Quiz: Politics, fashion and goals - how much do you remember from FIFA World Cup 2018?

On this day in 2018, France beat Croatia to lift the FIFA World Cup, capping off a thrilling tournament with so many stories. How much do you remember? Take our quiz.

Switzerland's Xherdan Shaqiri celebrated his goal against a certain country at the FIFA World Cup 2018 with a reference to his Kosovan-Albanian heritage.   -  Getty Images

1.How many goals were scored in the 2018 FIFA World Cup?
2.Hannes Thor Halldorsson helped Iceland mark its World Cup debut with a point against Argentina as he saved Lionel Messi’s penalty. What does Halldorsson do when he isn’t playing football?
3.Belgium completed a thrilling comeback against Japan in the round of 16 after going 2-0 down early in the second half. Who scored the injury-time winner that sent Belgium into the quarterfinals?
4.Switzerland’s Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri celebrated their goals against a certain country with a reference to their Kosovan-Albanian heritage, angering the opposition and even threatening to turn it into a diplomatic issue. Who did they score against?
5.At the end of the group stage, Japan and Senegal were locked on points, goal difference and goals scored. What was the deciding factor that sent Japan through to the last 16 and Japan out of the World Cup?
6.“FIFA urged cameramen to stop panning towards him for fear of what he might be caught doing.” Who was FIFA so worried about?
7.A British clothing brand reported a 35% increase in sales of this product during England’s run to the last four of the World Cup. What product?
8.Kylian Mbappe became only the second teenager to score two goals in a World Cup match when he scored two in the quarterfinal against Argentina. Who was the first?
9.He had the world in splits after his celebration after scoring against England in a group stage match. He picked up the ball with the aim of drilling it into the back of the net, only to miss and hit the post and the ball rebounded into his own face. Who?
10.After Mario Mandzukic scored Croatia’s extra-time winner against England in the semifinal, the ecstatic Croatian team piled up on the forward at the corner of the pitch. At the bottom of the celebration pile was someone totally unrelated to the goal. Who was it?