India Women vs Sri Lanka Women HIGHLIGHTS, 2nd T20I: Harmanpreet leads IND to series win with 2-0 lead

IND-W vs SL-W: Follow live score updates, commentary, and news from the second T20I between Sri Lanka and India in Dambulla on Saturday.

Updated : Jun 25, 2022 17:20 IST

India restricted Sri Lanka to 125/7 despite its opening stand of 87 between Chamari Athapaththu and Vishmi Gunaratne.
India restricted Sri Lanka to 125/7 despite its opening stand of 87 between Chamari Athapaththu and Vishmi Gunaratne.

India restricted Sri Lanka to 125/7 despite its opening stand of 87 between Chamari Athapaththu and Vishmi Gunaratne.

Hello and welcome to the coverage of India's tour of Sri Lanka. This was Lalith Kalidas bringing you the updates from the 2nd T20I between the two sides in Dambulla.


A comfortable win in the end for India, despite the few hiccups midway into the chase. Sri Lanka is left to repent on its dismal showing in the final phase of its batting innings on a fine surface and a swift outfield. Batters had full result for all their shots and the host was caught in a puddle as the Indian bowlers fought back with some fine bowling.

IND 127/5 in 19.1 overs:
Harmanpreet Kaur seals the win with a fine sweep over square for FOUR. India beats Sri Lanka by five wickets to win the series with a 2-0 lead.

IND 123/5 in 19 overs: Chamari stays to the pads and Sri Lanka is fortunate as Harmanpreet fails to put the ball short-fine leg. Chamari tails the ball in and Harman gently pushes off for a single to point. Chamari keeps it tight and ensure the chase stretches to the final over. India needs 3 runs in 6 balls.

Chamari Athapaththu returns to the attack

IND 118/5 in 18 overs: A comedy of errors as the batters suffer a mix-up almost halfway through the wicket. Yastika the collides with the bowler Ranasinghe and nearly falls short of the non-striker's end but manages to reel herself back in. Ranasinghe toYastika, OUT! Yadav is beaten all ends up with a quicker delivery as she shimmies down the track. Sri Lanka continues to keep India on its toes in this chase. Deepti Sharma in at 7. She is off the mark with a flick through mid-wicket. Harmanpreet employs the sweep for another single. Deepti tucks the ball through square for a square. Harmanpreet attempts a second run and is duly sent back by Deepti. India needs 8 runs in 12 balls.

Yastika Bhatia st †Sanjeewani b Ranasinghe 13 (18b)

IND 111/4 in 17 overs: Another tight over from Ranaweera. Harmanpreet shuffles across for a huge slog-sweep but misses as the ball seems to clip her pads. The umpire denies a wicket as Harman is seemingly away from the off-stump. India needs 15 runs in 18 balls.

IND 107/4 in 16 overs: Ranasinghe mixes up her lengths and pace to keep the batters on their toes. Harman and Yastika are in no rush as the finish-line is well within sight.

IND 102/4 in 15 overs: 100 up for India on the back of some fine running between Yastika and Harmanpreet. India strolling towards the series win now.

IND 97/4 in 14 overs: Dilhari pushes Yastika deep into the crease with a sharp delivery off the length. Another dot as Yastika drives the ball straight to the cover fielder. Short again and Yastika fails to put the ball past mid-on.  Three dots and Yastika slog-sweeps straight to deep mid-wicket and a tough catch is put down by Gunaratne. Dilhari almost building the perfect moment to seize the wicket and Sri Lanka fails to capitalize.

IND 94/4 in 13 overs: Ranaweera to Rodrigues. OUT! Width on offer and Jemimah scoops the ball straight up to the point fielder. Perera completes a regulation catch as India loses its fourth wicket. Yastika Bhatia in at 6. She gets off the mark with a flick through mid-wicket for two runs.

Jemimah Rodrigues c Perera b Ranaweera 3 (6b)

IND 91/3 in 12 overs: Dilhari skims through another over as Jemimah and Harmanpreet nudge about the gaps for five runs.

IND 86/3 in 11 overs: Mandhana continues to adorn the cover boundary with some pristine shotmaking. Ranaweera pitches the ball wide of off and Mandhana easily shifts her weight onto the front-foot to power another FOUR. Oh, no. Mandhana is stumped after stepping out to a sharp delivery. Easy bit of glovework for Sanjeewani once again and Mandhana departs after having set the tempo for the chase. Smriti Mandhana st Sanjeewani b Ranaweera 39 (34b 8x4)

IND 80/2 in 10 overs: 2000 T20I runs for Smriti Mandhana as she creams Chamari Athapaththu for a couple of glorious drives through cover for two boundaries.

IND 68/2 in 9 overs:
Mandhana draws her power into a blistering cover drive for FOUR. India continues to tick off the runs at a decent clip. Five runs from the over.

IND 63/2 in 8 overs: Mandhana attempts a late-cut and nearly has the ball jagging back to the stumps off the edge. A couple of runs to follow as Dilhari employs a fine line in her first over. Harmanpreet shuffles across the line and top-edges the ball down backward square for a single.

Kavisha Dilhari replaces Ranasinghe

IND 58/2 in 7 overs: Ranaweera pushes Mandhana onto the back-foot but the batter does well to glaze the gap past backward point for FOUR. India motoring on in the chase despite the loss of a couple of wickets.

Inoka Ranawaeera into the attack

IND 52/2 in 6 overs: Kumari fires one off a round-arm trajectory and nearly breaches Meghana's defence. Kumari to Meghana, OUT! Megahna is foxed with a sharp delivery that leaves her short of the crease. Easy stumping there for Sanjeewani and Meghana's brief flourish stays that way. Harmanpreet in at 4. She's off the mark first ball with an effortless cover drive for FOUR.

S Meghana st Anushka Sanjeewani b Sugandika Kumari 17 (10b, 4x4)

IND 47/1 in 5 overs: Prabodani errs with a loose, short delivery and Meghana quickly pumps the ball across square for FOUR. The left-armer angles the ball across and Meghana reaches out for a fine slice past backward point for another FOUR. FOUR more for Meghana as she bisects the cover and mid-off fielder for an exquisite boundary. More misery for Prabodani and Sri Lanka as a sharp outside-edge from Meghana races past the short-third fielder for another FOUR!

Prabodani replaces Kumari

IND 31/1 in 4 overs: Ranasinghe wafts one in and Shafali takes her down with a glorious SIX down the ground. Ranasinghe comes around the wicket but Shafali steps out to thump the ball once again over the umpire for FOUR. Shafali advances and she holes out to mid-off this time! One shot too many from the dasher as she finds Dilhari at mid-off. Miscues the loft by a fine margin and Ranasinghe has her revenge. Sabbhineni Meghana in at 3.

Shafali Verma c Dilhari b Ranasinghe 17 (10b 2x4 1x6)

IND 20/0 in 3 overs: Shafali advances first ball to the left-armer and flicks the ball through mid-wicket for a single. Kumari bowls flat and sends in a delivery into the blockhole to Mandhana. Short ball this time and Mandhana deftly swivels to send the ball over mid-wicket for FOUR. She follows up with another flat delivery as Mandana attempts for another cut but misses.

Sugandika Kumari replaces Prabodani

IND 15/0 in 2 overs: Ranasinghe loops one in and Shafali smashes the first ball over mid-off for FOUR and quickly moves off strike with a single. Ranasinghe follows up with three dot balls to Mandhana who attempts a couple of slices through the off-side. She makes room and pierces the gap between cover and point for FOUR this time.

Oshadi Ranasinghe into the attack

IND 6/0 in 1 over: Prabodani swings the ball away off the length and Mandhana eases into a beautiful drive through cover for FOUR off the very first delivery. Prabodani quickly corrects her line and uses the movement to slide past the batter's outside-edge. Mandhana gets off strike with a gentle push through cover for a single. Prabodani pitches short and Shafali stands tall to punch the ball to mid-off.  Six off the over as Shafali is off the blocks with a single to retain strike.

Left-armer Udheshika Prabodani up with the new ball. Mandhana on strike.

Back for the chase. Smriti Mandhana and Shafali Verma open India's 126-run chase.

Sri Lanka would rue the second-half of this innings after being served the perfect base from skipper Chamari Athapaththu and young opener Vishmi Gunaratne. The duo put up Sri Lanka's best opening stand (87) in T20Is to leave the Indians frantically rummaging for breakthroughs. However, as the two were sent back to the dugout, India clawed back with a slew of wickets to leave the host probably short of a few runs on this hard deck.

SL 125/7 in 20 overs: Sanjeewani flicks the ball straight to square-leg but an overthrow at the non-striker's end costs India two runs. Renuka dips in a low full-toss and Kavisha Dilhari scoops it straight to Mandhana at short fine leg who completes an easy grab. Sanjeewani gets a top-edge over the keeper and finds two runs. Sanjeewani lofts the final ball over cover and finds two runs to finish at 125, which is probably 10-15 short given the start the openers had given on a breezy evening.

Kavisha Dilhari c Mandhana b Renuka Singh 2 (5b)

Renuka Singh up for the last over

SL 117/6 in 19 overs: Radha Yadav offers a hint of room and Dilhari gets an outside-edge to short third. A fine pick-up throw and Yastika does the rest to leave new batter Hasini Perera short of her crease. She departs without facing a ball.  Oshadi Ranasinghe fall soon after as an attempted reverse-lap fall straight in Yastika's gloves. Sri Lanka continues to stutter in the final laps with a flurry of wickets going india's way.

Hasini Perera run out (Yastika) 0 (0b), Oshadi Ranasinghe c Bhatia b Yadav 5 (3b 1x4)

SL 110/4 in 18 overs: Deepti darts one wide of off-stump and Harshitha chips it in the air and holes out to a fine diving catch by Shafali Verma at cover. A couple of tight overs have enabled India to claw back into the game with Sri Lanka handing a handful of opportunities. Deepti loops one in to the new batter de Silva's but the umpire is unshook. Nilakshi de Silva steps out once again and another loopy delivery gushes past her shot across the line and hits the pads. Seems to be sliding down leg but the umpire raises his finger!  A bizarre decision but Deepti has her scalp, nevertheless. She bowls out with figures of 4-0-32-2.

Harshitha Samarawickrama c Shafali Verma b Sharma 9 (13b), Nilakshi de Silva lbw b Sharma 1 (2b)

Deepti Sharma to bowl out

SL 106/3 in 17 overs: Kaur continues. Harshitha attempts a reverse-sweep but Kaur's dipping delivery beats everyone and races down the ground for FOUR. 100 up for Sri Lanka as Harshitha chips the ball to mid-wicket for two runs. Kaur is not going to be pleased with the effort of the short-fine leg fielder as Vishmi's glides the ball past the keeper. Renuka's misfield concedes FOUR runs and Kaur is fuming. OUT! Vishmi lobs the ball straight back to Kaur who grabs it and throws it to the ground. She is not over the previous misfield as Vishmi's grafting knock comes to an end.

Vishmi Gunaratne c & b Kaur 45 (50b 6x4)

SL 95/1 in 16 overs: This has been a refined burst from the Indian bowlers after the half-way mark. The boundaries have dwindled as Vastrakar maintains a fine channel of attack.

SL 90/1 in 15 overs: Kaur continues to extract turn and bounce off the surface and skims through her over. Just the three runs from it.

SL 87/1 in 14 overs:
Vastrakar hits the length and Chamari holes out to the backward square fielder. The pressure of a tight over induces the expansive stroke. Athapaththu fails to get the desired power on a flick off her hips and Radha Yadav was at ease while pouching that one. Harshitha Samarawickrama comes in at 3.

Chamari Athapaththu c Yadav b Vastrakar 43 (41b 7x4 1x6)

SL 86/0 in 13 overs: In the air and a breakthrough, almost! Harman comes around the wicket and wafts one in. Chamari attempts a slog-sweep and nearly finds the deep mid-wicket fielder on the full. Harman is finding some sharp turn off the surface as Vishmi arches back into the crease. Moves into a run-a-ball 37.

Signs of desperation as Harmanpreet Kaur enters the attack.

SL 83/0 in 12 overs: A couple of singles to start Renuka's over. Vishmi miscues a slog and the ball scoops up straight to the tip of the mid-off circle. Chamari advances and Renuka quickly sends the ball down leg to keeper Yastika. She dives nimbly to stop the ball and ricochet it back to the stumps as Athapaththu was well short of the crease. Renuka comes around the wicket and goes full and Chamari elegantly creams it through cover for FOUR. Magnificent wrist-work from the SL skipper as she powers the ball through cow-corner for another FOUR.


Renuka replaces Vastrakar

SL 71/0 in 11 overs: Deepti to continue. Chamari works the first ball down to long-off for a single. Vishmi flicks the ball to mid-wicket for one run. Low full-toss and Chamari pummels the ball through extra cover for FOUR. Deepti follows up with a dipping yorker and Chamari luckily brings the bat down in time. Slower-ball on the shorter length and Chamari waits patiently to glide the ball past backward point for FOUR. Sri Lanka deftly picking up on the scoring rate as pressure mounts on India's bowlers.

SL 60/0 in 10 overs: Vastrakar strays to the pads and Athapaththu flicks it fine down leg for FOUR. Some trouble brewing for India as the opening pair continues to frustrate it with the occasional boundary. Chamari drags another ball past backward point and gets a single. In the air and DROPPED! A massive reprieve for the skipper as Simran Bahadur fails to latch onto a hard, low catch at cover point.

SL 53/0 in 9 overs: Simran returns for a second over. Athapaththu continues her quest for the cut but misses once again. She follows up with a drive down to long-off for a single. 50 up for Sri Lanka as Vishmi gets another single. Five runs from the over.

SL 48/0 in 8 overs: Fine start for Vastrakar as she gently slides the ball into Chamari's defence. In the slot and Chamari nonchalantly lifts it across the line for FOUR. Shades of Sanath Jayasuriya in that pick-up shot from the skipper. Chamari attempts another shot across the line but misses. Vastrakar and the inner-ring fielders go up in unison for a shout but the umpire denies a wicket. Streaky! Chamari attempts a hoick and the ball marginally falls over the point fielder for a single.

Pooja Vastrakar into the attack

SL 43/0 in 7 overs: A flighted delivery from Yadav and Vishmi nearly nicks it to the keeper. A single to follow. Athapaththu offers the strike straight back to her partner with another single.  Radha slides the ball and Vishmi works it through backward square for another FOUR.


SL 37/0 in 6 overs: Athapaththu's struggles continue as she misses another slog-sweep as Yastika flicks the bails. Close shave there for the skipper as the third-umpire eventually deems her to be within the crease. Chamari breaks the shackles with a crunching SIX down the ground. In the slot and Chamari swings through the arc to send the ball well over the fence. Width from Deepti and Athapaththu slaps it over mid-wicket for another FOUR.

Deepti returns

SL 25/0 in 5 overs: Vishmi gets a single first-up. Radha fires one past Athapaththu hanging outside-edge. Athapaththu attempts a reverse-sweep and misses. Six dots for the skipper. Athapaththu gets off the mark with a sweep down to mid-wicket.

Radha Yadav into the attack

SL 23/0 in 4 overs: Simran errs by sliding down leg. Vishmi quickly shuffles across and sends the ball past short-fine leg for FOUR runs. Slower-ball on length and Vishmi slaps it over mid-wicket for another FOUR. Vishmi builds her confidence with that set of boundaries after looking iffy in the first over.

Simran Bahadur replaces Deepti Sharma

SL 14/0 in 3 overs: Renuka offers a hint of room and Vishmi slices the ball through cover point for FOUR. And the wicketkeeper Yastika comes straight-up to the stumps for the next ball. Vishmi works the ball down leg for a single which brings Athapaththu on strike. Athapaththu walks down the track for a slog but quickly pushes it to the surface as Renuka corrects her length. Yastika comes up once again as the over ends with another dot ball.

SL 9/0 in 2 overs: Deepti loops the ball in and Vishmi advances for a drive. A thick outside-edge races past the point fielder for FOUR. Deepti finds the outside-edge once again and this time the ball skips past Yastika for two runs down to third.  A beauty from Deepti. Tosses it up even higher and forces the batter into two minds before whizzing past the outside-edge.  A single to finish and Vishmi keeps the strike. Skipper Athapaththu yet to face a ball.

Deepti Sharma from the opposite end

SL 2/0 in 1 over: Quite a breezy start at Dambulla as Renuka slides the ball in to Vishmi who tucks them back. Three dots on the trot. Renuka strays too far down leg and concedes the first run through a wide. Renuka constricts the batter with another tight delivery outside the off-stump. Vishmi squeezes it to the point fielder. Swing and a miss. Renuka offers a hint of room and Vishmi steps out for a rash heave but misses. In the air and Vishmi gets off the mark with a streaky drive that just falls short of cover.

SL skipper Chamari Athapaththu and Vishmi Gunaratne at the centre. Renuka Singh up with the new ball. Vishmi on strike.

Action begins.

Intriguing bit of changes from the Indian camp despite notching up the lead. Yastika Bhatia is likely to don the gloves as Richa Ghosh makes way. An extra seamer comes in with Simran Bahadur as left-armer Rajeshwari Gaykwad is left out.

Harmanpreet Kaur suggests India was looking to bowl first at the Toss.

India Women Playing XI: Smriti Mandhana, Shafali Verma, Sabbhineni Meghana, Jemimah Rodrigues, Harmanpreet Kaur (c), Yastika Bhatia (wk), Deepti Sharma, Pooja Vastrakar, Renuka Singh, Radha Yadav, Simran Dil Bahadur

Sri Lanka WomenPlaying XI : Vishmi Gunaratne, Chamari Athapaththu(c), Harshitha Madavi, Hasini Perera, Kavisha Dilhari, Nilakshi de Silva, Anushka Sanjeewani(w), Oshadi Ranasinghe, Sugandika Kumari, Inoka Ranaweera, Udeshika Prabodhani

Gamini Perera says: "It's the same pitch. The outfield gives an edge to the batters. The sound of the tap is good but if the play from the previous game has created cracks, the batters will face challenges. The pitch may slow down and 140 will be par."

Predicted XIs

1:20pm: IND-W vs SL-W 2nd T20I Dream11 Fantasy squad


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Harmanpreet's team India will have a series win in sight when it faces Sri Lanka in the second T20I against Sri Lanka in Dambulla on Saturday.

India's top-order will have some work to do this time around after failing in unison in the first match. Shafali Verma and Smriti Mandhana will have to remain positive and will hope for quick starts in the PowerPlay. Sabbhineni Meghana, who shone in the recently-concluded Women's T20 Challenge 2022, will also aim to fire from the no. 3 slot.

India's T20 middle-order is exuding positivity with skipper Harmanpreet Kaur, Jemimah Rodrigues and wicketkeeper-batter Richa Ghosh. India's bowlers did a commendable job in the first game where it restricted the Lankans to 104/5 in 20 overs during their 139-run chase. Spin bowling was India's strength during the match, with Deepti Sharma and Radha Yadav picking three wickets while restricting the runflow.


To level the series, Sri Lanka will have to work really hard on their batting. Their batting did not shine in the first match. Except for Kavisha Dilhari, who scored 47*, nobody looked in the right form. SL will have to work on putting in runs during the chase at a proper speed and not go too overboard and lose wickets. The Lankan bowling attack was great during the first T20I and the side will be looking forward to continuing their good show in the upcoming matches.

Pacer Oshadi Ranasinghe and spinner Inoka Ranaweera will be looking forward to doing well for their respective bowling attacks. Whatever the result will be, fans will get to see a great contest between both sides.

All the action from the second T20I will be live and exclusive on and FanCode from Saturday, June 25, 2022, 2 PM onwards. The series is not being telecasted on TV. You can also watch the match on Sri Lanka Cricket's YouTube channel.



Where to watch India vs Sri Lanka 2nd WT20I?

Sri Lanka Cricket on Wednesday announced that the limited-overs home series against India, beginning on Thursday, will be streamed live on the cricket board’s official YouTube channel and will be broadcast on Dialog 1.

After dilly-dally, late on Wednesday, it was announced that FanCode will stream the series for free in India.

There were no clarity until Wednesday evening on whether the cricket fans in India will be able to watch the tournament live on television as the SLC claimed that for overseas platforms, “discussions are still on”.

In the pre-match media interaction, India captain Harmanpreet Kaur hinted that some last moment arrangements were being made for the series to be broadcast.

Fancode will stream the matches of India's Tour of Sri Lanka for Indian audiences. The streaming is free.

"As far I know, it is being broadcast live. I was informed today that there were some last-minute plans to ensure that it is broadcast," Harmanpreet said.

Since 2017, only two series involving India have not had full broadcast - the first being the India tour of South Africa in 2018, which was broadcast partially, followed by the India tour of Sri Lanka in 2018.

The T20I series will be played in Dambulla from Thursday, followed by the ODI series, a part of the ICC Women's Championship 2022-25, in Pallekele between July 1 to 7.

Follow our complete coverage of India Women's tour of Sri Lanka on Sportstar.

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