IND-W U-19 v ENG-W U-19 World Cup Final Highlights: India crowned champion; beat England by 7 wickets in low-scoring final

INDW U-19 v ENGW U-19, Final: India takes on England in the final of the inaugural U19 Women’s T20 World Cup. Follow all live scores, commentary and highlights from the match with Sportstar.

Titas Sadhu’s miserly spell saw her concede just six runs and take two crucial wickets to put India in control in the U19 Women’s T20 World Cup final against England.

Titas Sadhu’s miserly spell saw her concede just six runs and take two crucial wickets to put India in control in the U19 Women’s T20 World Cup final against England. | Photo Credit: ICC/Twitter

INDW U-19 v ENGW U-19, Final: India takes on England in the final of the inaugural U19 Women’s T20 World Cup. Follow all live scores, commentary and highlights from the match with Sportstar.

Welcome to the live coverage of the U19 Women’s T20 World Cup final between India and England in Potchefstroom, South Africa. This is Lavanya Lakshmi Narayanan and I’ll be taking you through the summit clash this evening.

IND 69/3 (14 OVERS)
ENG: 68 a.o (17.1 OVERS)
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BCCI Secretary Jay Shah has invited the victorious U19 Team to watch the third T20I in Ahmedabad, saying their achievement calls for a celebration. Is a felicitation at the world’s biggest cricket stadium on the cards?

A HAT TIP TO NOOSHIN AL KHADEER - The coach of the U19 Indian team has not lost a tournament she has coached a team in over the last two-odd years.


IND 69/3 (14 OVERS): Hannah Baker is back. Tiwari starts cautiously but runs 2 to level scores. And it will Soumya Tiwari who hits the winning runs as INDIA IS CROWNED U19 T20 WORLD CHAMPION!

IND 66/3 (13 OVERS): Stonehouse returns. She gives Trisha some space early on and the pair run two. Trisha too is getting impatient for that win and sends Stonehouse racing through cover for a boundary to get the target down even further. But the Indians are made to wait as Stonehouse’s pointed delivery goes off Trisha’s bat straight to the stumps. WICKET. Gongadi Trisha b Stonehouse 24 (29b)

IND 60/2 (12 OVERS): Pace continues with Ellie Anderson and what that means is two back-to-back boundaries off G Trisha’s bat - both in the square leg region. Delightful batting from the Indian. Brings the target down to 11. Anderson is understandably under a bit of pressure here and bowls a wide, bringing that target down to 10 runs. Another single but the save sees Sophia Smale ram her knee to the ground. She gets up and brushes it off though. 10 runs come to India off this over. 9 needed to lift the first-ever U19 T20 World Cup.

IND 50/2 (11 OVERS): Alexa Stonehouse comes into the attack. Just the two runs come off the over which saw an appeal to dismiss Tiwari after a faint edge was suspected as the ball travelled to the keeper. No damage done. Both batters survive. 19 runs to go for a win.

21 RUNS NEEDED FROM 60 BALLS FOR INDIA. You have to do something extraordinary to botch this chase and likewise, England will need miracles to steal this win from India


IND 48/2 (10 OVERS): Scrivens returns. India is about 25 runs away from a title triumph. Trisha is the one on strike and the strategy seems to be pure no-risk cricket. Good strategy this. Soumya Tiwari seems to be the difference here as she is calming things down for the both of them in the middle. A calm head at the helm of a straightforward chase.

IND 44/2 (9 OVERS): Tiwari is leading the chase here, slowly yet surely and she manages another boundary with Groves coming back into the attack. She gets some elevation on this shot and there are fielders calling for the ball to be caught but it lands safely and goes past the ropes too.

IND 37/2 (8 OVERS): Sophia Smale returns. England has been good in the field today and are taking the fight to the Indians. Scrivens has been leading by example in this regard, giving her 100 percent, particularly in this over, where she puts her body on the line to try and stop a boundary. However, this effort goes in vain much to the delight of the Indian fans watching along the peripheries of the ground. Tiwari gets that boundary for India off a rather quick delivery coming on to her pads.

IND 32/2 (7 OVERS): Josie Groves come into the attack. There’s a lull in proceedings as India tries to press the brakes on an English attack that wants to make the Indians uncomfortable by picking up the pace of play too. Just two runs off this over.

IND 30/2 (6 OVERS): Scrivens returns. Just three runs come off it as the Indian pair hopes to just safely see this passage of play through. That closes out the powerplay for the girls in lighter blue.

IND 27/2 (5 OVERS): Baker returns. A fair bit of pressure on Soumya Tiwari and Trisha to safely see this through. It’s a rather quiet over but TIwari manages to get a boundary to keep the scoreboard ticking, a high shot over extra cover. Grace Scrivens almost has her sent back in the next delivery but she’s dropped a tough chase. A thick edge to slip that just did not stick. The England captain understandably miffed.

IND 22/2 (4 OVERS): Captain Grace Scrivens brings herself on and comes in with a tinge of aggression to her. At the other end is Shweta Sehrawat, the very player she was trying to outscore in the run tally. Shweta responds with a lovely shot past cover for four. But Scrivens will have the last laugh here as she removes Shweta Sehrawat right after with Baker taking the catch off a ball that came spinning into the Indian opener. She is not happy with the dismissal but will have to deal with it from the sidelines. WICKET Shweta Sehrawat c Baker b Scrivens 5 (6b)

IND 16/1 (3 OVERS): BREAKTHROUGH. Hannah Baker removes Shafali Verma courtesy a brilliant catch from Alexa Stonehouse at mid-off. Looks like she was trying to sky another full delivery here but didn’t middle that all too well. England will be relieved to see the back of the Indian skipper but an equally devastating batter in Shweta Sehrawat still roams the pitch. A wicket maiden this one. WICKET Shafali Verma c Stonehouse b Baker 15 (11b)

IND 16/0 (2 OVERS): Sophia Smale is the bowler to come into the attack with her slow arm orthodox style. Shafali and Shweta get a couple of quick runs off successive deliveries. A little ball-watching from England sees the Indian opening pair steal an additional run. Right after, Shafali Verma channels the very best of her international quality as she sends Smale straight down the ground for SIX.

IND 5/0 (1 OVER): Shafali Verma takes strike and begins with a flick to the leg side for four. Intent right up front. Hannah Baker follows that up with a peach of a delivery which had some turn there and left Shafali wondering if the slip fielder had caught it on time. That was put down, wasn’t that? A very hurried start and a nervy one too. Five runs come off the over. India needs 64 more.


We’re all still in this. Let’s give it our 100 per cent! Let’s give it out best.

—  Grace Scrivens


Shweta Sehrawat, the Indian vice captain, is the leading runscorer in the tournament. She has the opportunity to close out that tally and give her team a trophy today.

Shweta Sehrawat, the Indian vice captain, is the leading runscorer in the tournament. She has the opportunity to close out that tally and give her team a trophy today.

We thought we’ll enjoy the three hours we play. And we did. Our spinners are doing well too and I get support from them but as the only seamer in the side, I wanted to get a good start. We’ll keep things simple and play the powerplay the way we do. 


ENG 68 (17.1 OVERS): Sonam Yadav closes the English innings catching Sophia Smale off her own bowling. What a brilliant bowling effort from India. Sophia Smale c & b Yadav 11 (7b

ENG 68/9 (17 OVERS): Mannat Kashyap is back into the attack and she strikes. ALEXA STONEHOUSE IS REMOVED as Sonam Yadav takes one of the easier catches of the day. Rose a bit over the stumps that one and Stonehouse doesn’t hit that the way she would have liked to. India is one wicket away from closing this England innings. WICKET Alexa Stonehouse c Yadav b Kashyap 11 (25b)

ENG 66/8 (16 OVERS): Sonam Yadav comes in for her first over of the day. Keeps things simple and gives away just three singles. Two relatively new batters who are trying to rebuild and get the runs to come with just two wickets in hand makes the ask a bit harder.

ENG 63/8 (15 OVERS): Another over, another wicket. Shafali Verma and Richa Ghosh, the two Indian internationals in the lineup come together to remove Hannah Baker. OUT. Baker has no part of her foot behind the popping crease and it’s an easy stumping for Richa Ghosh, which the TV umpire validates. The question now is, how soon can India bowl England out? Sophia Smale, the new batter, has nothing to lose at this stage and sends the next delivery running down to the boundary at deep square leg. Two chasing fielders beaten along the way. Shafali concedes another boundary straying down leg with no field reinforcements on that side as Smale gets her second boundary of the over. There’s almost a third boundary, this time through Richa Ghosh’s legs, but the ball doesn’t have so much pace in the outfield and it is collected in time. 10 runs off this over. Wouldn’t England have liked more of these? WICKET Hannah Baker st Ghosh b Shafali Verma 0 (1b)

ENG 53/7 (14 OVERS): Parshavi will bowl out. Will she get another wicket to finish the tournament on a high? Oh she might but Stonehouse is DROPPED. Archana Devi dived low at extra cover but she can’t quite get a grip on it. Will go down as a dropped chance nevertheless. India has a wicket chance a few balls later and Soumya Tiwari comes in with a great throw to remove Josie Groves. England’s 7th wicket falls. Ths has been a dream final for India and they have dropped two catches so make of that what you will. Hannah Baker has been bumped up the order to join Stonehouse. WICKET Josie Groves run out (Tiwari) 4 (5b)

ENG 52/6 (13 OVERS): The skipper takes the ball. Shafali Verma gets into the thick of things. Six runs conceded off her over. She has a few more options in her arsenal like Sonam Yadav for example. When she will bring her in is for us to see.


Archana Devi of India takes a catch to dismiss Ryana MacDonald-Gay of England during the ICC Women’s U19 T20 World Cup 2023 Final

Archana Devi of India takes a catch to dismiss Ryana MacDonald-Gay of England during the ICC Women’s U19 T20 World Cup 2023 Final | Photo Credit: Getty Images

ENG 46/6 (12 OVERS): GONE! MacDonald-Gay is removed on the very first ball by Parshavi Chopra thanks to a stunning catch from Archana Devi. How do you keep her out of this game! Close to the ground, so umpires took a second look at it but a clean one and one for the highlight reel. Alexa Stonehouse and Josie Groves have work to do here as they hope to rebuild. Just the three runs scored off this over. This has been a nightmare outing with the bat for England. WICKET Ryana MacDonald-Gay c Devi b Chopra 19 (24b)

ENG 43/5 (11 OVERS): The England lower order is having to pitch in yet again. Onus on MacDonald-Gay to take this side to a respectable total. Mannat Kashyap comes in for her second over. Concedes four runs with a no ball in there early on. India’s bowling has been fairly clean today, just the odd blimps but no damage done.


ENG 39/5 (10 OVERS): Parshavi Chopra returns for her second over. When will we see her employ her wrong’un? Richa tells her that fuller deliveries will hurt MacDonald-Gay. Let’s see if and how this advice is used. OH RUN OUT ATTEMPT. Pavely was in a spot here but Shafali does not manage to get that in time and so she survives. But not for long as Parshavi Chopra has her trapped on the front pad off a fuller delivery. A quiet dismissal this to round off the 10th over. It’s been a difficult outing for England today. WICKET Charis Pavely lbw b Chopra 2 (9b 

ENG 36/4 (9 OVERS): Mannat Kashyap with her left-arm spin comes into the attack. She begins around the wicket. MacDonald-Gay gets a single first up putting Charis Pavely in the hot seat. There’s an LBW appeal following right after after Pavely gets hit in her midriff after the ball spins inwards towards leg. The umpire turns down the appeal. MacDonald-Gay follows that with a boundary which a chasing Archana Devi can’t stop. Seven runs come off the over.

ENG 29/4(8 OVERS): Parshavi Chopra comes in with legspin now, hoping to complement the work the pacers have done earl in this match. Her sticks to a full tempting length throughout her over. MacDonald-Gay manages a boundary off one of Chopra’s flatter deliveries. Six runs conceded in this over by the spinner.

TITAS SADHU BOWLING FIGURES: 2 wickets, just 6 runs conceded. An envious economy rate of 1.50! What a spell.

ENG 23/4 (7 OVERS): Sadhu will bowl out and she will inflict more damage before she goes. She missed out on a wicket in her previous over but more than makes up for it as she rocks Seren Smale’s stumps. CLEAN BOWLED. Some angle that from the Bengal pacer. Ah. a Jhulan-shaped vacuum finally has some air. WICKET Seren Smale b Sadhu 3 (9b)

ENG 22/3 (6 OVERS): Archana Devi resumes too. A pull across to midwicket gives Smale a single. MacDonald-Gay then hits the ball clean to get her first boundary. Very full from Archana and MacDonald-Gay is happy to send it over mid-off. Just the five runs off that over and the powerplay ends.

ENG 17/3 (5 OVERS) Sadhu continues. Ryana MacDonald-Gay is the new batter in. OH! DROPPED. Richa Ghosh gives Ryana a lifeline. Sadhu sends one darting over to the new batter at the crease and she edges it between the keeper and slip. While Soumya Tiwari goes a bit too much to her left and away from the trajectory of the ball, Richa has it but squanders the chance. Just one run conceded in this over.


ENG 16/3 (4 OVERS) Archana Devi starts with a wide. Right after, Holland sends the ball running to the boundary. Hrishita Basu follows the ball and pushes it back but the momentum carries the ball past the rope anyway. All that work with no reward! No problem, ARCHANA DEVI HAS KNOCKED HOLLAND’S STUMPS OFF. CLEAN BOWLED! Clever piece of bowling from the Indian pacer. The ball almost spins into the batter but the bounce confuses Holland who gives it room to knock the stumps. Seren Smale is the next batter in but hold on, Archana is not done. She removes the England captain with Trisha running in and diving forward from long-off and taking a perfect catch. This leaves the door wide open for Shweta Sehrawat to finish as the top runscorer of the tournament. WICKETS Niamh Holland b Devi 10 (8b); Grace Scrivens c Trisha b Devi 4 (12b)

ENG 10/1 (3 OVERS) Sadhu returns. Holland pushes the short delivery to point where Mannat dives on her wrong side to save what looked like a certain boundary. Good work on the field. Sadhu plays with her lengths, going between good balls to fuller deliveries to try and entice the captain with no avail. Hrishita Basu then saves another powerful shot from running away to the fence. Just 3 runs off this over.

ENG 7/1 (2 OVERS) We usually see Mannat Kashyap come up but its Archana Devi coming in to complement Titas Sadhu. Pressure on the skipper Scrivens as Shafali tries to choke the runs with a tight in field. First boundary for England comes off Niamh Holland’s bat as she slashes the delivery past slip to the boundary. Little too hard for Soumya Tiwari to manage to stop that one. England finishes without any damage. 7/1.

ENG 1/1 (1 OVER) Scrivens and Heap take strike for England with Titas Sadhu opening the bowl. She goes around the wicket to the England captain. India is tidy in the field to stop a Scrivens’ shot running away down cover, but the skipper and England are off the mark with that single. SADHU STRIKES! A slightly back-of-the-length delivery to Liberty Heap sees her sky the shot and it falls back in the hands of the bowler. Heap walks for a duck. Niamh Holland makes her way to the middle again in the first over. Sadhu finishes a neat over, with a wicket for just the one run conceded. WICKET: LIBERTY HEAP c&b Sadhu 0(2)

PITCH AND CONDITIONS: It’s a bright sunny day in Potchefstroom. The wicket is a used one so we expect it to be a little low and slow.


Shafali Verma will come into this final seeking to make amends for an opportunity squandered in Australia three years ago. The teenager was the star in India’s meteoric T20 World Cup campaign but could not replicate her heroics in the final. India struggling in ICC knockouts is a phenomenon the U19 girls will want to throw away to the past and they have the firepower here to do it.

England meanwhile broke a million hearts when they beat India in the 2017 Women’s ODI World Cup final. Grace Scrivens will hope she can do the same and lift that prestigious trophy in a few hours’ time.


Heather Knight, Danni Wyatt, and a number of other senior England team members are at the venue to cheer their junior team on. Wonder if we’ll spot any of the Indian senior side members this evening. The Women’s T20 World Cup is set to begin in under 12 days (February 10), so a great place for some inspiration for Knight and Co.

TOSS: INDIA OPTS TO BOWL IN POTCHEFSTROOM. Which means England has never had to chase a total down throughout the tournament.


After a groundbreaking month in the Rainbow Nation, which saw emerging nations take their place at cricket’s newest top table, the event has delivered a fitting finale between two well-matched sides.

India and England took contrasting paths in their respective semifinals, but both will be fully aware that a significant slice of history now beckons for the team that can deliver one more telling performance on Sunday.

India played perhaps, its most clinical cricket in dismantling New Zealand by eight wickets in the first semifinal, with wickets for Parshavi Chopra, fine fielding and yet more runs for the red-hot Shweta Sehrawat at the top of the order.

Skipper, Shafali Verma, will ask for a repeat of that dosage in the final because that will certainly give India a sincere shot at glory. Standing in their way, however, is the only unbeaten team left in the competition.

If India wins that final, it would be an excellent, though slightly belated, birthday gift for Shafali. She turned 19 on Saturday.

England had to draw on all its reserves of fortitude to outlast Australia in a cliffhanger of a second semifinal, eventually prevailing by three precious runs. Captain, Grace Scrivens, had the final say as she took the final Aussie wicket amidst unbearable tension.

England’s batters had produced its tamest display of the tournament, but this is a well-drilled side across all disciplines. Only once in this World Cup has England conceded more than 100, and that was 103 against Pakistan.

They are miserly and measured when they need to be, and there is plenty of variety to test India’s top-order. England will be fully aware that the powerful Richa Ghosh has been waiting to truly express herself in this competition, and she would love nothing more than to do that in the final.

Both teams have quality spin to call upon, especially on a surface that has been taking more and more turn as the tournament has worn on. Hannah Baker was at it again in the semi, snapping up three scalps to heap the pressure on Australia.

Chopra and Mannat Kashyap have been just as mesmeric for India, and the contest may well come down to which set of slow bowlers settles into their work best.

It is an occasion crying out for an individual to put their stamp on proceedings and deliver their country the first-ever ICC Under-19 Women’s T20 World Cup trophy.

The final is also a clash for batting bragging rights. India vice-captain Shweta Sehrawat and England skipper Grace Scrivens are within touching distance of each other in the top run-getters tally. Can Sehrawat finish on top?

Toss at 4.45PM IST.

England has won all six tosses in the tournament so far and has four of the five highest totals in the tournament. India meanwhile has won three out of its six tosses. England is unbeaten in the tournament so far while India’s only blemish is a 7-wicket loss to Australia.

New to the U19 Women’s T20 World Cup? Here’s what you need to know before the final
- This is the inaugural edition of the tournament, whoever wins tonight will be the first champions of the tournament
- The U19 World Cup is happening in South Africa. The host nation could not qualify for the knockouts
- India beat New Zealand in the semifinal while England got the better of Australia in a thriller

As the Indian girls set out to win their first ICC trophy (across U19 and senior category), they had a very special visitor in Potchefstroom - Javelin Olympic champion Neeraj Chopra. The star athlete had a few words of wisdom for the Girls in Blue. Listen in.

India: Shafali Verma, Shweta Sehrawat, Gongadi Trisha, Soumya Tiwari, Sonia Mehdiya, Richa Ghosh, Hrishita Basu, Titas Sadhu, Mannat Kashyap, Parshavi Chopra, Sonam Yadav, Shabnam, Falak Naz and Yashasri Soppadhandhi
England: Grace Scrivens, Ellie Anderson, Hannah Bakers, Josie Groves, Liberty Heap, Niamh Holland, Ryana MacDonald-Gay, Emma Marlov, Charis Pavley, Davina Perrin, Lizzie Scott, Seren Smale, Sophia Smale, Alexa Stonehouse and Maddie Ward.

Where to watch or stream the U19 Women’s T20 World Cup final between India and England?

The U19 Women’s World Cup final between India and England will be telecast on the Star Sports Network. You can also stream it on FanCode.

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