Jose Mourinho was held in such high esteem by John Terry that the former Chelsea captain says would have left the pitch "in a coffin for him".

Mourinho first joined Chelsea in 2004 and led the club to its first top-flight title in 50 years, successfully defending the Premier League in 2006 before adding a domestic cup double the following season.

Key to its triumphs was a solid spine including Petr Cech, Terry, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba.

Mourinho returned after stints with Inter and Real Madrid and led Chelsea to a Premier League and EFL Cup double in 2014-15, with centre-back Terry still a key member of the squad.

The 37-year-old, now plying his trade with Aston Villa, has expressed how strong his dedication to the Portuguese was during his two spells at Stamford Bridge.  

"He was the best manager, and the best coach as well. He did everything," Terry said on Sky Sports .

"He was the first one to come and revolutionise it at Chelsea. He would be the first in, 8am, he'd be the one setting the cones out, and you'd come in as players and he'd be out there, if it was pouring with rain, getting his session organised.

"Mentally and psychologically, he had us from day one. We bought in to whatever he was going to deliver that day and he was the same when he came back. Having his presence there was enough.

"He had his eyes on everyone and when he speaks no one messes about or plays with a ball. You listen to him, he was the boss.

"I would give everything for him. I would leave that pitch in a coffin for him and every player felt the same."