Premier League's top wage earners revealed!

Manchester United might not be top of the table in the league, but it still continues to top the chart when it comes to wages. In fact, players from both the Manchester clubs dominate the list of Premier League's top earners. Have a look!

10.Manchester City winger earns £180,000 a week and is on contract until 2020. Photo: Reuters
9.The Manchester United player is the highest earning goalkeeper in the league, earning £185,000 a week. Photo: Reuters
8.Mesut Ozil is negotiating a new deal with the club, currently he earns £190,000 a week with contract till 2018. Photo: Reuters
7.David Silva pockets £200,000 a week, and is just one of the many City players in the list. Photo: Getty Images
6.Eden Hazard is Chelsea's highest earner with a £220,000 a week deal until 2020. Photo: Getty Images
4/5 Only tie on the list is between Sergio Aguero and Yaya Toure, both earning £240,000 a week and a deal until 2019. Photo: Getty Images
3.Zlatan Ibrahimovic might be at the tail end of his career but he is still third on the list, earning £250,000 a week. Photo: AP
2.Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney is the second highest earner with a wage of £260,000 a week. Photo: Getty Images
1. Paul Pogba might not be setting the field on fire with his performances, but he still pockets a whopping £290,000 a week, making him easily the highest wage earner in the league. Photo: Reuters