Carlo Ancelotti says he prefers managing in the Premier League to Serie A and feels Everton could be competitive at the top of the table soon.

Nine years after his Milan exit, Ancelotti had a spell back in his native Italy with Napoli between May 2018 and December 2019.

But he then returned to England with Everton, a move that reminded the former Chelsea boss why he prefers the Premier League.

"It is more enjoyable [managing in the Premier League], definitely," Ancelotti said to Sky Sports. "There is less pressure here from the supporters and the atmosphere is better in England.

"I came back to Italy after nine years and it didn't change a lot, the pressure is the same and with the supporters, there is a lot of violence. 

"Italian football is trying to change but it is not easy to change the culture of a country where unfortunately there is still violence and assault.

"Here in England, the people in the stadium, and I'm talking about only in the stadium, are more respectful.

"[After leaving Bayern Munich] first of all I wanted to come back to Italy. I had an experience at Napoli and it was a good experience there.

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"But if I had to choose a league, I wanted to come back to the Premier League for the atmosphere you feel here and the atmosphere the Premier League has."

Everton was sitting 12th in the table when the coronavirus crisis halted Premier League action.

But Ancelotti, who signed a four-and-a-half-year deal upon his appointment, has ambitions of seeing his side compete with the likes of city rival Liverpool and his old club Chelsea in the near future.

"The fact I had the opportunity to come to Everton was really important," he said.

"Everton is a club with a fantastic history, fantastic tradition and they have a goal to be at the top. We are trying to, if we are able after the COVID [shutdown], we will try to do our best.

"I think everyone in the club is working to try to be at the top soon. Of course, there is a lot of competition here in the Premier League but I think we have a possibility. 

"We have a good goal, we are building a new stadium so we know that behind us is fantastic supporters and fans that help us to be motivated. I think soon, we can be competitive."