Bring on the noise! Pochettino's Tottenham wants to 'kill' Man City

Tottenham is likely to have packed its stereo for the trip to unbeaten Manchester City, which is a prime target for Mauricio Pochettino.

Mauricio Pochettino..."It's normal, if you lose the game, you are not going to put [on] music."   -  Getty Images

Mauricio Pochettino has no problem with players loudly celebrating victories as his Tottenham team attempts to "kill" Manchester City. Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho protested hotly at the noise coming from the away dressing room when Pep Guardiola's Premier League leader defeated its neighbour and rival 2-1 at Old Trafford last weekend.

The objections of the Portuguese are believed to have prompted an angry confrontation between the two teams, which the Football Association is investigating.

Speaking ahead of Tottenham's match away to City on Saturday, Pochettino acknowledged the right of a winning side to enjoy its triumph. "I am never going to complain if another team celebrate because sometimes it's good, when you lose, and you hear all that happens in another changing room, it's good to feel the pain," he said.

'With respect'

"With respect of course, because it's always about respect but sometimes it's good to listen. If we run more, and we play better and we care more... come on, maybe we need to translate that feeling to the opposite changing room.

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"When we won our games, like [it] was in Huddersfield, or like [it] was in Wembley against Stoke, the players put [on] music and it's so loud... it's normal, if you lose the game, you are not going to put [on] music. But… [when] they are winning, winning, winning, it's normal they put music [on] in the changing room."

'Something special'

Pochettino also readily agreed with suggestions that City has a distinct air of confidence about it this season, but that will not prevent the Argentine and his players from trying to halt the league leader's record winning run. 

"I agree with you in terms of the aura," he said. "For us, we felt the same last season at White Hart Lane – that something special happened around the team. I think it was a player a week or two ago that said, 'Wow, I remember last season, we always start 1-0 up at White Hart Lane because something special was happening'.

"And for the opponent, it was tough to play against us. But now, of course, City are doing fantastic. But… we're going there to fight, to kill them and try to win."

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