Carrick hints at retiring if he leaves United

Michael Carrick, 35, cannot see himself playing for a team other than Manchester United as he eyes a new deal.

Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick is the club's second-longest servant behind captain and all-time leading goalscorer Wayne Rooney.   -  Getty Images

Veteran midfielder Michael Carrick said he will "probably" retire if he is not offered a new deal by Manchester United.

Carrick's contract expires at the end of the Premier League season and while he is 35 years of age, the Englishman remains a key member of Jose Mourinho's squad.

The club's second-longest servant behind captain and all-time leading goalscorer Wayne Rooney, Carrick said he cannot see himself playing for another team.

Asked if retirement was an option if he left Old Trafford, Carrick - granted a testimonial match on Thursday - replied: "I probably would say so, yes. I think so.

"I couldn't say definitely but pretty much."

Carrick, who has made 11 league appearances this season, said he is yet to discuss a new deal with manager Mourinho as his current contract expires in the coming months.

"I haven't really had that much of a conversation with him at the moment," the five-time Premier League winner and Champions League medallist added.

"Obviously that will happen. It's going to happen at some stage, pretty soon I'd have thought.

"That's something I'm really relaxed about. I'm sure he is as well.

"I've said for some time now, as long as I feel I can contribute enough, that's fine by me.

"I understand I am not going to play every game. I haven't really got a problem with that.

"I need to be playing enough. I don't want to be here just for the sake of 'you've been here so long, let's keep you on board'. I wouldn't want to do that.

"It almost depends on how long I'm here. I don't think there's many places I'd want to play, if any, after this anyway."

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