Durand Cup Highlights Mohammedan SC 0-1 FC Goa: Bedia's goal powers Gaurs to Durand Cup title

FC Goa skipper Edu Bedia's 105-minute goal earns FC Goa its maiden Durand Cup title as the Black Panthers fail to lift the trophy in front of the home crowd.

Updated : Oct 03, 2021 21:02 IST , KOLKATA

Mohammedan SC has the chance to lift the Durand Cup for the fourth time if it wins today, with the last title coming in 2013.
Mohammedan SC has the chance to lift the Durand Cup for the fourth time if it wins today, with the last title coming in 2013.

Mohammedan SC has the chance to lift the Durand Cup for the fourth time if it wins today, with the last title coming in 2013.


MATCH REPORT: Bedia's spectacular finish helps FC Goa win its maiden Durand Cup

Edu Bedia's 105-minute goal was enough to earn FC Goa its maiden Durand Cup title as Juan Ferrando wins his first title in Indian football.

In what was mostly a drab second half, Bedia's moment of brilliance was enough to settle this year's Durand Cup final.

Stay tuned for the match report!!!


120+1' Mohammedan Sporting with one final attack as Brandon surges forward. He finds Buam, but the pass was overhit. Buam gets the ball and passes it to Brandon. He sends it in but the cross is overhit.


119' FC Goa moments away from clinching its first Durand Cup.

118' SHOT- What a strike from Nikola from distance but Naveen Kumar with a great save to deny Mohammedan SC the equaliser. That was going in.

116' CHANGE- Aiban replaces Nemil for FC Goa.

114' SHOT- Chothe with a shot again, this time from distance but like his previous effort, the shot was not on target.

113' SHOT- Chothe cuts in from the right flank and lashes a shot at Mawia's goal but it is not on target as the ball goes out for a goalkick.

111' SHOT- Princeton takes a shot from distance but it lacked power as Mawia collects the ball easily.

110' Faisal had a chance to run at goal earlier but he was stopped in his tracks by Ivan who did well to snatch the ball away from the Mohammedan player.

109' CHANGES- Jaskaranpreet replaces Milan for Mohammedan SC. Princeton replaces Noguera for FC Goa. 

108' CHANGE- Christy replaces Leander for FC Goa.

106' It is now or never for the Black Panthers as it has 15 minutes to keep its Durand Cup hopes alive in front of home support.



105' GOOOOAAAALLLLLL!!!! FC GOA SCORES!!!!! ITS CAPTAINVEDU BEDIA FROM A FREEKICK!!! It was a freekick from a dangerous position. Bedia opened his foot up and took the shot. No one, including the keeper, read the flight of the ball as it rippled the back of the net.

104' BOOKING- Milan Singh of Mohammedan sees yellow.

103' A great buildup by FC Goa. The move ends with Redeem Tlang getting the ball on the right flank. He seemed to have time to take a shot but his touch was poor allowing Mohammedan SC to clear the ball.

101' A crunching tackle by Milan Singh on Noguera, who hits the pitch. Play is halted.

100' Manoj attempts a cross to find a Mohammedan player but fails do so. FC Goa clears.

97' The flashlights are out at the Salt Lake Stadium where Mohammedan SC is enjoying a roaring home support. Beautiful scenes.

96' CHANCE- A great delivery from a corner by Nikola, which found Vaz. He got a solid connection with his head but unfortunately, it was straight at the keeper.

94' CHANGE- Chothe replaces Saviour for FC Goa.

91' Mohammedan SC starting the first period brightly as Brandon sends a cross in from the left. It is a floated ball but Goa keeper Naveen is first to reach the ball.



90+2' CHANCE- Devendra with a great bit of skill to set up Redeem. Redeem takes a shot, which flashes across goal. The angle was too tight but a good chance nonetheless.


90' Marcus starting a brilliant counter. Faiaz ran a long way before passing it to Buam who could not deliver a cross from the left flank.

89' CHANGE- Buam replaces Faiaz for Mohammedan SC. 

87' CHANGE- Redeem Tlang replaces Romario for FC Goa.

85' Faizal showing great skill and strength to take the ball past Ivan. He sends a low cross, with Joseph the intended target, but it was anticipated by the Goa backline before it could reach the Mohammedan forward.

84' SHOT- Joseph sets up Brandon for a shot, who obliges but it is blocked and Naveen collected the ball before it could spin out of play.

82' Play halts as Nemil is brought down. It has not been a good day for the youngster from Kerala. He has had a couple of shots away throughout the match but none with any intent.

81' Marcus Joseph, who started the second half well, has been unusually quiet for the most part of it. None of the teams with any substantial attack or posing any threat in the last 15 minutes.

78' Devendra tries to make something from the right as he sends a ball in but his cross does not reach the intended target. This has been a trademark of the second half.

75' The tempo of the match has taken a steep drop as the match enters its last quarter. Will we see an extra-time like the two semis or will there be a late twist?

75' Play resumes!!

73' Play halts for a drinks break!!

72' Sanson sends a ball in from the left flank, which was intended for Leander but Vaz clears before the ball could reach the Goa fullback.

70' Bedia with a dangerous ball from a Goa corner but Shaheen uses his towering presence to head the ball away.

67' It is Faiaz with a crunching challenge on Edu Bedia now as the Goa player writhes in pain.  No card shown to the Mohammedan player by the referee.

66' Tempers flaring up and this time, it is Edu Bedia and Faiaz at the centre of action. Faiaz was not happy with the way the Goa captain brought him down.

64' CHANGE- Brandon replaces the booked Azhar Mallick for Mohammedan SC.

63' FC Goa enjoying the lion's share of the possession currently as the away team is dictating the tempo of the play.

61' Nice bit of pressure from FC Goa, which could have resulted in a chance but Murgaokar's loose pass allows Mohammedan SC to clear the ball.

59' Joint-top scorer Devendra Murgaokar is currently on the ground after taking a knock on the back of his head. Could have been worrying for the Gaurs but he seems okay to continue.

57' Noguera sets up Leander, who delivers a chipped cross from the right flank. The cross, however, had too much weight on it as the ball goes out for a goalkick.

54' BOOKING- Edu Bedia sees yellow for his challenge on Azhar Mallick.

53' Faiaz with a cross inside the box, which finds Vaz's head but the header had no power and Goa keeper Kumar collects the ball easily.

52' Nikola with a floater inside the box, which is again dealt easily by Goa's compact backline.

51' STAT- At the end of the first half, FC Goa has officially played a 1000 passes more than Mohammedan SC  throughout the entire tournament.

49' Joseph has started the second half well. He is trying to use his body to shield the ball and initiate attacks through his hold-up play. Much has gone in his way though.

47' Marcus Joseph does well to keep the ball but is ultimately brought down. He doesn't get a freekick, which invites the irk of the Trinidad and Tobago striker.

SECOND HALF UNDERWAY!!! No changes at half-time by either team!!

No goals but an eventful half as Milan Singh's wonderstrike was disallowed by the referee. Three yellow cards for Mohammedan- Azhar Mallick, Nikola and Shaheen.

Stay tuned for live action from the second half!!



45' Faisal Ali attempts a cross but it is blocked as the ball goes out for a corner.

44' SHOT- Great bit of skill by Nemil to make space for himself, which included a couple of well-executed stepovers. The youngster takes a shot but the shot not on target.

42' It is a midfield battle right now as both teams attempt to break the backline and create a chance. Goa captain Edu Bedia has been solid with his challenges till now in the middle of the park.

40' SHOT- A great move by FC Goa from the left. Sanson with an effective body feint to cut back the ball, which reaches Romario. Romario's lines up a shot but it is not on target. Good chance there.

38' SHOT- A short corner taken by Mohammedan SC and Faisal takes a shot at goal with his instep. But it is straight at the keeper. Kumar does well to keep the ball.

36' Faiaz with a floating ball inside the box but the cross has no direction as FC Goa sees it out without much fuss.

35' WHAT A STRIKE BY MILAN SINGH!!! IT RIPPLES THE NET!! However, it is not a goal as the referee had already blown the whistle before the player took the shot. What a goal that could have been.

It all started after Marcus' shot was blocked and the rebound was lashed in by Singh but the play had already stopped by the time. Match remains goalless.

33' Noguera brings down Joseph and it is a foul. Mohammedan freekick!!

Freekick takes a deflection and goes out for a corner.

33' Play resumes!!!

31' A welcome drinks break in the humid weather in Kolkata- both teams yet to properly test the opponent keeper.

30' BOOKING- Shaheen sees yellow for his crunching challenge on Devendra Murgaokar. He is the third player from Mohammedan to see yellow. The home team needs to be careful about their discipline.

29' Leander, in space, attempts a ball from the right flank but the cross is poor as Mohammedan clears the ball.

27' Noguera swings one in inside the box but the delivery has too much weight on it as Mawia collects the ball with ease.

26' BOOKING- Nikola becomes the second Mohammedan player to see yellow.

25' Nemil on the ground after a clash with Nikola. But he seems okay to continue.

25' Saviour Gama whips in a dangerous cross, which could have been fatal but there was no one present in the box to meet it.

23' Marcus finds himself in a dangerous position on the left flank and attempts a cross but Goa does a good job of blocking it as the attack dissipates.

22' Azhar Mallick playing a dangerous game as he is warned by the referee for shirt pulling. He needs to be careful as he is already on a yellow.

19' Faiaz steals the ball from a Goa player and makes a darting run down the right flank. He cuts back to Nikola but but he fails to keep the ball and the attack ends for Mohammedan SC.

16' A lively start to the game but no considerable threat posed by either team in the opening 15 minutes of the final.

13' BOOKING - Azharuddin of Mohammedan Sc with a reckless challenge. He sees the first yellow card of the evening.

12' SHOT- Nemil finds himself in space and takes a shot from distance but it is nowhere near the target as the ball sails above goal.

10' So no goals in the opening 10 minutes of the match unlike the two semifinals. Cup final nerves is a real thing after all.

7' CHANCE- Noguera with a beautiful cut-back from the left flank, which found both Nemil and Romario. A classic case of mix-up as the shot takes a bobble and reaches safely to the Mohammedan keeper.

5' Romario of Goa with a surging run from the right flank attempting a cross, but it is cut out. The player has not enjoyed a single successful cross throughout the tournament.

2' A lively start to the game as both teams have sniffed a goalscoring opportunity with attacking moves. It is rocking at the Salt Lake stadium. 




Pre-match presentation in full flow at the Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata


The Salt Lake Stadium is ready. Players with the pre-match warmup before kickoff.


Mohammedan SC XI: T. Mawia (GK), Vaz, Joseph, Ali, Milan, SH Shaheen, Nikola (C), Chullova, A. Mallick, Manoj, Sk Faiaz

Coach: Andrey Chernyshov

FC Goa XI: Kumar (GK), Sanson, Noguera, Leander, Romario, Saviour, Edu Bedia (C), Ivan Garrido, Murgaokar, Papuia, Nemil

Coach: Juan Ferrando


Local favourite  Mohammedan Sporting  will be banking on the vociferous support of its partisan supporters when they take on the  Indian Super League  giant  FC Goa  in the final of the  Durand Cup  football under lights at the Salt Lake Stadium on Sunday.

Mohammedan Sporting, the first Indian club team to win the title in 1940, has been in fine form since the group league stage winning five and losing just once.

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Sporting, which regained the crown in 2013, will be drawing inspiration from history and home advantage to upstage the notion of FC Goa’s invincibility.

Sporting will be hoping that the names like Marcus Joseph, Brandon Vanlalremdika and Nikola Stojanovic retain the form that helped the team reach the final.

The three names were prominent in the team’s semifinal win against FC Bengaluru United.

FC Goa, the winner of the league winner’s shield in 2019-20, is a better side on paper with superior foreigners and Indian recruits.

But the Gaurs will be missing the Indian players like Brandon Fernandez, Glan Martins and Sertion Fernandez, who are currently in Maldives on National duty. FC Goa felt their absence against Bengaluru FC in the semifinal, which the former won in sudden-death.

In the current situation youngsters like Muhammed Nemil , Devendra Murgaokar and seasoned Spaniard Edu Bedia will be playing a key role.

“I am happy because we are playing the final of this tournament. For me it is a good opportunity to know about the players.

We hope to play a good game against a good club from Kolkata. We hope to do the best tomorrow and win the match and the trophy for our supporters,” said the FC Goa Coach, Juan Ferrando, ahead of the match.

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Mohammedan Sporting head coach, Andrey Chernyshov, said his boys will try to play fearlessly. “We will play against one of the best teams in India tomorrow.

I hope our supporters will get to see a nice game. We respect our opponent but we are not afraid because we know our strength. We had to work hard to reach the final but now that we are there we will just focus on the title.” he said.

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