Eintracht director worried about impact of premature end to Bundesliga season

Fredi Bobic discussed the COVID-19 pandemic and the possibility of ending the 2019-20 campaign.

Eintracht Frankfurts director of sport Fredi Bobic   -  Bongarts

Eintracht Frankfurt sporting director Fredi Bobic is worried about the financial impact if the Bundesliga season ends prematurely due to coronavirus, insisting it would a "major economic loss" for all clubs.

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc across the globe with more than 14,500 deaths, shutting down cities and sports around the world amid the pandemic.

The Bundesliga – through 25 games at the time of postponement – is scheduled to resume after April 2 and Wolfsburg is planning to return to training on Monday, despite Germany's social-distancing measures to combat the spread of coronavirus.

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"A premature end of the season would of course not be a positive thing," Bobic said via Eintracht Frankfurt. "It would be a major economic loss for all clubs and also for Eintracht Frankfurt.

"We will do everything we can to ensure that we can continue to play football. It's not just about the money, but also about jobs in the club and around it. Many people are directly and indirectly involved with football and live from it. Football is a huge industry.

"In addition, we naturally want to do our bit at some point to ensure that people start talking about other things than the coronavirus. That is what sport is all about. It's like the gladiators in the past: bread and games.

"But it must be safe and not harmful to health. That's why we wait and see what the virologists and doctors tell us. We should listen to them. If the season were to end, it would hit a lot of people very hard. Like many small and medium-sized enterprises."

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Eintracht – 12th in the Bundesliga after playing 24 rounds in 2019-20 – has confirmed two unnamed players tested positive for coronavirus.

"They're doing all right, considering the circumstances," Bobic said. "We'll have the rest of the test results soon. Therefore it is possible that one of the other players is positive as well. But both players are doing well so far.

"They show the typical symptoms, but it is not a critical condition. The doctors assured me that. And they both still have their sense of humour. Once you've had contact with them, it encourages you.

"I hope they both come out of this okay. And I don't think they'll be the only two who will get it. Unfortunately, there will probably be others involved – just like with any other team."

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