Bayern Munich winger Arjen Robben said it is business as usual at the club's mid-season training camp in Doha, despite coach Pep Guardiola's announcement he would leave the club at the end of the season.

Guardiola will leave the Bundesliga champions at season's end, with a switch to Manchester City in the Premier League reportedly already agreed.

Robben, who was making his full return to first-team training in Doha, said that while the news was sad, it was nothing unusual in the world of football.

"It is very sad that he will not continue. I would like to work with him over a longer period," the Dutchman said.

"We learned a lot from him and he is improving each player. But it is not over yet. We have around six months to go and we have to enjoy this time with him and try to be successful."

Asked if the mood in the Bayern camp was different now that the players knew Guardiola would leave, Robben joked: "Yeah, it is totally different. He is not fully committed anymore.

"No, it is not different. I think we have too much experience. In this business it is usual. Players come and go and that goes for coaches as well. We have to continue our work.

"We just have one goal and that goal is to be successful. We have to focus on that."

Robben's team-mate Jerome Boateng echoed Robben's comments, adding that he understood why Guardiola would want to challenge himself in the Premier League.

"When I was younger I also wanted to go to England. That's different for every player. Some just want to stay in the same country all the time. I think you have to respect that and it's totally understandable," Boateng said.

"Maybe that's the reason why he wants to go to England, to win trophies with his style. But you have to ask him. But that's all a far way to come in the future. We are currently in the middle of our season and are still focussed on our goals with Bayern."