Arsene Wenger: I have missed visiting India

The Frenchman also said in his interview, that he had encouraged Arsenal to organise a tour in India.

Arsene Wenger will take charge of Arsenal one final time on Sunday, when he takes his team to Huddersfield Town.   -  Getty Images

Arsene Wenger spoke about, among many aspects, his ambition to visit India, his fascination for the country and encouraging Arsenal to organise a tour in India in an interview uploaded to the team's Facebook page.

"One of the things I have missed in my life is visiting India. I am fascinated by India, I don't know why, but I have never been in India," said Wenger, who will take charge of his final match as Arsenal manager on Sunday (May 13).

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Wenger, during the interview, revealed that he encouraged Arsenal to organise a tour in India: "I have always encouraged Arsenal to organise a tour in India. We were close a few times but it never happened."

He also said he "will" visit India!

Wenger described India as a "special society" with a philosophy different to other countries. "As a kid, I learnt about the country's special resistance, a non-violent resistance, and I was certainly impressed by that. India gave examples of creative ways to think and act. It’s a special society where there is a complete different philosophy compared to other countries."

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