FIFA World Cup 2018: How the teams stand prior to the final round of the group matches

SportstarLive takes a look at how the teams are placed within their respective group tables.

Representative Image: How the teams stand prior to the final round of the group fixtures in the FIFA World Cup 2018.   -  AP

Group A

Host Russia and South American heavyweight Uruguay are through to the next round. Now, it remains to be seen who tops the group. If Russia manages to avoid defeat against Uruguay in its final group clash, it will top the table.


RUS 2 8:1 6 ✅ 

URU 2 2:0 6 ✅ 

EGY 2 1:4 0 ❌

KSA 2 0:6 0 ❌


Group B

Spain needs one point against Morocco to go through to the last 16. Even if it loses the game, the Spaniards can still make it count if Portugal suffers a heavier defeat against Iran, or if the game is a low-scoring draw.If both Portugal and Spain suffer a loss then the team with the bigger loss would be eliminated. If they both win then the team with the biggest win will finish top. Iran can qualify with a win over Portugal.


ESP 2 4:3 4 

POR 2 4:3 4 

IRN 2 1:1 3 

MAR 2 0:2 0 ❌


Group C

France is through to the knockouts. Now, the focus is on Denmark and Australia. The Danish side needs a point (against France) to qualify; they may also bank on Peru which needs to beat Australia. Similarly, Australia needs to overcome Peru to qualify; at the same time, Denmark needs to lose and the Australians need to be higher on goal difference.


FRA 2 3:1 6✅ 

DEN 2 2:1 4 

AUS 2 2:3 1 

PER 2 0:2 0 ❌


Group D

The group of Argentina now belongs to Croatia. But the Lionel Messi-led side can still qualify. It needs to beat Nigeria and Iceland has to lose to Croatia. If Iceland registers a win, then Argentina has to beat Nigeria by two or more goals depending on Iceland’s win-margin. On the other hand, Nigeria can qualify if it beats Argentina and a point would be enough to take them through if Iceland doesn’t beat Croatia. If Argentina and Nigeria end up locked, Iceland will make the last 16 if it beats Croatia by a two-goal margin and also scores at least one more goal than Nigeria.


CRO 2 5:0 6✅ 

NGA 2 2:2 3 

ISL 2 1:3 1 

ARG 2 1:4 1


Group E

Brazil can qualify to the knockouts even if it draws Serbia. Switzerland will be through with a draw against Costa Rica, or if Serbia loses to the Selecaos. If Switzerland loses by a goal and Serbia draws Brazil, the number of goals will decide the second spot. If all the sides are level, Switzerland will go through as it had beaten Serbia.


BRA 2 3:1 4 

SUI 2 3:2 4 

SRB 2 2:2 3 

CRC 2 0:3 0❌


Group F

Mexico needs only a point to qualify. It will be through if Germany fails to beat Korea Republic. The Germans may face competition from Sweden if the latter’s scoreline is better.  Germany can still qualify with a two-goal or more win-margin. If both Germany and Sweden draw their games, then the team which fares better (in terms of goals) will be through. If the matches finish with the same score, then Germany will finish second because it beat Sweden. Korea Republic can qualify if it beats Germany, and if Sweden loses by a bigger margin than Korea Republic.


MEX 2 3:1 6 

GER 2 2:2 3 

SWE 2 2:2 3 

KOR 2 1:3 0


Group G

England and Belgium are through to the next stage and are the only two teams to have identical records going into its final match.


ENG 2 8:2 6 ✅

BEL 2 8:2 6✅ 

TUN 2 3:7 0❌

PAN 2 1:9 0❌ 


Group H

Japan and Senegal need a point each to qualify. Colombia will qualify if it crushes Senegal. If that happens, Japan will need to lose by fewer goals than Senegal to qualify.


JPN 2 4:3 4 

SEN 2 4:3 4 

COL 2 4:2 3 

POL 2 1:5 0❌

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