Durand Cup 2021 FC Goa 2-0 Army Green Highlights: Ferrando's boys start with a win

Devendra and Spaniard Noguera scored for the Gaurs with a goal coming in each half at the Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata

FC Goa, coach Juan Ferrando led his team to its maiden win in the Durand Cup, which is currently in its 130th edition.   -  Special Arrangement

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's blog of the Groub B match of FC Goa vs Army Green being played at the Vivekananda Yubabharati Krirangan (VYBK), Kolkata. This is Neeladri Bhattacharjee bringing you the minute-by-minute update.

Juan Ferrando's men win its first match in the Durand Cup comfortably, topping the table in Group B.


FC Goa will play its next two games at the same venue and will look to win the group, when it will face second placed side of Group C, later on in the competition.


FC Goa 2 - 0 Army Green

90+2' Yet another cross from the men in white and green, but Naveen comfortably pushes it out of play

90+1' Army Green's cross comes in from the right, but cleared out for a corner

90' Nemil enjoys around the attacking midfield position, but his through ball misses all players. Three minutes added on

89' FC Goa looking to wrap up the game as soon as possible. It will face Sudeva Delhi FC and Indian Super League side Jamshedpur FC later on. Very exciting fixtures ahead.

86' CHANCE! A through ball from Deepak for Deep as he hits the ball off target.

Somraj and Stanislaus come in for Army Green

85' Saviour's ball received by Samson for a strike which goes past the net off-target. Goa still playing a very balanced game

82' Just too much of the ball for Goa's No.11 as Sharath takes control of the ball

81' Nemil makes a run as Army Green's defence catches up somehow to try and prevent any more goals

80' Deep Majumdar tries to get the ball in the opposition box and gets a corner

78' SAVE! Romario's left footed strike saved on full stretch by Sharath

76' Final 15 minutes of regulation time. FC Goa playing a slightly physical game in defence as Army Green tries to find gaps in Goa's play

74' MISS! Brandon Fernandes attempts a Scott Mctominay against Manchester City from outside the box, but the ball goes well clear of the open net. A wasted opportunity.

74' Naveen now going long with his throws with so erroneous touches on the ball throughout the game

71! SAVE! Ridim's attempt somehow stopped by Sharath as Goa denied a third goal. Another attempt from set piece blocked by Sharath. Two blocks in a minute

70' SHOT! Lepcha, the captain of Army Green takes a shot from outside the box, which Naveen clings on very well

67' Another error from Naveen !The ball, whiskers away from goal, is then cleared away from the box.

65' CHANCE! An attempt from Deep Majumder blocked by Naveen as Army Green continues to try a comeback.

Meanwhile Saviour replaces the goal scorer Devendra while Rana goes off for Sochin Chhetri for Army Green.

64' FC Goa now well in control as Army Green is left ball watching around the park

62' Brandon Fernandes comes is for Cristy for FC Goa as Ferrando plans to shift gears.

59' GOAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! Devendra scores this time with Romario feeding in a delicious ball

Sharath finally beaten by the forward as Goa cruises forward and goes on top of the tabel in Group B

57' Another one-on-one with Devendra as Sharath comes out on top to deny a second goal for Goa

56' Impressive one-touch passing among the lads of Army Green, but they are still unable to ask serious questions for now

54' Glan Martins stealing the ball from Army Green, yet the men in white and green feed in crosses, forcing Goa to concede a corner

51' Excellent try from Devendra with his right foot as Sharath manages to get a touch to keep the ball out. end-to-end stuff this

50' Romario has come in for Chothe for FC Goa as Deep Majumdar replaces Sukesh of Army Green

Glan Martins the third substitution for FC Goa who replaces Princeton in the midfield

48' WHAT A HIT! Oinam takes hit on the volley as NAveen makes another stop. Army Green out with all guns blazing now

47' MISS!!! Naveen's touch keeps the ball out of goal for an almost goal scoring shot from Deepak

46' Muhammad Nemil, the youngest player in the team comes on for FC Goa for Noguera, the only Spaniard in the team.

Second Half Begins

Can the men in white and green come from behind to cause an upset, or will Ferrando's boys march forward? Keep following this space for live updates.

FC Goa more clinical in the first half as Kima continued to miss chances for Army Green.




45+1' Shubham of Army Green goes to the gorund, but play goes on. Pretty cheap a way to lose the ball for Shubham as he appeals for a foul

42' Again an error by Naveen as Army Greens on the prowl for a goal.

41' FC Goa now clawing back in control with Chhote and Samson flying along the wings. Army Green in the backfoot now

39' MISS! Again Chothe passes in a ball s Devendra is robbed of an opportunity with an excellent play by Sharath, the Army Green keeper.

38' Naveen Kumar almost cost a goal for Goa as Deepak closed in to take a hit

36' No matter how well Army Green played, Goa was more clinical with the finish as the Spanish midfielder drew first blood in the match


35' GOAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!!! Chothe assits as Noguera flicks the ball past in a on-on-one situation

34' Samson is ruled off side for Goa as it tries to create an attack

33' The game now shifts to the midfield instead of end-to-end. Goa now trying to clear channels for Chothe and Aiban

30' Captain Lepcha taking a shot for Army Greens which is cleared by Goa.

29' Chothe shoots a ball into the box which is headed out for a corner.

27' Makhan Chothe does a Jamie Vardy to win a foul against Army Greens, Noguera lofts it, but the attempt falls safely into the hands of the Army Green's keeper

26' Samson trying to release Chothe as Army Green mark the men in black. A corner for FC Goa now

24' The 2016 Durand Cup winners still in control, but Chothe continuing runs along the wings in hope for gaps

21' MISS! Princeton robbed as Kima beats Goa to hit a curler as the ball whizzes past the goal. The Goalkeeper was just a bystander. No goal yet.

19' Chothe and Leander play into Army Green's bxox and Devendra's touch just couldn't keep the ball in the net. Another miss.

18' Chothe makes a run and finally tries a shot on goal, which goes out for a goal kick.

16' Kima takes a free kick outside the box as the ball flies past the goal. Scores still 0-0.


15' Army Green continue to march forward with most of the ball being played in FC Goa's half now. Goa still mitigating attacks well.

12' Christy and Princeton hold the midfield for Goa as Army Green try looking for spaces,

10' Armed Forces have not yet been able to make a mark in this year's Durand Cup. Indian Air Force and CRPF have both lost their matches yesterday and day before.

Army Green trying to win one for the team today.

8' Army Green's three players press like wolves in the left flank, but Goa does well to absorb the pressure. Kima looking dangerous

7' Samson's cross finds nobody for Goa as it begins its runs along the flanks

5' Suddenly Kima gets free an tries a shot for Army Green with no real potential of danger

5' Army Green trying to press as Goa plays initial back passes. This team specialises in causing upsets.

2' Noguera, the only Spaniard on the pitch today. Goa, usually goes for more players from his country.

KICK OFF! FC Goa starting from left to right with Army Green on the other end


FC Goa XI: Naveen Kumar, D’ Cunha, Sanga, Dohling, Pereira, Davis, Noguera, Rebello, Tlang, Murgaokar, Chothe

Army Green XI: S P Limbu, Shubham Rana, Gautham Singh, Lallawmkima, Leon K, Samananda Singh, Zanje, Lepcha, Deepak Singh, Sarath Narayanana M

Match Preview

The third day of the 130th Durand Cup will feature 'Group of Death' (Group B) featuring Indian Super League (ISL) heavyweights FC Goa up against regimental side Army Green football team.

The Gaurs will remain determined to make a mark in its maiden Durand Cup appearance, and nothing less than a win would suffice for FC Goa's head coach Juan Ferrando.

Weighing in how his side has been preparing for the Durand Cup opener, he said, "We are working with a lot of young players. We are happy because step-by-step we are improving and now at this moment, our target is to work like a cohesive unit."

"Durand Cup is very important for us. For us, it's an added bonus that we get to play competitive games during our pre-season preparations."

Coach Ferrando also mentioned that his side will be dealing with more pressure as opposed to its regimental opponents, and somehow that might play a role in the final outcome.

"They know about their team, they want to enjoy and play good. They do not have same pressure like us. We have more pressure, but every team wants to attain success, do the best and fetch 3 points", he added.

Army Green football team defied incredible odds to win the Durand Cup in 2016.Incidentally, they remain the last side from the armed forces to lift the three coveted Durand trophies.

The side has had a knack of causing upsets in the past and may well do it again on Tuesday.

Head coach of Army Green, MG Ramachandran said, "We have been training hard. Game may turn in favour of any side at any moment.”

“We are confident in getting a win, since we have poured our heart and soul into this coveted tournament. Yes, we have our history but that is now old. We believe every day has a new challenge and one has to deal with it on a day-to-day basis.”

“We will put our best foot forward."

The match is slated for a 3pm kick-off at the Vivekananda Yubabharati Krirangan (VYBK).

Complete FC Goa squad

Goalkeepers: Naveen Kumar, Hrithik Tiwari, Dheeraj Singh Moirangthem

Defenders: Leander D’Cunha, Saviour Gama, Sanson Pereira, Kunal Kundaikar, Manushawn Fernandes, Lalmangaihsanga (Papuia), Seriton Fernandes, Ivan Gonzalez, Aibanbha Dohling, Mohamed Ali

Midfielders: Edu Bedia (c), Brison Fernandes, Md. Nemil, Alberto Noguera, Princeton Rebello, Danstan Fernandes, Alexander Romario Jesuraj, Redeem Tlang, Nongdamba Naorem, Glan Martins, Brandon Fernandes, Makan Winkle Chote, Christy Davis

Forwards: Devendra Murgaonkar, Jorge Ortiz, Delton Colaco

Complete Army Green Squad

Goalkeepers: Roluahpuia, Sayad Bin Abdul Kadir, Gagandeep Singh, Sarath Narayanana M, Debasish Ghosal

Defenders: Subash P Limbu, Sebin Varghese, Chanabam Samananda Singh, Vikas Zanje, Vibin TV, Stanislaus CS, Ramandeep Singh, Nitin, Ayush, Bikram Limbu

Midfielders: Shubham Rana, Muzammil MM, Soubhagyan Somaraj, Oinam Gautham Singh, Sochin Chhetri, Sukesh Leon K, Alan Thapa, Roel Lepcha, L Nanish Singh, L Deepak Singh, Bikash Budhthoki

Forwards: PC Lallawankima, Dip Majumdar, Kamginlun Kipgen, Khundongbam Somananda Singh

Where can you watch?

Durand Cup matches will not be telecast on any television channel. It can be streamed live on the OTT Platform addatimes  from 3pm.