In pictures: Fan-tastic tales from Volgograd

As England played Tunisia in a World Cup group fixture, Sportstar brings you some moments from the city of Volgograd, which hosted the game.

The Volgograd Arena in Russia has a seating capacity of 45,568. The stadium was built on the site of the demolished Central Stadium. Photo: Shreedutta Chidananda
A special architectural feature of the stadium is a large roof resting on a cable frame, arranged in a wheel pattern created by steel cables. The facade shape is because of the need to fit the building compactly into the available piece of land. Photo: Shreedutta Chidananda
Football fans thronged around the Volgograd Arena to watch the England- Tunisia clash on Monday. The beautiful Volga River can also be seen in the distance. Photo: Shreedutta Chidananda
Tunisia fans were at the Volgograd in huge numbers to back the Eagles. Photo: Shreedutta Chidananda
Fans stopped for a selfie outside the Volgograd Arena on Monday. Photo: Shreedutta Chidananda
Volgograd went wild ahead of the fixture. Photo: Shreedutta Chidananda
Volunteers distributed free insect repellent at the Volgograd arena to ward off the many bugs in the area. Photo: Shreedutta Chidananda
Not just the match, the fans made it a point to go around the city. Seen here is an old mill outside the Volgograd. It was destroyed in the Battle of Stalingrad has been allowed to stand as a reminder of World War II. The Battle of Stalingrad in 1942 was the largest confrontation of World War II in which Germany and its allies fought the Soviet Union for control of the city of Stalingrad (now known as Volgograd) in Southern Russia. Photo: Shreedutta Chidananda
Tunisia fans at The Motherland Calls, a memorial to the Battle of Stalingrad. Photo: Shreedutta Chidananda