Emerson Palmieri said he could return to Serie A, though the Chelsea full-back insisted he is in no rush to leave Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea's Emerson has been linked with Serie A champion Juventus and Inter after swapping Roma for the Premier League in 2018.

Emerson spent two and a half years playing for Roma in the capital and the seven-time Italy international would be open to a Serie A comeback.

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"I was very happy in Serie A, including with the culture, which is also why I chose to play for Italy," he told Sky Sport Italia.

"A return to Serie A could happen, but I have a contract with Chelsea and I'm in no rush to go anywhere.

"It has been a wonderful experience at Chelsea, as first there was [Antonio] Conte, so obviously it was easier to deal with an Italian coach.

"As for [Maurizio] Sarri, I've no words for what a marvellous year we had, as we finished third in the Premier League, reached the Carabao Cup final and won the Europa League. We can't complain!"

Former Chelsea bosses Antonio Conte and Maurizio Sarri are both back in Italy via Inter and Juventus, and Emerson provided an insight into the two Italian coaches.

"I learned a lot from Conte, he proved himself to be a fantastic coach, but I think for the time we worked together and the results we achieved, I got even more from Sarri," Emerson said.

"[Luciano] Spalletti at Roma is more of a friend or a father figure, he talks to you every day, asks about your family, makes sure you're happy. Sarri is more focused on the pitch, but you can tell he's got a gigantic heart, even if he doesn't speak as much.

"They are quite similar, although Sarri is more tactical and focused, while Spalletti leaves a little more room for fun in his training sessions. Sarri definitely got angrier!"