Durand Cup 2019: Suhair's extra-time double takes Mohun Bagan to the final

Catch all the highlights from Mohun Bagan's 3-1 extra-time win over Real Kashmir FC as the 16-time Durand Cup winner made the final at the tournament after 10 years.

In the 2018-19 I-League season, Mohun Bagan and Real Kashmir had a 1-1 head-to-head record.   -  Twitter (@Mohun_Bagan)

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The action takes place at the Salt Lake stadium in Kolkata, where Mohun Bagan and Real Kashmir FC face off in the second semifinal. Let's get going!


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MATCH REPORT | The Mariners beat RKFC in extra-time, set up final with GKFC

Mohun Bagan beats Real Kashmir FC 3-1 after extra-time to advance to the 2019 Durand Cup final. A possible 17th title for the Mariners? Gokulam Kerala FC awaits it in the title showdown.

AND THE MATCH IS OVER! Mohun Bagan into the Durand Cup final after 10 years!!!!

120' ET: Mohun Bagan 3 - 1 Real Kashmir FC. Just a minute to be added on. Jose Antonio Vicuna is already celebrating on the sidelines with his coaching staff. But the Mohun Bagan players are sticking to their task of seeing off the opponents. The men in blue are struggling to get the ball back. But the Mariners are sticking to the basics.

117' ET: Mohun Bagan 3 - 1 Real Kashmir FC. Mohun Bagan still with most of the possession. Thought it would only defend after regaining the lead early on in the first half of extra-time (ET). But the team has played some brilliant football in the second-half of ET as well. Real Kashmir not able to get a move on at all.

112' AND IT'S 3-1 now!!! Two goals for VP Suhair and two assists for Fran Gonzalez!! The game is surely over now. Suhair received a perfectly-timed pass from Gonzalez and hot a shot with sheer power to give Mohun Bagan a two-goal lead. It was a similar pass like the previous goal and it was from a similar position as well. But the angle was narrower. And Suhair chose the near post this time.

110' Super-sub V P Suhair hits the cross-bar with a brilliant through ball from another substitute Imran Khan. Surprisingly, Real Kashmir is sitting back now as Mohun Bagan's fresh legs asre troubling the men in blue. The Mariners are showing intent to put the game to bed here.

107' SUBSTITUTION FOR MOHUN BAGAN! Imran Khan replaces Nongdamba Naorem on the field. Look's like Bagan will just sit and defend in the final few minutes of the game. If its plan backfires, we'll be heading into a penalty shoot-out, just as the first semifinal between East Bengal and Gokulam Kerala.

The final 15 minutes are underway!

Mohun Bagan went ahead just two minutes into extra-time. VP Suhair had come off the bench and he did the job for his team, acting as the perfect finisher. Another substitute Francisco Gonzalez provided the ball for Suhair as the fans of the Mariners wnet into a frenzy. Real Kashmir shouldn't lose hope and must come back stronger in order to stand a chance of reaching the final.


105' ET: Mohun Bagan 2 - 1 Real Kashmir FC. Just one minute to be added on at the end of the first of extra-time in the second semifinal of the 2019 Durand Cup. Mohun Bagan is defending in numbers here. SUBSTITUTION!!! Ritwik Kumar Das makes way for Nagen Tamang as Real Kashmir continues with its attempts to equalise.

100' CLOSE CHANCE FOR REAL KASHMIR!! However, Francisco Morante makes a mind-blowing goal line clearance. Vicky Meitei received a pass from Danish Farooq and he dribbled past goalkeeper Sankar Roy, who came off his line one more time, and placed it towards goal. But Morante came to Bagan's rescue.

96' ET: Mohun Bagan 2 - 1 Real Kashmir FC. Mohun Bagan is happy to sit back and defend now. Last time it did this, it was punished. Why does the team have to do the same again? YELLOW CARD!! Fran Gonzalez has been booked for diving inside the penalty box. Some of his colleagues are laughing it out.

92' AND MOHUN BAGAN GETS BACK THE LEAD!!! The Super-sub VP Suhair does it!! A wonderful ball in from Fran Gonzalez and a faultless finish across the keeper from the man who came in after the 65th minute. This is what the Mariners had been lacking for most of the game - A proper finisher. This was a very good team goal as well!!!

The first-half of extra-time is underway!

Real Kashmir equalised against Mohun Bagan in the 93rd minute, just like Gokulam Kerala did versus East Bengal in the first semifinal. This is similarity for the ages!! Let's wait and watch if Real Kashmir FC can go the distance like Gokulam Kerala FC and reach the final of the 2019 Durand Cup.

AND IT'S HALF-TIME!! Mohun Bagan 1 - 1 Real Kashmir.

90+3' AND IT'S 1-1!!!!! Real Kasmir does a Gokulam Kerala!!! Another Kolkata club, another semifinal, another equaliser in the exact same minute!!! Unbelievable scenes at the Salt Lake stadium!!! The captain Loveday Enyinnaya put in the ball from the mid-line and Bagan shot-stopper Sankar Roy makes a mess of it as he advanced towards the ball. But, however, Gnohore Krizo gets to the ball first as he heads it past the keeper to bring his side back in the game!

90' Four minutes to be added on!!! Real Kashmir is playing a 2-0-8 formation here!! Mohun Bagan defending with all its got. Anything can happen from here on. Will it go to extra-time? It actually seems likely with the way Bagan is playing right now.

86' Nervous moments for Mohun Bagan right now! They are kind of faltering at the dying stages of the match. Remember, Bagan's Kolkata rival East Bengal conceded a very late penalty in the first semifinal after Mehtab Singh brought down Irshad in the penalty box. So who will be Real Kashmir's Marcus Joseph (the player who scored the penalty)???? Or will Mohun Bagan hold on?

82' FREE-KICK FOR REAL KASHMIR!! Once again, this is from a dangerous position. Fran Gonzalez comes up with the silliest and most senseless tackle of the game. He must be very lucky as he gets away without a card. Subhash Singh tried to get to the aerial ball first. He got the better of Gonzalez, who went to the ground, but he was pulled down by the Bagan player, thereby winning a free-kick. Brian Mascarenhas takes the shot, but the ball goes way over the bar as usual.

78' Real Kashmir coach David Robertson is looking very tensed standing on the sidelines now, while his opposite number Jose Antonio Vicuna is sitting in the dugout calmly observing the game. Real Kashmir might be losing the plot here. But anything can happen in this game after what Gokulam Kerala did against East Bengal in the first semifinal.

74' Poor free-kick taken by Danish Farooq! Real Kashmir pumping in a number of crosses now in order to somehow find the back of the net before it's too late. SUBSTITUTION FOR BOTH SIDES!! Fran Gonzalez comes in for Mohun Bagan as Joseba Beitia walks off to a huge and loud applause from the crowd, while Real Kashmir brings in Brian Mascarenhas for Chesterpoul Lyngdoh in attack.

70' Joseba Beitia has been the best player on the field in the second semifinal of the 2019 Durand Cup. He has got ample support from both wings throughout the match. Surabuddin doesn't look a bit tired after making brilliant runs the entire game. Ashutosh Mehta with a very silly tackle from behind on Subhash Singh. FREE-KICK FOR REAL KASHMIR!

66' Subhash Singh has been having a terrible game today. And he comes up with another blatant miss-pass. SUBSTITUTION FOR MOHUN BAGAN! Manager Jose Antonio Vicuna brings in VP Suhair for Romario Jesuraj, who has done his job to perfection in today's match. Like-for-like change from the coach here.

62' It is still 1-1! And there has been attacking passages from the teams at both ends here. Real Kashmir is trying hard to make inroads. But when it comes to the final shot both teams have failed miserably in today's game. Today, we've seen some perfect passes, which have often gone to waste.

58' Mohun Bagan just keeps going forward with a number of players. Its wingers and midfielders are supplying balls forward at will. However, the attackers are lacking the finishing instinct today. Real Kashmir is getting away due to this. Morante is screaming at his own players if they make a back pass. He wants to keep the attacking intent going on.

54' A couple of yellow cards here!! First up, it was Bazie Armand penalised for taking out Morante through a miserable tackle. Later, his captain Loveday brought down Chamorro outside the box to bag the second card of the match. Real Kashmir is clearly missing Mason Robertson at centre-back today. Bazie was actually warned a few minutes earlier for a foul and was eventually yellow carded.

51' GOOD CHANCE! Francisco Morante to Joseba Beitia, who puts the ball to Chamorro. The Bagan striker somehow finds Romario Jesuraj, who gets a brilliant chance on goal. He cuts aside one player and shoots but the ball goes well over the bar. One more good chance created and one more shot off target.

47' Both teams have given the ball away numerous times since the start of the second-half. Beitia and Surabuddin with an amazing one-two but once again they are dispossessed. Real Kashmir needs to come up with something different here to come back on level terms in the match.

The second-half is underway!

The men in blue have themselves to blame as Salva Chamorro buried the ball past Phurba Lachenpa to give the Mariners the lead. Real Kashmir has to do a lot in the second-half to make it even once again. Not many fouls in this game but there is indiscipline from both sides when it comes to arguing with the referee's decision.

Real Kashmir with no shots on target as of now. Even Mohun Bagan has only two, out of which one was the goal. Both sides have been able to create a number of chances but they are not able to finish those. The side from Kolkata has had most of the possession here, however, there's nothing much to separate the two sides except the solitary goal.


45' Mohun Bagan 1 - 0 Real Kashmir FC. Just a minute to be added on to the first-half. Danish Farooq shoots from long off and misses the target by a mile! Chesterpoul is not happy with him. Skipper Loveday Enyinnaya has a go at him as well.

42' AND IT'S A GOAL!!!!!!!! Chamorro finds the back of the net for Mohun Bagan!! A well-deserved lead after an amazing move from the Mariners. Captain Gurjinder Kumar makes a tough turn towards his right and crosses the ball brilliantly with his left foot to Salva Chamorro in the middle, who controls it amazingly with his right and shoots with the same foot to make it 1-0 for the home side. There was a beautiful dummy from Francisco Morante leading up to the goal.

38' It feels as though the ball is attracted to Joseba Beitia. He always gets it easily. Another chance for the midfielder. He takes the ball, makes a nice turn and shoots furiously, but it goes wide yet again. No shot on target for about 15-20 minutes now. Both goalkeepers are having it easy.

35' Joseba Beitia connects with a good through ball to Naorem, but he doesn't finish it properly as the ball rolls out. Jose Antonio Vicuna is looking very animated on the sidelines. Surprising that the game is still at 0-0 in spite of both teams getting numerous chances to break the deadlock.

32' A busy last few minutes for the Bagan defence. Real Kashmir attacking in numbers here. Two back-to-back corners for Dave Robertson's men. Are the mariners feeling the pressure of the big game here? However, the Kashmir attackers are not able to trouble the opposition keeper.

28' CORNER FOR MOHUN BAGAN! Once again, Surabuddin with the cross in for Chamorro which is somehow cleared by the Kashmir defence. The corner is headed away by Khalid Qayoom, but Naorem shoots it, and it goes just above the goalpost. And it's a goal- kick.

25' Ritwik evades Surabuddin Mollick with a brilliant skill, but his cross is not able to find anyone in the middle. However, the ball goes back to Kashmir. Chesterpoul is brought down by a Bagan defender! FREE-KICK FOR RKFC! And it is from a dangerous spot. Subash Singh takes it but the ball goes way over the target. Poor stuff!

22' The first time in the match there are around five Real Kashmir players attacking. Chesterpoul Lyngdoh is the centre of all the action. Danish and others are playing one touch passes. Ritwik Das puts the ball in to Subhash Singh who takes a decent shot which goes off target. Few half chances for the men in blue in a matter of minutes.

18' Romario is giving Farhan Ganie a tough time here. The pace of the exciting forward is too much to handle for the defender. Real Kashmir has not been able to make more than four or five successful passes right now. It's advantage Mohun Bagan!  

14' WHAT A SHOT! AND A GOOD SAVE AS WELL! Joseba Beitia with a stunner from a way off. Tough angle! but he managed to get a lot behind the ball. Phurba Lanchepa showed good reflexes there. Ball out for a corner. But Bagan is not able to capitalise on it.

13' Danish Farooq finally gets his act right. He had been struggling in the first 10 minutes. Beitia puts a good ball into the box but Real Kashmir goalie Lachenpa clears the ball away and it goes to Danish who dribbles past few players before being dispossessed. Good intent from him though.

9' And the Kolkata giant keeps applying the early pressure. Loveday Enyinnaya with a brilliant sliding tackle to get the ball away from the penalty box! Muhammad Hammad clears the ball to safety. Surabuddin and Romario are playing with freedom here. They are all over the Real Kashmir midfield.

5' The Bagan striker Chamorro has got into an offside position twice already but it wasn't called because the cross was poor both times. Surabuddin Mollick with the pass the first time Joseba Beitia tucked in a very long ball for Chamorro later. 

2' Mohun Bagan with most of the initial possession. Romario Jesuraj and Gurjinder make a promising run on the left flank but there was no one to support in the middle as Real Kashmir won the numbers game. However, it's a throw-in for the club from Kolkata.

KICK-OFF! And the match is underway.

FACT: Only foreign players have scored for Mohun Bagan so far in the tournament!

The players are out! It's toss time.


Mohun Bagan XI: Nongdamba Naorem, Lalchhawnkima, Sankar Roy (gk), Gurjinder Kumar (c), Salva Chamorro, Francisco Morante, SK Sahil, Surabuddin Mollick, Romario Jesuraj, Joseba Beitia, Ashutosh Mehta.

COACH: Jose Antonio Vicuna.

Real Kashmir XI: Phurba Lachenpa (gk), Farhan Ganie, Muhammad Hammad, Loveday Enyinnaya (c), Khalid Qayoom, Danish Farooq, Ritwik Das, Subhash Singh, Bazie Armand, Chesterpoul Lyngdoh, Altamash Sayed.

COACH: David Robertson

- Real Kashmir, on the other hand, won 1-0 against Chennai City FC and 4-0 vs Army Green in its first two matches. It held FC Goa to a 0-0 draw on August 17 to top Group C.

-  Mohun Bagan made the 2019 Durand Cup semifinals as Group B winner. It has registered three wins in as many games. The team beat Mohammedan SC 2-0 in its opening game, while it beat ATK 2-1 and Indian Navy 1-0 on August 8 and August 17 respectively. 

The knockout stage of the Durand Cup will be live streamed on Hotstar and telecasted on Star Sports 3.

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