World Cup Quiz - Part II - ( 1966-1986)

Diego Maradona holds aloft the 1986 World Cup trophy   -  AP

1.Pickles was a dog that gained fame for its role in finding the stolen Jules Rimet Trophy (FIFA World Cup’s erstwhile name) in 1966. What breed was Pickles?
2.Adidas Telstar, the official 1970 World Cup ball, derives its name due to its similarity to another object. Which object?
3.The FIFA Fair Play award was first given in 1970 to a team that remarkably did not receive a single yellow or red card. Which team whose jersey usually features a distinctive red sash?
4.The tradition of having mascots for World Cups started in England 1966 with Willie being the first one. Now, tell us what were the names of the two mascots of the 1974 World Cup in Germany that should remind you of a style of football favoured by Arsene Wenger?
5.1978 Argentina saw the youngest captain to ever lift the World Cup trophy. He went on to gain the nickname “El Gran Capitan (The Great Captain)” and is considered to be one of the greatest defenders to have ever played the game. Who?
6.Which big-name footballer had refused to participate in the 1978 World Cup as he claimed to protest against the Argentine president Jorge Rafael Videla’s human rights violations?
7.This war-torn country sent only a 20-man squad to the 1982 World Cup and it is believed that special political circumstances prevented them from receiving optimum preparation. Which country, then went on to suffer one of the most ignominious World Cup defeats, at the hands of Hungary?
8.It is quite unusual for a country to host a World Cup just 16 years since it hosted its previous one. So, which country was originally supposed to host the 1986 World Cup but had to back out due to economic reasons and hence Mexico hosted it?
9.The name of the mascot of the 1986 World Cup shares its name with which popular modern-day footballer?