Durand Cup 2019, As it Happened: Gonzalez penalty leads Mohun Bagan to a hard-fought victory

Spaniard Francisco Munoz scored the match-winning penalty for Mohun Bagan after SK Faiaz was brought down inside the box by Indian Navy defender Dalraj Singh.

Mohun Bagan has already qualified for the 2019 Durand Cup semifinals from Group B.   -  Twitter (@Mohun_Bagan)

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The action takes place at the Vivekananda Yuvabharati Stadium in Kolkata, where Mohun Bagan and Indian Navy face off in the last encounter from Group B. Let's get going!


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MATCH REPORT | Durand Cup 2019: Gonzalez penalty guides Mohun Bagan to a 1-0 win over Indian Navy

Mohun Bagan somehow won the game, despite not being at its best. Francisco Munoz and Subho Ghosh were its best players today. Indian Navy goalkeeper Bhaskar Roy kept his team in the game for long. But a silly tackle by Dalraj Singh, who was having an amazing game until that point, on SK Faiaz presented Bagan an amazing opportunity to go ahead. Man-of-the-match Francisco made no mistake from the penalty spot and the men in white held on to its lead till the very end to register its third win in as many games in the 2019 Durand Cup.

AND IT'S FULL-TIME!! Mohun Bagan 1 - 0 Indian Navy.

90+4' Mohun Bagan players wasting time now. They are going down too easily and are taking so much time to complete throw-ins. Indian Navy, however, doesn't look bothered about it. It has given up.

90+2' Britto takes a shot from long and misses the target by a huge margin. A number of Indian Navy players were expecting a pass from their skipper. Poor decision in the end from Britto.

90' Actually Indian Navy has one more SUBSTITUTION in hand. Akash Gamble comes in for Harikrishna. Four minutes has been added on. Francisco Munoz receives a YELLOW CARD for an absolutely silly tackle. He should be careful from here on as one more yellow card in the semifinals will rule him out of the final.

88' Francisco Munoz has been adjudged player of the match. Well-deserved one for the Spanish playmaker. 

87' SUBSTITUTION! Defender Gurjinder Kumar replaces forward VP Suhair. Mohun Bagan very happy to defend with all it has got.

85' SUBSTITUTION! Anoop Pauly replaces Navjot Singh. Indian Navy's last throw of the dice? Second half possession stat favours the men in blue and black but no goal to show for them.

83' A number of chances for Mohun Bagan here. But Indian Navy defence gets the better of the Kolkata-based team's forwards. Britto with another missed chance at the opposite end.

81' FOUL! Jijo hits the youngster Deep Saha on the face and he is extremely lucky to get away without a yellow card. It looked a tad intentional as well. Free-kick for Mohun Bagan.

79' CORNER FOR INDIAN NAVY! Harikrishna takes a miserable corner kick. Mohun Bagan player get back the possession. We're heading into the last ten minutes of regulation time.

77' Francisco has turned into a centre-back now. Mohun Bagan playing a 5-3-2 formation. It is not even trying to attack. Indian Navy putting all its players forward, with the exception of the goalkeeper and two centre-backs.

74' Another offside by Britto! The Indian Navy forwards are too eager to get forward now. They need to time their runs better if they are to score. Mohun Bagan is happy to stay back here.

72' ANOTHER SUBSTITUTION LINED UP FOR MOHUN BAGAN! Romario Jesuraj replaces Nongdamba Naorem. SK Faiaz might move to the left flank now. Jesuraj recieves the ball on the right side straightaway.

68' Indian Navy has been dominating the last few minutes. Two back-to-back great runs from Britto and the Mohun Bagan defence has the last laugh both times. This has been the best period of play in the entire game. Tired legs? No problem.

67' SUBSTITUTION!!! Subho Ghosh makes way for another teenager Deep Saha. So unfortunate that the former Mohun Bagan academy player couldn't bag a goal today. However, he should be very happy with his performance today.

65' FREE-KICK FOR INDIAN NAVY! Four players are close to the ball now. Britto, Harikrishna, Dalraj and Sarabjit having a long discussion here. Britto takes the kick finally and the ball goes out for a corner after being deflected by the wall. Poor corner taken! But Indian Navy is gifted one more.

61' What is Indian Navy doing here? Britto has fallen back now and Sarabjit Singh is playing as the lone forward. Is it happy with losing the game 0-1? On the other hand, Harikrishna, who started off as a forward is playing as a midfielder now. Crazy stuff!

58' GOAL!!!!!!! Francisco scores! A calm penalty that was. He kept it simple and wrong-footed the keeper. The Bagan players don't celebrate that much. Mohun Bagan 1 - 0 Indian Navy.

56' PENALTY GIVEN!!! SK Faiaz is brought down inside the box Dalraj Singh. The youngster played an amazing one-two with VP Suhair and Dalraj committed a silly foul. Medics are attending to Dalraj now. Don't know what kind of an injury it is.

54' It's been an even second half so far. Mohun Bagan is losing the ball too often in this half. And Indian Navy is capitalising on it.

51' Abhishek Joshy with an amazing clearance. Mohun Bagan had four players inside the penalty box there. Chance for Indian Navy at the other end now. But a poor cross from Britto as Debjit collects the ball on the full.

48' WHAT A CHANCE!!!! It should have been 1-0 for Mohun Bagan. It was the best opportunity of the entire game! An Indian Navy defender gave away the ball after heading it backwards. Francisco was the first man to the ball. He could have finished it himself but he chose to pass it to the in-form Subho Ghosh, who makes a mess of it. Indian Navy players should be breathing a sigh of relief now!

46' Mohun Bagan immediately gets the ball away from Indian Navy. It is attacking with an intent now.

The second half is underway!

Indian Navy goalkeeper Bhaskar Roy has been the saviour for his team. His defence has also been water tight. Abhilash Vasantha must be the happier of the two coaches as his side has nothing to lose here. Jose Antonio Vicuna's men, being the superior of the two sides, should somehow find a way to score, so that it heads into the semis with confidence.

Mohun Bagan should be kicking itself for not scoring in the first 45 minutes. With so many chances piling up for the side, its finishing was very poor. Teenage forward Subho Ghosh, who was the top-scorer in the Zee Bangla league, has been the best player for his team so far.


45+2' ANOTHER YELLOW CARD! This time it goes to a Mohun Bagan player. Lalchhawnkima makes a silly foul on Novin. That should be it, not much time left.

45' Two minutes to be added on. Indian Navy would be happy with the score line. Mohun Bagan has thrown everything at it.

44' CLOSE CHANCE! Britto with a ferocious strike at goal for Indian Navy but Debjit comes to Mohun Bagan's rescue. YELLOW CARD! Sarabjit Singh receives the first booking of the match for a rash tackle on Francisco, which was played on. Harikrishna will take the corner now. It's a poor one! 

42' Subho Ghosh dribbles past few Indian Navy players and crosses the ball into the box from the right. But SK Faiaz is not able to connect properly due to an odd bounce right in front of him.

39' Dalraj Singh is Indian Navy's great wall. He executes two perfect tackles within a minute. Those were goal-scoring opportunities. Mohun Bagan doing everything to find the back of the net.

38' Every time Britto receives the ball there is a sense of purpose. He finds Harikrishna, who makes an impressive run on the left flank, but unfortunately, there was too much to do for him. Mohun Bagan gets the ball back.

35' A pause in play! Sukhdev Singh brings down an opposition player. He should be lucky to not receive a yellow card. One more Indian Navy player is down in the penalty box. The medics are marching into the field right now. Much-needed break for Abhilash Vasantha's men.

32' BRILLIANT STRIKE AND A BRILLIANT SAVE! Subho Ghosh at it once again! He takes wonderful a shot from just outside the penalty box and Bhaskar makes the best save of the match so far. Scintillating football on display here!

30' Arijit Bagui evades a number of Indian Navy players and passes the ball to Nongdamba, who puts in the through ball to Subho Ghosh. But the forward trips while taking the shot. Easy collection for the 'busy' Bhaskar. Another chance goes by!

28' Former Shillong Lajong player Novin Gurung takes a throw-in for Indian Navy. The men in black and blue go forward in numbers now. Jijo receives the ball and he takes a crazy shot way way way off target. What was he even thinking?!

25' Bhaskar Roy kicks the ball out to avoid trouble from Subha Ghosh. Throw-in for Bagan. But it gives the ball away and Indian Navy gains possession. Pradeesh goes for a long shot after seeing Debjit coming off his line. Good idea, bad execution!

22' PENALTY SHOUTS!! Mohun Bagan's SK Faiaz goes down in the penalty box as Bhaskar Roy gets the ball away. The Bagan players claim a penalty here. But the referee gives nothing. Good decision to be honest!

21' THIRD MOHUN BAGAN FREE-KICK IN A DANGEROUS POSITION!  Another different person takes the kick. This time it's the play-maker Francisco. And its another shot off target. Poor stuff from the Kolkata giant!

19' Skipper Britto takes the ball forward for Indian Navy. But he is unable to find his striker in the middle with the cross as Debjit collects the ball.

17' Francisco Munoz is orchestrating play in the midfield! Nongdamba gets the ball from the Spaniard, but he is wonderfully tackled by Dalraj Singh. A huge let-off for Mohun Bagan.

14' SUBSTITUTION SO EARLY ON! Striker Muhammad Inayath replaces Vivekananda Sagayaraj for Indian Navy. A tactical move?

13' Indian Navy deploying a number of players behind to defend. Technically it is playing a 8-1-1 formation. Forward VP Suhair has been causing it lots of problems. 

11' FIRST CHANCE FOR INDIAN NAVY! And it's on target as well. But the final shot doesn't trouble Debjit Majumder. The keeper punches the ball away to safety.

10' One more good run from SK Faiaz! He passes the ball to Francisco Munoz, the only foreign player on the field today, who in turn tries to find Lalchhawnkima in the middle. But Bhaskar Roy is first to the ball.

8' CORNER for Mohun Bagan! Left-footed curler from Dhanachandra to the edge of the box. A poor one from the skipper. Indian Navy defenders clear the ball away.

6' Subha Ghosh, the Bagan academy player, wins the side one more free-kick. A good start to the youngster's senior career so far. Francisco Munoz to take the kick and again not even on target!

5' Good run from SK Faiaz. He puts in a low cross from the right flank but there is no one to support him in the centre. Seconds later, Dhanachandra Singh takes a long shot and fails to put it on target.

3' FREE-KICK for Mohun Bagan! Imran Khan takes it and he doesn't trouble Indian Navy shot-stopper Bhaskar Roy.

2' The Kolkata giant has had most of the possession so far.

1' Mohun Bagan in whites today, while Indian Navy is sporting a black and blue combination.


The players are walking out.


Mohun Bagan XI: Sukhdev Singh, Imran Khan, Arijit Bagui, Nongdamba Naorem, Lalchhawnkima, Suhair V P, Debjit Majumder (gk), Dhanachandra Singh (c), SK Faiaz, Subha Ghosh, Francisco Javier Munoz.

COACH: Jose Antonio Vicuna.

Indian Navy XI: Abhishek Joshy, Dalraj Singh, Navjot Singh, Vivekananda Sagayaraj, Novin Gurung, Harikrishna, Bhaskar Roy, Pradeesh C (gk), Sarabjit Singh, Jijo F, Britto P M (c).

COACH: Abhilash Vasantha.

- Indian Navy, on the other hand, drew 1-1 against ATK on August 5 and lost 2-6 to Mohammedan in its second match. The side is currently lying at the bottom of Group B.

-  Mohun Bagan has already made the 2019 Durand Cup semis as Group B winner. It has two wins from two games so far. The team beat Mohammedan SC 2-0 in its opening game and it beat ATK 2-1 on August 8. 

The group stage of the Durand Cup will be live streamed on Addatimes.

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