Durand Cup 2021 Delhi FC vs Indian Navy Highlights: 2-1, Indian Navy edges past Delhi FC

Dalraj and Sreyas scored for the Indian Navy football team, which came from behind to secure a clear victory.

REPRESENTATIVE IMAGE: Delhi FC take on Indian Navy Football team in the Group C match of the Duran Cup 2021   -  GETTY IMAGES

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live coverage of the Group C Delhi FC vs Indian Navy Durand Cup game being played at the Mohun Bagan Club Ground, Kolkata.

This is Neeladri Bhattacharjee bringing you the minute-by-minute update.

For the first time in the Durand Cup this year, a team from the armed forces has won the match. Brilliant display of attacking ability from the Indian Navy as it came form behind to win the match comprehensively.



90+5' Final attempt for Delhi as it gets a corner, Fahad makes a run, but the ball is cleared away.

90+3' Fahad is subbed on for Delhi FC as Karandeep Singh makes way

90+1' Pintu of Indian Navy carried off on a stretcher as he wreathes in pain after a cramp he got on the field. He, however, recovers to return to the field

90' Indian Navy's goalscorer Sreyas is subbed off for Vivekanand. Five minutes stoppage time added

89' The Indian Navy now switching to attack mitigation as it pushes men back to maintain the lead


87' GOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! Indian Navy's Dalraj heads a perfect goal from a set piece to put his team in the driving seat

82' GOAL LINE CLEARANCE! Dalraj makes a goal line clearance as Radhakant hits for a goal. This is the second goal-line clearance by the Indian Navy

80' Ceesay marked well, so is his partner in attack, Plaza. Delhi needs to create something new, something different

78' MISS! Philip's run and cross had beat Bhaskar, but is eventually cleared by the Indian Navy, who makes another save to keep the scores level

75' Only two teams will go through. With Kerala Blasters and Sunil Chhetri's Bengaluru FC, a win for either team here will only make things easier

72' Vijay and Vivek Thapa subbed in for Britto and Sudeesh for Indian Navy, its second and third substitution of the game

68' Dalraj's header just too high as the scores remains level

67' Radhakant is subbed on for Shaiza, Delhi's second substitution of the game

66' Indian Navy well and truly dominating the game with the match completely in Delhi's half for the last couple of minutes or so

64' A turn of play as Indian Navy's Nihal misses the through ball and skids off the field

63' Nikhil makes a one two and take s a shot that flies off target - his first real action is the game

61' Himanshu is subbed off for Nikhil Mali for Delhi FC as it changes gears with half an hour left in regulation time

60' Chance! Another chance for Indian Navy as Pradeesh's ball headed by Sreyas flies past the post

60' Pradeesh marking Barboza Indian Navy tries to freeze flanks through which Delhi is trying to build its attack

58' A cross from Karandeep recieved by Plaza, but his header goes off target

57' Navjot clears the ball as Himanshu and Shiza pair up to create something from the left flank

54' Himanshu tries to lead the ball on the left, but finds no gap as the ball now back in Delhi's half as the ball goes out for a goal kick after a touch from Karan

52' Barboza makes run as Pradeesh rushes back to clear the ball

48' Save! Himanshu cuts in from the left to cross the ball dangerously which is intercepted by Bhaskar

46' No changes in the teams except Sarabjit for Jijo for the Indian Navy in the first half

Second half kicks off!



Delhi FC woke up from an early slumber in the dying moments of the first half after conceding the goal, while Indian Navy continues to knock on Delhi's door with crosses and through balls.

45+2' Plaza to Philip as Navy clears the ball with Navjot in the end.

44' BLOCK! Plaza's run and a shot somehow stopped by the keeper as Delhi remains level at half-time approaching

41' YELLOW CARD! Ceesay booked as Delhi gets its first card of the match

40' Pintu goes down for Navy and Delhi concedes a free kick from a key position; Dalraj takes it but no real attack develops

39' Anwar goes a for a long distance free kick, and pretty much like every long range shot from Delhi, this too flies long way off target

37' Another through ball for Navy as Pintu passes it to Harikrishna who's cross dies down the attack

34' Delhi almost conceded yet another goal with a bullet header from Manvir Singh.  The ball missed the target, but Delhi was left ball watching

33' MISS! Nihal's through ball again almoost through to the goal as Navy's forward misses the ball to keep the scores level

30' Half an hour into the game and Indian Navy now back into the game really well as it take a corner which is caught by Manvir.

29' Himanshu takes a shot from long distance but the ball whizzes past the goal.


26' GOOOOOOAAAALLLLLLLL!!!! Sreyas makes a run and takes a shot to equalise for the Indian Navy. Scores back square an an assist for Nihal.

24' Shaiza's through ball just too much for Barboza as the ball goes out of play for a goal kick.

23' Plaza and Ceesay, who both used to play for Churchill Brothers FC is pairing up again to show their magic in the final third.


21' GOAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!! Plaza takes a hit that beats the goalkeeper to give Delhi the lead

Ceesay makes a run with the ball missing him as it lands for Plaza who takes a shot.

19' Ceesay takes a long distance shot which misses the target. Delhi's first real attempt of the game.

17' Brazilian Barbza goes to the ground after a tackle from behind as Delhi get a free kick. Karandeep flies the ball in which lands in the opposition goalie's gloves easily.

15' A delicious ball in from Karandeep from the corner, but Plaza's header not sharp enough to cut through Navy's defence.

14' Both the teams in a group with two Indian Super League heavyweights. But the Durand Cup is known for updates.

It remains to be seen of the 2021 edition of the tournament will present some.

11' Barbosa runs to become a decoy as Anwar's free kick flies over the post for Delhi

10' A foul against Indian Navy as Harikrishna misses the ball to concede a foul. Delhi get a free-kick from a scoring position

9' A slip from Delhi's midfield as Ceesay recovers to push the ball forward. No real built-up after the same. Game goes on.

7' Karandeep goes long for Delhi, but misses any receivers. The match showing no sign of quick attacks for now

5' Ceesay trying to build the game with off ball movements as the ball remains primarily in the midfield.

3' Anwar's challenge as Indian Navy's Nikhil barges into Delhi's defence, but eventually gets up 

KICK OFF! Match Begins. Willis Plaza kicks off the ball to start the game.

Delhi FC in black and grey mosaic shirts playing from left to right while the Indian Navy in white playing from the other end.


Delhi FC XI: Anwar Ali, Anwar Ali Sr., Willis Plaza, Barboza Jr., Himanshu Jangra, Suraj Singh, Manvir Singh (GK), Shaiza, Ceesay, Karandeep Singh, Victor Philip

Indian Navy XI: Dalraj Singh, Britto, Pintu Mahata, Novin Gurung, Navjot Singh, Harikrishna, Jijo, Sreyas, Nihal, Bhaskar, Pradeesh

Match Preview

Matchday 4 of the 130th edition of the Durand Cup will see action from Group C get underway when I-League side Delhi FC takes on the Indian Navy Football Team at the Mohun Bagan Athletic Club Ground.

Indian Super League heavyweights Bengaluru FC and Kerala Blasters FC are also in this group.

As a result, Delhi FC or Indian Navy, both will look to ascertain three points to make the cut into the play-offs.

With the number of young players in the current Delhi FC squad, its game against the Indian Navy will make for an exciting youth versus discipline encounter.

The match is scheduled for a 3 pm kick-off.

Earlier, FC Goa registered a hard-earned 2-0 victory over the regimental side Army Green football team at the Vivekananda YubabharatiKrirangan (VYBK) on Tuesday.

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Goals from Alberto Noguera Ripoll (35') and Devendra DhakuMurgaokar (59') sealed the deal for the Gaurs on a rainy afternoon in Salt Lake.

Complete Delhi FC squad

Goalkeepers: Lovepreet Singh, C. Tongbram, Nitish Mehra, Gurjeet Singh, Manvir Singh, S. Mallick

Defenders: Y. Raju, Karandeep, Suraj Singh, Shahid Wani, N. Chandan, Naorem Singh, Anwar Ali, Anwar, Samuel Shadap, Simranjeet Singh

Midfielders: Nikhil Pal, A. Henba, S. Malik, Adhiraj Kundlas, Chaman, Sourabh Sharma, Jagmeet Singh, K. Singh, Ojas Singh, Akshay Raj Singh, K. Choudhary, M. Inam, Nikhil Mali, Thingnam Singh, L. Bohham, S. Hazra, Sukhpreet Singh, F. Temur, Lalrinchhana, M. Shahjahan, D. Ceesay

Forwards: R. Shaiza, S. Gurung, E. Philip, S. Barboza Jr., W. Plaza, A. Dipanda, Muhammed Ajaruddin Shah, Himanshu Jangra 

Complete Indian Navy Squad

Goalkeepers: Bhaskar Roy, Robinson R.

Defenders: Dalraj Singh, Shahir S, Abhishek Joshy, Sarbhjit Singh, Anoop Pauly, Vivekananda S, Pradeesh C, Novin Gurung, Harikrishna AU

Midfielders: Muhammed Inayath, Hardik Kanojiya, Navjot Singh, Jijo F, Vijay J, Britto PM, Pintu Mahata

Forwards: Riyad B, Bibake Thapa, Benno BA, Nihal Sudeesh, Sreyas V. G.

Where can you watch?

Durand Cup matches will not be telecast on any television channel. It can be streamed live on the OTT Platform addatimes  from 3pm.