you can play with confidence and that the team backs you. Extremely happy for her, she should be proud of herself. Every batter came in tipped the game forward and that's what we need. I think we've had a great campaign, no matter how you look at it, we still get that win. We, South Africans, can be very proud of that.

SA 275/7 (50 Overs): After a single off the first ball, Mignon du Preez gets to her fifty, but while running the second run, Chetty finds herself short of the crease thanks to smart work by Deepti Sharma. This is STILL NOT DONE. Shabnim Ismail is the new batter in and du Preez knows its on her to finish this game. She runs for a single off the next ball putting new batter Ismail on strike. After an elaborate change in field (thanks to India being ahead of the overrate), Ismail gets du Preez back on strike.  TOO TENSE.

The South African goes aerial trying to make space to manage a run but the ball finds Harmanpreet! What is this game!  OH HOLD ON. It's a NO BALL. She has stepped massively outside that line. Du Preez survives. Two needed off two. Who is still alive here? Ismail nudges the ball to get the single and gets du Preez on strike. ONE NEEDED OFF ONE. SCORES TIED.  Du Preez gets the single off the last ball. INDIA HAS BEEN KNOCKED OUT OF THE WOMEN'S WORLD CUP.  WICKET Trisha Chetty run out (Kaur/Sharma) 7 (7b)

SOUTH AFRICA NEEDS SEVEN RUNS OFF THE LAST SIX BALLS TO WIN. Windies need an SA win to make it to the semis.

SA 268/6 (49 overs):
Gayakwad to bowl the penultimate over and du Preez and Chetty are going through the required target in singles. An athletic effort at the boundary from Smriti saved India a few runs but it seems inevitable now. Wonder what the Windies hotel room looks like now.

14 needed off 12. Side note: over 11 Lakh fans watching this game on Hotstar.

SA 257/6 (48 overs):  Deepti Sharma in and Du Preez is happy to run. Just over a run a ball again, the asking rate. Don't think they need the boundary, courtesy the Tryon flourish.  Six runs come off the over.

SA 255/6 (47 overs):  Chloe Tryon has turned the game once again. Gayakwad has been thrashed for three boundaries in this over. First through cover, second swept behind square and third smacked through long off. But Gayakwad has her revenge immediately, catching her off her own bowling for the softest of dismissals. Tryon has done her job but can India use this to manage a narrow win? WICKET Chloe Tryon c & b Gayakwad 17 (9b)

SA  241/5 (46 overs): Vastrakar to bowl. South Africa taking risky runs but they can't help it. Two runs off the first ball here for Tyron and Du Preez.  India is focusing on cutting off supply to the boundaries and it's frustrating South Africa. We thought seam was going to be an advantage for SA but Vastrakar is keeping it tight, in an almost Jhulanesque manner getting those dot balls but Mignon du Preez's experience trumps that as she goes over the ground straight for a four. Clean strike this.  She adds another, flicks behind square. Two back to back boundaries. 11 runs off this over.


SA 230/5 (45 overs): Gayakwad continues and gives us an anxious over. Du Preez is first dropped at long on by Smriti Mandhana but almost immediate amends are made and by who else but Harmanpreet who runs out Marizanne Kapp with Richa Ghosh. BIG WICKET. India pegging back and strongly. Four runs come off the over besides the run out. WICKET Marizanne Kapp run out (Kaur/†Ghosh) 32 (30b)

SA 223/4 (44 overs):
Rana comes in and is welcomed with a boundary between point and cover by Marizanne Kapp. SA manages another five more runs to make that nine for the over. 49 needed off 36. Hard, but not impossible.

SA 217/4 (43 overs): Harman is back and does well to hold SA back to just six runs from the over. This included a potential run out right at the end but some unfortunate high bounce at the end made it hard to collect and run a diving Kapp out.

64 needed off 48

SA 211/4 (42 overs): Rana comes in. Kapp and Du Preez are taking this on in singles while Richa Ghosh makes observations on the turn of ball. Five runs come off the over in total.

SA 206/4 (41 overs): 
Eight runs off this Harmanpreet over with a gorgeous boundary for Kapp through point. She's switched up her lengths and largely keeps Kapp quite, does Harman, but they're still managing to rotate strike. When do the fireworks start, South Africa?

SA 198/4 (40 overs): Three runs from this Deepti Sharma over. SHe has been very stingy today. Valuable for India.

SA 195/4 (39 overs): Harman is back. Kapp welcomes her with a lovely boundary through extra cover. First boundary for SA in 11 overs. My word.

SA  188/4 (38 overs):  Five runs off the over as Kapp and du Preez try and settle in. Kapp has taken South Africa across the line many times in this tournament and will hope to do it once more. SA of course won't be affected by the consequence of this game. India and West Indies are the ones waiting with bated breath.

SA 183/4 (37 overs): FIRST BALL.  BREAKTHROUGH. AND IT'S HARMAN AGAIN. LBW appeal on Luus. Umpire is not interested but India reviews and ball tracker finds the ball hitting the stumps. The Indian vice captain removes the South African captain. What a turnaround! BIG CELEBRATIONS. Jhulan is high-fiving people in the dressing room. It means so much. But, the batters in the middle are seasoned campaigners Mignon du Preez and Marizanne Kapp. If anyone can do it, it's these two and West Indies will be sending all their blessings to this pair in Christchurch. WICKET Sune Luus lbw b Kaur 22 (27b)

SA 182/3 (36 overs): Five runs from this Sneh Rana over. No boundary but the batters are rotating strike. Are they letting it get too hard, South Africa?

SA 177/3 (35 overs): Five runs off this Rajeshwari Gayakwad over. India has stemmed the run riot but the runs have not dried up. Luus and du Preez are still keeping the scoreboard going albeit at a slower rate. The run rate is rising though with more than a run a ball needed.

SA 172/3 (34 overs): Five runs come off this Rana over. The ball is dripping wet, needing a wipe after every over.

SA 167/3 (33 overs): Dot balls would help the Indian cause now. Meghna Singh who had an expensive first spell is back, with the dangerous Wolvaardt gone. She needs to find discipline as the two out in the middle can inflict harm. Five runs come off this over from Singh. The doors have all but shut on India's need to bundle out SA in the 170s to climb to #3 on the table. If they manage a win, they meet Australia in the semifinal.

SA 162/3 (32 overs):
Kaur is back and concedes five runs in the over as Luus and Du Preez try and keep the chase going by knocking off those ones and twos. They've both had some time in the middle with the bat and know the brief. But there's a spring in the step of the players now thanks to this change in momentum.

SA 157/3 (31 overs): Quite over from Gayakwad as the run flow has been stemmed. Four runs come off it for South Africa.

SA 153/3 (30 overs): This pair will take it easy with Harman. Five runs come off the over. Rotating strike and chipping away, is South Africa, but the asking rate is ever so slightly creeping up.

SA 148/3 (29 overs): Two new batters in the middle. India needs to get its basics right now. Be tight in the field, keep the line and length disciplined. Play to one's strengths. The equation now close to a run a ball. A few wickets can change the complexion of this match in India's favour. Du Preez and Luus know this and are taking it slow. Three runs come off the over.


SA 145/3 (28 overs): Harman returns and Luus sweeps a bad ball from her for FOUR early on. OH BUT WHAT HAS SHE DONE HERE! SHE HAS CASTLED LAURA WOLVAARDT. Harman has managed some turn on that ball and Wolvaardt has not connected. The South African has gone quiet as she walks back, I can almost hear her calling that dismissal dumb again but we can't see that. The cameras focus on Harman who is thrilled! What an impact player and she's turned the match on its head. WICKET Laura Wolvaardt b Kaur 80 (79b)

SA 139/2 (27 overs): FINALLY A WICKET. Gayakwad is asking Goodall some tough questions and she finally caves, one run short of a well-deserved fifty. Gayakwad sends a slightly flighted ball and Goodall has not read that well at all. She steps down the track, misses and allows Richa Ghosh a simple stumping. This is giving India some life. Sune Luus comes in. The ball is turning. Is this a way in for India?  WICKET Lara Goodall st †Ghosh b Gayakwad 49 (69b)

SA 137/1 (26 overs): FINALLY. HARMAN into the attack. She has the ability to break partnerships and Mithali Raj is expecting just that from her deputy. Goodall looking a bit tentative as Harman manages to get a few edges off her, but the over is seen through safely. Four runs from that over for SA.

SA 133/1 (25 overs): Five runs come off the over. Rana is trying her best to contain Wolvaardt and even beats her first ball (Didn't know one could manage that given her form). The ball is slipping thanks to more dew to compound India's problems.

SA 128/1 (24 overs): Four runs come off this Deepti Sharma over, with Sharma alternating between extremes in length. The win predictor, which was on India's side all along, is now tilting 60-30 in favour of South Africa.

SA 124/1 (23 overs): Rana comes in, hoping to channel some of the form from the Bangladesh game. Off to a good start with three dot balls, but allows the pair some space and we get three singles right after.

SA 121/1 (22 overs): Deepti is back into the attack and India needs dot balls at the very least but a loose ball from Deepti finds Wolvaardt who goes on the backfoot to dispatch it to the fence between long leg and deep midwicket. Seven runs come off the over. No answers from the Indians.

SA 114/1 (21 overs): The century stand has come up between this pair in 99 balls. Fabulous resurrection from Wolvaardt and Goodall - South Africa's first century stand in the tournament, can you believe it! Goodall starts off with a reverse sweep while the pair run for the others to score seven off this over. Comfortable asking rate. Indians are visibly frustrated.

SA 107/1 (20 overs): 12 run over this from Vastrakar with Wolvaardt playing the effortless chief aggressor. She firsts runs two through deep midwicket after which she sends on down third man for FOUR. She tucks the next one coming close to the pads deep for two, followed by a beautiful boundary through cover where she punishes a tempting full toss.

IND 95/1 (19 overs): Rana back into the attack and she concedes four singles. The score is ticking, no silence from South Africa whose batters are happy to play the slow game and pounce when the time is right.

IND 91/1 (18 overs): Vastrakar bowls a maiden. If they can't get Wolvaardt themselves, the Indians would like to frustrate this pair to make errors and capitalise. Vastrakar is keeping it full with the occasional short ball. There's another run out chance in the over with Wolvaardt in the danger zone but she's in well in time before Ghosh knocks off the bails with a direct hit. Just a leg bye in the over.

SA 90/1 (17 overs): Four runs of this Sneh Rana over as she explores a few variations with some short balls and full tosses. This pair is running well between the wickets and keeping the scoreboard ticking.

SA 86/1 (16 overs): Goodall is trying to support Wolvaardt with a flick behind square herself. She is gaining in confidence too as the deliveries go by. One more run comes off this Vastrakar over. SA comfortable in this chase.

SA 81/1 (15 overs): Wolvaardt on 46 now and she makes that 50 with a beautiful cut behind point for FOUR. She is having a great tournament and is threatening to take this game away from India. 

SA 75/1 (14 overs): Vastrakar returns but all we can focus is how good the strike rotation is between this pair. The ball has pace in the outfield and are they are capitalising. Four runs off the over after an caught behind appeal is turned down for having a graze of the pad. How desperately India wants a wicket here. Double bonus if that happens to be Wolvaardt.

SA 71/1 (13 overs):  Gayakwad continues and brings down the tempo a bit. The pair is happy to run between the wickets. Four runs come off the over. Fuller deliveries the flavour of the afternoon in Christchurch. The spinners are stemming the boundary flow but Wolvaardt is in good nick.

SA 67/1 (12 overs):  Vastrakar into the attack now, India hunting for wickets (especially Wolvaardt's) Five runs come off the over. Goodall and Wolvaardt bring up their fifty partnership too.

STAT: Laura Wolvaardt comfortably leads the top runscorers of the WC this time.

SA 62/1 (11 overs): Rajeshwari Gayakwad is introduced now. Anything to stop the Wolvaardt wagon but Laura says 'hold on'! Welcomes Gayakwad with a gorgeous boundary- swept through midwicket. She gets one more in the fifth ball of the innings, through cover this time. 12 runs come off the over in total and SA is keeping up with the Indian innings and the Verma blitzkrieg courtesy Laura Wolvaardt.

SA 50/1 (10 overs):  Sneh Rana takes over from Deepti Sharma. They need Sharma for later. Starts off slow but ends up conceding a boundary with Wolvaardt pulling it past square leg. All the textbook shots. Take notes, aspiring cricketers.  This is SA's highest powerplay score in this World Cup.

SA 43/1 (9 overs): Meghna Singh returns and the run flow returns. Another big over this. 11 runs off it yet again. Goodall gets three runs down cover and Wolvaardt goes back to her boundary dealings; two consecutive ones - one flicked behind square and another driven past cover.

SA 32/1 (8 overs): Sharma returns. Four runs come off her over in total as she presses the brakes on Wolvaardt's charge momentarily. Goodall gets off the mark with three runs down long-leg. She needs to stick around to help Wolvaardt get this done without too many hiccups.

SA 28/1 (7 overs): OOF BIG OVER THIS. 11 runs come off it. Wolvaardt is targeting Meghna now. After two dot balls, Wolvaardt pulls out the cover drive from the 'gorgeous cricket shots' handbook. WV Raman can't help but describe this in the most poetic way possible on comms and can you blame him? What a good-looking shot this from Wolvaardt, right through the gap. Wolvaardt manages a couple off the next ball and follows that up with yet another boundary, this time straight down the ground for FOUR. The stump camera at the non-strikers gives us a great view of how assured this shot is. Single to end the over.

SA 17/1 (6 overs): Deepti returns. Her tight lines necessary to contain Wolvaardt who is in the form of her life. Deepti is alternating her speeds but sticking to good and full length deliveries but South Africa is happy to see her through without too many risks. Three runs, a single and 2 leg byes come off this over.


SA 14/1 (5 overs): Wolvaardt cuts Meghna for FOUR in the second delivery but will soon have the smile wiped off her face as Lizelle Lee is removed courtesy a direct hit from Harmanpreet Kaur at midwicket. Lee has struggled for form in this tournament so I don't think it is the blow Indians will want it to be but it's a wicket gone nevertheless. WICKET Lizelle Lee run out (Kaur) 6 (15b)

SA 10/0 (4 overs): Deepti Sharma returns and is continuing to keep things slow. Just three runs come off the over. She's keeping it full too and trying to get the South Africans to err while making space.

SA 7/0 (3 overs): Relatively better over for India. Meghna Singh returns and maintains a full length as she tries to tempt the Proteans but a tight field is heavily restricting them but Lee has found the ball right and cut to behind square for a boundary. FOUR.

SA 2/0 (2 overs): Spin right away and Deepti Sharma has been called on. BEAUTIFUL BALL RIGHT UP as the ball goes dangerously close to Laura Wolvaardt's off stump. HOW has that not the stumps! Mithali Raj has a smug smile. This would have been some jackpot if it had worked out.  Wolvaardt manages a single through cover. Again, just the one rain from the over.

SA 1/0 (1 over):  Meghna Singh starts with a wide and that will be the only run conceded as Lizelle Lee tries to find her feet early here.

Lizelle Lee and Laura Wolvaardt are out for South Africa. Jhulan Goswami Meghna Singh will open the bowling for India.



Excellent death-overs bowling from South Africa's bowlers restricts India to 274. At 223 for 3 in 40 overs, the stage was set for India's batters to tee off at the end, but that didn't happen. Mithali got out trying to hit out, and Harmanpreet, known for her hard-hitting abilities, struggled to time the ball during her innings of 48.

Mithali, however, played a fluid innings of 68, an innings full of glorious strokes. She complemented the free-flowing Mandhana (71, 84b), after Shafali was run out for an attacking 53. Join us, in a bit, for the run chase. A reminder: India needs a win or a tie to qualify.

IND 274/6 in 50 overs: Khaka to bowl the final. Fired in full, Harmanpreet hits it back to the bowler. Then she goes for an almighty heave and eventually gets an inside edge to fine leg, comes back for two runs. And out! Goes for a heave again and misses, the leg-stump is pegged back. She is out for 48.

Harmanpreet Kaur b Khaka 48 (57b, 4x4)

Deepti Sharma tries to hit aggressively but can obtain only a single through fine leg. Rana hits a low full-toss to mid-off for a quick single, then Deepti hits to deep square leg for a single. The target for South Africa: 275.

IND 269/6 in 49 overs: Ismail to bowl her final over. Starts off with a wide; and there's a fumble by the wicketkeeper, so the batters pinch a quick single. A fast short delivery to Richa, who attempts an upper cut/ramp shot, but can't put bat to ball. Full delivery, on off-stump, and Richa is caught out! The ball was lofted to mid-on, where the fielder made no mistake.

Richa Ghosh c Luus b Ismail 8 (13b)

Harmanpreet needs five more to get to her half-century. Short delivery outside the off-stump, guides it to third man for a single. A short delivery again, this time to Sneh Rana, who tries to pull awkwardly but misses. Appeal for a catch and it's upheld! The umpire gives it out. Rana reviews successfully. There was no bat on that.

Short again, and a pull attempted again, and it's given again! Reviewed again by the batter. No bat involved, the so the umpire has to overturn his decision.

IND 266/5 in 48 overs: Short delivery from Kapp, pulled by Harmanpreet to deep midwicket for a single. A full delivery outside off-stump; driven to mid-off by Richa for a single. A yorker-length delivery, next up, to Harmanpreet, who stays leg side of the ball to squeeze it out to point, but misses. The ball misses the stumps by a whisker. And finally, a boundary: short ball, guided to third man. Full, on middle-stump, Harmanpreet lofts the ball down the ground and the strength of the hit gets her the boundary as it evades the long-on fielder. A single to fine leg to finish the over.

IND 255/5 in 47 overs: Klaas will now bowl her eighth over.

Slower ball outside leg-stump as she follows the batter; Richa swipes across to pick up a single. There are numerous other singles to the leg side in that over. A slower delivery to Harmanpreet, who cuts the ball but finds the fielder. Dot balls are gold for South Africa at this stage. Last deliver: Harmanpreet slogs to long-on for a single.

IND 250/5 in 46 overs: Khaka is back in the attack to bowl her eighth over. The third delivery of the over is a wide down the leg side for three runs as it evades the wicketkeeper. She tried to follow the batter and paid the price for it. Richa drills one through extra cover to pick up three runs; the ball is partially stopped by the fielder in the circle and so it doesn't go for a boundary. And Harmanpreet nearly holes out to Tryon in the deep! Plays a slog sweep, but Tryon, diving forward at deep midwicket, can't hold on. The single brings up the 250 for India.

IND 241/5 in 45 overs: Ismail is back. She bowls a short delivery first up. Follows it up with a full, slower delivery: Vasktrakar is deceived by the lack of pace and finds the fielder at cover to be dismissed caught. A bit early into her stroke, which is why she couldn't keep it down. Richa Ghosh is the new batter. She plays three dot ball, before pulling the final delivery of the over for a single.

Pooja Vastrakar c Luus b Ismail 3 (8b)

IND 240/4 in 44 overs: Vastrakar, after playing two dot balls, drives to mid-off for a single. A short delivery from Kapp, but it's a slower-ball bouncer; Harmanpreet is too early on her pull to make contact with the ball. Another slower-ball bouncer, but this time it's a wide as it's down the leg side. Short again, Harmanpreet pulls fiercely but finds the fielder at square leg. It's only a single.

Vastrakar drives to mid-off and sets off for a quick single. A direct hit, however, would have sent her on her way back to the pavilion.

IND 236/4 in 43 overs: A boundary, at long last, for India. A full delivery on middle-stump, angling in; Harmanpreet hits it to deep midwicket. Then a single through square leg. Mithali tries an aggressive hit and departs! She doesn't have full control over her slog and the ball is caught by Tryon in the deep, in front of long-on.

Mithali Raj c Tryon b Klaas 68 (84b, 4x8)

Pooja Vasktrakar, the new batter, is off the mark with a single. Tucks a short of a length delivery to midwicket.

Harmanpreet Kaur plays a stroke. - GETTY IMAGES


IND 229/3 in 42 overs: Kapp is brought back into the attack. She'll bowl her seventh over.

A short delivery first up, pulled to square leg for a single. Short of a length, outside the off-stump, guided to third man for a single by Mithali. It brings up the 50 partnership. A full delivery; Harmanpreet tries to hit out but the ball gets inside half of the bat and travels to square leg for a single. A single again through square leg - Mithali tucks a short of a length delivery. Then a short delivery is pulled to fine leg for a single. Mithali attempts to guide one to third man again, but get a bottom edge. No run.

IND 224/3 in 41 overs: Ismail continues to bowl short deliveries. And she continues to be economical. After going for plenty in her first spell, thanks to Shafal's aggressive hits, she has come back well. Five dots, and then a pull stroke by Harmanpreet to deep square leg for a single.

IND 223/3 in 40 overs: Khaka bowls a full delivery outside off-stump, and Mithali plays a lofted drive for a boundary through long-off. Excellent stroke. More runs: Khaka bowls a full delivery on leg-stump; it goes down the leg-side, narrowly evading the leg-stump, past the batter and the wicketkeeper for two runs. Harmanpreet plants her knee on the ground to shape up for a paddle sweep/ramp stroke. Gets one run and keeps strike.

IND 214/3 in 39 overs: Short and wide, Mithali cuts to third man for a single. Then a full delivery from Ismail, who is bowling her seventh over, and it's pulled to deep square leg for a single. Oh and a short delivery; Mithali bends and attempts an upper cut, but misses. Tumbles to the ground. A smile from Ismail. Three dot balls.

IND 211/3 in 38 overs: Khaka back into the attack.

Full, outside the off-stump, Mithali plays a lovely square drive for a four through cover-point. She steers one to third man for a single. Harmanpreet gets a full delivery on leg-stump, sweeps it to fine leg for a single. Keeps strike.

IND 204/3 in 37 overs: It's a half-century for Mithali; she picks up a single after playing the ball to cover. Harmanpreet plays to cover too and picks up a single. Another single for Mithali, then a wide down the leg side. A paddle sweep for a single brings up the 200 for India. Tryon bowls a short delivery outside the off-stump: Mithali plays a late cut for four.

IND 195/3 in 36 overs: Klaas bowls a length delivery; Harmanpreet plants a knee on the ground and swipes across for a four through midwicket. Excellent stroke. Short of a length, played off the backfoot to deep extra cover for a single. Mithali plays a full delivery to leg and scampers through for a quick single. Keeps the strike. She is on 49.

Mithali Raj plays a stroke. - GETTY IMAGES


IND 189/3 in 35 overs: Tryon bowls a full toss, Mithali sweeps to fine leg for four runs! Harmanpreet sweeps too, for two runs. Then she plays an aggressive sweep, but thankfully for her, she doesn't hit it too well as it would have been gobbled by the fielder at deep square leg. The fielder picks the ball up after it bounces twice.

IND 181/3 in 34 overs: Harmanpreet taking her time to settle in. Her drives don't find the gap until the penultimate delivery - it's a single. Mithali drives to deep extra cover for a single to keep the strike.

IND 179/3 in 33 overs: A neat over from Tryon. Three singles from it. Harmanpreet Kaur, the new batter, is off the mark with a cut shot for single.

IND 176/3 in 32 overs: Masabata Klaas comes on to bowl her fourth over. First delivery: a leg-stump half-volley, flicked by Mandhana for a single. Short of a length to Mithali, steered to point for no run. Then slightly fuller, Mithali drives to pick up a single. Mandhana drives a full delivery too, leans into her drive, a single. Short from Klaas, pulled to fine leg by Mithali but only for a single.

Last ball: full, on off-stump, Mandhana clears her front leg for a slog but pays the price for her stroke. Doesn't get leverage on it, and Tryon dives in the deep, coming from mid-off to pull off a stunning catch.

Smriti Mandhana c Tryon b Klaas 71 (84b, 4x6, 6x1)

IND 172/2 in 31 overs: Tryon back into the attack, replaces Luus.

Short and wide to Mithali, who plays a delightful late cut to pick up four more runs. Three singles from the over, too.

IND 165/2 in 30 overs: Oh and a near run out! Confusion among the batters after Mithali plays a delivery to backward point. They go for the single eventually but a direct throw would have seen Mandhana dismissed. She was kilometres away.

Slower ball from Kapp to Mithali, who is a bit early into her stroke as she plays a square drive. Two runs picked up. Full again, but this time Mithali drills it past cover for four runs. Impeccable drive. Then pulls for two more runs. Moves to 34.

IND 154/2 in 29 overs: Mandhana sweeps to pick up two runs, then pulls a short delivery to deep midwicket for a single. Mithali cuts for a single to bring up the 150 for India. A short of a length delivery outside off, guided to third man for two runs. Short again, and pulled for a single. Mithali drives the final delivery and picks up a single.

IND 146/2 in 28 overs: Kapp is back into the attack, replaces Ismail.

Full, down the leg side, helped on its way to fine leg by Mandhana. It's a boundary. A four after a long gap. A good length delivery from Kapp is guided past the wicketkeeper by Mandhana for four runs! It's an excellent stroke; she opened the face of her bat at the opportune moment. A single next ball brings up the 50 partnership.

IND 135/2 in 27 overs: Mandhana gets a long hop from Luus and pulls to deep square leg for two runs. Then taps the ball to long-off for a single to bring up her half-century. Four more singles in that over.

IND 128/2 in 26 overs: Another quiet over from Ismail. Two short balls in a row to Mithali, who appropriately gets her head out of the way as the ball goes through to the keeper. Last delivery: it's full, outside the off-stump, dug out to third man for two runs.

IND 126/2 in 25 overs: Mandhana comes down the pitch to Luus and drives to long-off for a single. Later in the over, Mandhana comes down the pitch again, and this time lofts the ball to long-off; again, she doesn't have leverage on her stroke, and the fielder - Mignon du Preez - comes running in and dives but can't pouch it.

IND 120/2 in 24 overs: Mithali defends the deliveries from Ismail. It's a maiden over.

IND 120/2 in 23 overs: Sune Luus, the captain, comes into the attack. The leg-spinner tosses up her deliveries nicely. Mandhana comes down the pitch to one and lofts to long-off, but she hadn't gone to the pitch of the ball so couldn't get leverage on her stroke. The ball falls short of the fielder and a run is picked up. Short from Luus, cut by Mithali for two runs.

IND 115/2 in 22 overs: Shabnim Ismail comes on to bowl her fourth over. Now with Shafali back in the pavilion, Ismail may go for fewer runs. Short delivery to Mandhana, who attempts a pull stroke but misses. Does it hit her head? India's physio is out to attend to her. The ball struck her arm and then her helmet. Short again, but not a bouncer; Mandhana shapes up for a pull but allows the ball to go through to the keeper. And then a yorker, dug out by the batter.

IND 114/2 in 21 overs: Mandhana pulls a long hop to deep square leg for a single. Then short and wide to Mithali, and Mithali takes full toll: the ball runs away for four through cover. Picks up a single on the final delivery to keep strike.

IND 108/2 in 20 overs: Starts off with a wide. Then short of a length from Khaka, steered to backward point for two runs by Mandhana. A few deliveries later, she drives to extra cover for a single. Mithali drives, picks up two runs.

IND 102/2 in 19 overs: Mithali is off the mark with a boundary, sweeps to fine leg. It brings up the 100 for India. A neat over, otherwise.

Shafali Verma attempts a cut shot during her innings of 53. - GETTY IMAGES


IND 97/2 in 18 overs: Mandhana pierces the gap in the off-side to pick up a single. Mithali is content to defend the rest of the deliveries of the over, or drive to extra cover for no run.

IND 96/2 in 17 overs: Tryon resumes. Bowls full, outside the off-stump, it's steered to backward point for two runs.

And out! The ball spins past Yastika's legs as she tries to play the sweep. And she is bowled! She was too early to the stroke, the ball touched the back of her bat en route to the stumps.

Yastika Bhatia b Tryon 2 (3b)

IND 93/1 in 16 overs: Wide Klaas to start to the 16th over. Mandhana just can't pierce the gap in the off-side. Plays a short-of-a-length ball to long-off for a single.  Yastika Bhatia, the new batter, plays her first delivery to cover.

IND 91/1 in 15 overs: Run out! Out of nowhere.

Mandhana tucks to the leg side. Runs halfway through the pitch for a single before Shafali says no. But it's too late: the bails are taken off. Mandhana is past Shafali and so Shafali has to walk back. A tragic end to a nice, promising innings.

Shafali Verma run out (Sune Luus) 53 (46b, 8x4)

IND 90/0 in 14 overs: Full, on off-stump, it's a perfect delivery to slog down the ground. Shafali does that and the ball goes one-bounce into the boundary at long-on. Brings up her fifty. She has a smile on her face: it's an excellent innings. Now Mandhana is on a rampage! Nicely slogs a length ball to cow corner for six! Pulls rather, even though it's not a short delivery.

IND 78/0 in 13 overs: Shafali moves to 48 with a single through long-on. Mandhana sweeps nicely to cheers from the crowd for a single. Another inexpensive over.

IND 75/0 in 12 overs: Another bowling change. Masabata Klaas in the attack now.

Four dot balls, then Mandhana finds the gap. Short of a length, she steers the ball away to deep-backward point for a single. Another dot ball: Shafali drives a full delivery to mid-off.

IND 74/0 in 11 overs: Shafali gets some medical treatment. Time for spin, Chloe Tryon in the attack. Shafali picks up a single on the third delivery; Mandhana steps down the pitch and nicely lofts the ball over mid-off. Elegant stroke. Fluid.

IND 68/0 in 10 overs: Ismail back into the attack. Shafali goes across to the off-side and plays the scoop shot for two runs through fine leg. Ismail has a smile at the stroke.  Short and wide, and it's cut away to backward point for two runs.

IND 62/0 in 9 overs: Full from Khaka, lofted by Shafali over the head of the fielder at mid-off. Two runs. A ball later, she repeats the stroke but this time she's not so much in control of her stroke, and the ball travels to point. A single is taken.

Mandhana gently steers a delivery through cover for four runs! It was full, outside the off-stump. Shafali, on the last delivery, swipes aggressively past the bowler for four more! Runs are flowing for India at the moment. Thirteen from the over.

IND 49/0 in 8 overs: A quiet over from Kapp to Mandhana, who defends or finds the fielder on the off-side with her strokes. But the final delivery is a short one and it's pulled away fiercely by Smriti for a four.

IND 45/0 in 7 overs: Short of a length, in the corridor, cut away finey by Shafali for two runs through third man. Then a full delivery - a slower ball - is driven through mid-off for four runs.

IND 39/0 in 6 overs: Kapp's first delivery is down the leg side, it's a wide. Mandhana plays one to the leg side in the circle and picks up a single. Shafali steers to third man for another single. Short of a length, played off the backfoot by Mandhana: no run. And steered one to point region for no run.

IND 36/0 in 5 overs: Bowling change. Ayabonga Khaka replaces Ismail.

Oh and a leading edge. Falls short of the fielder at point. Closed the face of the bat too soon. Shafali goes through with her stroke too early on the next delivery too. Short of a length, outside off-stump, driven through extra over for four. And Shafali is early once again as she tries to steer an overpitched delivery outside off-stump. Four from the over.

IND 32/0 in 4 overs: Short and wide from Mandhana, it's cut away through backward point for a run. Shafali picks up a single through midwicket. Short and wide again, and Smriti checks her shot to prevent the ball from going on the full to the fielder at cover.

IND 30/0 in 3 overs: Overpitched on leg-stump, helped on its way by Shafali for a four through fine leg. Short and wide, opens the face of the bat for a nice late cut for a four through backward point. Oh and walks across! It's a full delivery outside off-stump and Shafali is so far across that she plays a flick to fine leg for four.

More runs, as Shafali cuts through the cover region, two runs. No ball from Ismail. Short and into the body, but Shafali goes leg side of the ball and slaps it over cover for two more. Last ball: on-driven to mid-on for no run. 17 from the over.

IND 13/0 in 2 overs: Marizanne Kapp bowling the second over. Bowls a wide, it's a yorker-length delivery way outside the off-stump. Full toss, and it's driven away nicely for a boundary through cover. Five from the over.

The Indian team sings the national anthem. - GETTY IMAGES


IND 8/0 in 1 over: Shabnim Ismail to bowl the first over. Smriti Mandhana to face the first ball. A reminder: it's a must-win game for India, South Africa has already qualified for the semis.

The first delivery is on a good length, defended by Mandhana. The next delivery is slightly fuller and it's driven to extra cover for a single. Pitched up to Shafali Verma, driven nicely and the ball goes through the gap between cover and mid-off for four. Shafali comes over to the off-side for a scoop shot/ramp shot but it's a short delivery so just lets it go. Final delivery: short, steered to the third man, the batters pick up two runs. Eventful over.


TOSS UPDATE: India wins the toss, chooses to bat

Mithali Raj
was recently named Sportswoman of the Year (Cricket) for the second year in a row at the Sportstar Aces Awards in Mumbai last weekend. Missed the live ceremony? Catch it on TV today at 4:30pm IST.


6.05 am: India wins the toss and chooses to bat. Meghna Singh comes in place of Jhulan Goswami, and Deepti Sharma is in, too. Poonam Yadav has been left out. Goswami has a side strain. Two changes for the South African team, too: Tazmin Brits makes way for Lara Goodall, and Masabata Klaas comes in for Tumi Sekhukhune. It's the first time in five World Cups that Goswami is not playing for India.

Mignon du Preez tells broadcasters: "Just about fine tuning a little bit and getting momentum for the semifinals."

Playing XI

South Africa Women: Lizelle Lee, Laura Wolvaardt, Lara Goodall, Sune Luus (c), Mignon du Preez, Marizanne Kapp, Chloe Tryon, Trisha Chetty(w), Shabnim Ismail, Masabata Klaas, Ayabonga Khaka.

India Women: Smriti Mandhana, Shafali Verma, Yastika Bhatia, Mithali Raj (c), Harmanpreet Kaur, Richa Ghosh (w), Pooja Vastrakar, Sneh Rana, Deepti Sharma, Meghna Singh, Rajeshwari Gayakwad.



A win today will see India advance to the last four, and a point from the game will also work for the Mithali Raj-led side, as it has a superior NRR (+0.768) than West Indies (-0.890).

In case India loses to South Africa, its only hope of advancing to the semifinals will be if England, who has a better NRR (+0.778), also lose its last league stage match to Bangladesh and finish on a lower NRR. That seems unlikely, though. You can follow this game here.

In simple terms, if India and England win their games, they both qualify to the playoffs. If one of them loses, West Indies go through. If both sides lose, the top four will be closed out based on NRR.


HEAD - TO - HEAD: South Africa and India have played 27 ODIs between them. India has won 15, while South Africa has won 11.

5 AM: Hello everyone! The 12th edition of the Women's Cricket World Cup is finally underway in New Zealand. The tournament which was initially scheduled to be played in February - March 2021, was postponed by a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today will India take on South Africa in a virtual quarterfinal in Christchurch.



The ICC Women's ODI World Cup India vs South Africa match will be broadcast on the Star Sports Network and Disney+ Hotstar at 6:30 AM IST.