Hello and welcome to the LIVE coverage of the Group D fixture, where Scotland takes on Argentina at the Parc des Princes in Paris.

I'm Lavanya and I will be taking you through one of the two big games of the night. Group D leaders Japan and England are taking each other on in another tie tonight at the Stade de Nice. My colleague Manasi will take you through the LIVE updates of that fixture here .


That's all from us here at Sportstar. Make sure you join us tomorrow. It promises to be an interesting quartet of games as we will finally have our full final 16. Goodbye and goodnight.

Meanwhile, England beat Japan 2-0 in its game, taking it to the top of Group D. Japan will now either face Canada or Netherlands in the round of 16. As for England, we will have to wait and watch.

Things look bright for Nigeria too after this game. With three points in the bag, it looks in a better place than Argentina for now. Results tomorrow will determine what happens.

Argentina will now need the New Zealand-Cameroon and Thailand-Chile ties to be draws. But what a fantastic effort. These girls have made history!

This comeback keeps a slim chance at qualifying alive for Argentina. Debutant Scotland has been eliminated. Sorry Sir Alex.

PENALTY DRAMA. Here's how the last 8-odd minutes of the gamelooked. Howard trips Cometti. Penalty given. Penalty missed byArgentina. VAR confirms Alexander did not have a foot on the line.Penalty retaken. Argentina scores. What a comeback.

What a thrilling last 10 minutes. What a beautiful game this has been.
GOOALLLL!!!!!! ARGENTINA IS LEVEL!!!! Bonsegundo stepped up on the second time of asking, and powered her right-footed effort straight down the middle of the goal! What a comeback this has been! Scotland 3-3 Argentina

PENALTY GIVEN AGAIN! Alexander came off her line on the penalty save, and Argentina have another chance from the spot!

DOUBLE SAVE!!!!! Alexander dove right and parried Bonsegundo's effort back right into the path of the penalty taker... but she saved the follow up as well!

PENALTY! After reviewing the video Hyang-Ok Ri points to the spot and Argentina will have a chance to draw level!

Sophie Howard seems to have tripped Cometti. Is that a penalty?

87' PENALTY SHOUT! Cometti was taken down in the box and this will be looked at by VAR ! The referee plays down the shouts. OH WHAT DRAMA. I am enjoying this game despite the high blood pressure!

Argentina has gone from having 2 goals in 8 world cup games to having 2 in the last 5 minutes.

You have to give it to these girls in the Argentine side. What spirit! They are fighting back now. Can they draw? That would be enough to give them a chance. Scotland looking at a -1 goal difference now, thanks to this blitz from their opponents.

If I had managed tickets to this game in Paris, this would have been a game worth every euro spent!

Bonsegundo hammered a shot from distance that hit the underside of the crossbar, the goalkeeper Alexander, and then bounced in! This game is well and truly on now! Scotland 3-2 Argentina. It's been declared an own goal!

74' GOOOOOAL FOR MENENDEZ! Oh the joy! Look at the girls go. Argentina gets a goal back! With some route one stuff, Menendez scores on a quick counter after being slotted into the box by Ippoloito who had only just come onto the pitch! It's hard to see it scoring another two goals, but what a moment for Argentina as it scores its first goal at France 2019! Scotland 3-1 Argentina

70' GOOOOOAL for Cuthbert. She was denied a few moments ago but she has taken what she thought was hers to take. She hooked the ball from the corner into an empty net after Correa and the post helped deflect Crichton's first attempt. Correa is on the ground, devastated.

66' 82.5 per cent of this match has been played in the midfield orArgentina's defensive third.

63' Argentina has recorded 41 per cent of its total shots at this year's tournament today, but has been unable to turn any of them into goals.

Banini looks devastated. Sad sights from the Argentine sides of the Parc des Princes.

Shelley Kerr's changes today have helped Little and others in the Scottish lineup open up and attack. A win today, which looks more likely with every passing minute, will silence her critics. For a while at least.

If Scotland manages to make it through to the knockouts, the women here will have done what the men could never do. History in the making here in the Women's World Cup.

Argentina has not had a shot at the Scottish goal since the 24th minute. Buck up, girls.

The Scots are not backing down. More goals will only make that hot seat a lot softer than sit on.

Scotland's goal difference stands at 0 now, better than Nigeria and much better than Chile. From coming into this game on the back foot, Scotland looks all charged to march into that Round of 16.

48' 2-0 SCOTLAND! GOOOOOAL.  Jen Beattie pushes one through Correa to give Scotland a comfortable lead over Argentina.


If you're here expecting good quality football updates, you're in the right place. If you came here expecting high quality humour, I am sorry to disappoint you, my friends.

Our colleagues on desk are still giving you all the updates from the world of sport. I spotted one of them smiling and asked him what was so funny. He tells me that there was a puff of smoke in Juventus so we know Sarri has arrived. *chuckle*

Nothing less than a win will do for either team. Things look harder for Argentina at this point. The girls have defended brilliantly.

Chance for Argentina but generously handed into the arms of Lee Alexander.

41' Scotland pulling off an impressive string of passes now as it builds an attack and looks for a way through this Argentine defence.

The referee has given Cuthbert and Docherty some stern words here. They have to calm down.

Look who's watching the game.

This Cuthbert-Emslie combo can hurt Argentina.

That goal was a shot in the arm for Scotland. It has come out a lot stronger in the Argentine side.

34 ' Brilliant last-ditch sliding tackle from Corsie to take the ball off the shooting foot of Jaimes in the penalty area! If she'd gotten that wrong it almost certainly would have been a goal or a penalty! Points to Argentina for that defense.

Argentina is still looking for its first goal here in France. Will it manage to equalise? We still have time in this first half. Having started strong, the energy seems to have fizzled out in the Argentine side now.

Woodwork saved Scotland here. That Larroquette chance would have eased things for Argentina but it was not to be. Erin Cuthbert managed to break through the Argentinian defense and a straight shot to the goal was valiantly saved by Correa but she could do nothing about the rebound as Little wriggled it away for Scotland's opener.

Scotland has taken its place as third in this group now. What can Argentina do?

KIM LITTLE takes on a rebound from Cuthbert that Correa saved and nets one for the Scots. For the first time in this Women's World Cup, Scotland leads. There was 'little' Argentina could do about it. (Get it? Too soon? Okay).

Larroquette is found with a cross at the back post and heads her effort off the crossbar! It then rebounds to Jaimes who powers her shot right into the body of Alexander and the ball is eventually cleared!

Scotland can't seem to get the ball out of its half at the minute as Argentina turns up the pressure.

A friend just sent me the sweetest video of Tom Holland at the Spiderman premiere with a Blue Staffie called Tessa. Staffies are considered a dangerous dog breed in England, which is far from the truth. Oh, talking about staffies - did you know, a dog rescue in Birmingham has named five newborn staffies after members of the English football team? Such good girls, they are going to be. Read all about here.

Talking about Messi, we have another stellar player donning the #10 here - Estafania Banini. She's a free bird on the field today and is one of the best chances for a goal here for Argentina. Can she do it for the girls in blue?

The FIFA Women's World Cup has gained popularity in Argentina. Schools are allowing children time to watch the game. Lionel Messi has sent his wishes to the team. So inspiring to see Women's Football take the stage it so thoroughly deserves, especially if this is the team whose shoulders you have to prop it on.

The Scottish has been great so far. Jenny Beatie is one among the defenders on the Scottish side. She will want to channel some of her father, John Beattie's brilliance here today.

The Scottish side knows what it's like to be in these crunch situations. The Scots managed to scrape a victory against Belarus. They came from a 2-0 deficit to beat Poland in a dramatic game to qualify for the World Cup so they know what to do here.

Parc Des Princes is expecting a crowd of about 25,000 today, if FIFA's estimates are right. We'll have to wait for a confirmation. But what an evening! Shows you just how big this game is.

Scotland will want to make this opportunity count, having made an impressive comeback to the tournament.

Scotland is going slow, as it has all through this tournament. Today might not be the right time to play on the backfoot. Argentina has gone all out in the 3 minutes so far.

It's a lively crowd here today at the Parc des Princes. So heartening to see the turnout. Argentina got a roaring response to its national anthem.

A win for Argentina takes them through. A win for Scotland increases its chances. It will have to wait until the games tomorrow are done to know for sure. If I were a Scottish fan, I would barely have fingernails left.

Referee Hyang-Ok Ri blows her whistle, and this match is underway!

The anthems have been sung. Time for some LIVE action.

Two spots remain and the fight is on to squeeze through to the knockouts. Here's what it looks like for the third-place teams in the World Cup.

Meanwhile, the Ferns are in the running in the Women's World Cup too. They need a win to stand a chance to qualify for the knockouts. New Zealand also needs other teams to falter a little. More on that after the games today.

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Make that 8 off 6.

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This leaves four spots up for grabs for the best third-place teams to occupy. China and Brazil are officially through after the former drew with Spain the other night and Marta helped the Selecao to a win over Italy. Two spots,

Here's a look at the top two teams from every group who have reserved a place in the knockouts.

Ahead of this game, 14 teams have already secured a space in the last 16. Two spots remain. To understand how teams qualify and what happens if teams are on the same points, here is a guide to the knockout qualifications.

Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the Group D tie between Scotland and Argentina. Both sides are vying for a place in the last 16.