Euro 2020 quiz A European Championship headbutt, a famous penalty and more

Euro 2020: Test your knowledge about some of the most famous moments in the history of the Euros ahead of the 16th edition of the European Championship.

Who did this to Rooney and his boys at the Euros? | GETTY IMAGES

1. Who was handed a red-card in the 1984 Euro opener for an infamous headbutt - like his fellow countryman Zinedine Zidane in the 2006 World Cup final - after a vicious challenge from the opponent?

2. Italy’s miraculous 1968 Euro triumph first saw it win the semifinal over Soviet Union on a coin toss after a 0-0 scoreline in regulation time. In the final, it drew 1-1 with Yugoslavia in regulation time. How was the deadlock broken in that final?

3. The European Championship Trophy was named after the first UEFA general secretary who initiated the idea of the tournament. What is the trophy called?

4. Whose goal in a Euro fixture, according to the UEFA, was "perhaps the most famous spot kick of all time"?

5. Making a first appearance in its history at the Euro tournament in 2016, which team knocked out England in the round of 16?

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