Quiz: 1978 Football World Cup

Argentina won the FIFA World Cup for the first time in 1978. Test your knowledge of the 11th FIFA World Cup with our quiz.

Daniel Passerella holds the cup after Argentina's win in the final against Netherlands in Buenos Aires. - THE HINDU ARCHIVES

1.At the 1978 World Cup, Tunisia became the first African team to win a game at the quadrennial tournament. It defeated, drew with and lost to ..., ... and ..., respectively, in the group stage.
2.Which of these is not a Muller who scored for West Germany at the 1978 World Cup?
3.Argentina legend Diego Maradona, 17 at the time, did not play any game at the 1978 World Cup because ...?
4.Rob Rensenbrink of the Netherlands and Teofilo Cubillas of Peru both scored hat-tricks in the group stage of the 1978 World Cup. Which of the following is not true about the two hat-tricks?
5.Brazil finished third at the 1978 World Cup, playing seven games along the way. How many games did it lose?
6.Mario Kempes scored six goals in seven games for Argentina at the 1978 World Cup. In the 10 World Cups since, how many players have surpassed that mark?
7.Penalty shootouts, which were first introduced at the 1978 World Cup, decided how many games at that tournament?
8.What the mascot for Argentina 1978 called?
9.BONUS QUESTION: Gauchito, the 1978 World Cup mascot, is ...?