The best goalkeepers of the FIFA World Cup

Here's a compilation of all the Golden Glove winners of the FIFA World Cup since 1934.

Enrique Ballestrero won the coveted Golden Glove in 1930 and played a key role in his side's title triumph. The Uruguayan played in all four games of the tournament, including the final.
Ricardo Zamora was the Golden Glove recipient in 1934. He was a part of the first Spanish team to be formed in 1920 and made 46 appearances for the national side. Photo: Getty Images
Roque Maspoli was the goalkeeper for the Uruguay national team that won the 1950 World Cup and he subsequently went on to win the best goalkeeper award as well. Photo: Getty Images
Nicknamed the "Black Panther", Gyula Grosics was the recipient of the award in 1954. He went on to make 86 appearances for Hungary and was regarded as one of nation's greatest goalkeepers of all time. Photo: Getty Images
Northern Ireland's Harry Gregg was voted as best goalkeeper of the 1958 World Cup, where his side reached the last-eight stage. He is also a survivor of the Munich air disaster of 1958. Photo: Getty Images
One of England's most revered keepers of all time, Gordon Banks won the Golden Glove in the 1966 World Cup held at home. He conceded his first goal of the tournament in the semifinal against Portugal after a record 721 minutes. Photo: Getty Images
Ladislao Mazurkiewicz played an essential role in Uruguay's path to the 1970 World Cup semifinals and was later named as the keeper of the tournament. Photo: Getty Images
Known for his impeccable reflexes, Sepp Maier featured in four World Cups for Germany. His most memorable campaign was certainly the 1974 edition when his side won the title on home soil and he clinched the best goalkeeper award. Photo: AFP