World Cup Quiz - Part III - (1990 - 2018)

Brazil's Ronaldo has scored 15 goals in four World Cups | AP

1. James Erskine, who directed ‘Sachin: A Billion Dreams’, has also made a documentary on the English team’s campaign in the 1990 World Cup. What was its name, referencing the place where they lost to Germany in the semifinals?

2. In the 1994 World Cup, to celebrate the birth of his new-born son, what celebration did Brazilian striker Bebeto adopt?

3. The 1998 World Cup featured a major incident where David Beckham was given a red card for deliberately tripping an opponent during the England-Argentina match. Which Argentine was the victim?

4. The 2002 World Cup saw the fastest ever World Cup goal scored in the 3rd place match between Turkey and South Korea. Who, nicknamed “The Bull of the Bosphorus”, scored the goal in the 11th second?

5. The 2006 World Cup saw an incredible 26-pass move culminating in a famous goal by Argentina in its match against Serbia and Montenegro. Who was the scorer, later seen in Leicester City’s colours in 2015?

6. When Andres Iniesta scored the winning goal of the 2010 World Cup for Spain against Netherlands, he lifted his t-shirt up to reveal a tribute to which recently deceased footballer?

7. Caxirola, Brazil’s answer to the Vuvuzela (heard to largely annoying effect in 2010 in South Africa), was a percussion instrument invented by Carlinhos Brown specifically for the 2014 World Cup. Brown is, in fact, an Oscar-nominated artiste. For which movie was he nominated for an Oscar for Best Song?

8. The 2018 World Cup will feature the smallest nation to have ever qualified for the World Cup. Which team, with a population of approximately 335,000?

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