Argentina 2-0 Mexico, FIFA World Cup: Messi, Enzo fire to keep Argentine hopes alive - ARG vs MEX Qatar 2022 Highlights

Catch the highlights, updates, score and commentary from the Argentina vs Mexico Group C FIFA World Cup game at the Lusail Stadium.

Updated : Nov 27, 2022 03:34 IST

Catch the highlights from the Argentina vs Mexico game.
Catch the highlights from the Argentina vs Mexico game. | Photo Credit: AP

Catch the highlights from the Argentina vs Mexico game. | Photo Credit: AP

  • 87’ - Enzo scores | Argentina 2-0 Mexico
  • 64’ - Messi scores | Argentina 1-0 Mexico
  • 45’ - Martinez saves Vega freekick.
  • 41’ - Lautaro’s header is off target.
  • 34’ - Ochoa saves Messi’s free kick.
  • Argentina Lineup: Martínez - Montiel, Otamendi, Lisandro Martínez, Acuña - De Paul, Guido Rodríguez, Mac Allister - Messi, Lautaro, Di Maria
  • Mexico Lineup: Ochoa - Montes, Araujo, Moreno, Gallardo, Alvarez - Chavez, Guardado, Herrera - Vega, Lozano

Hello and welcome to the highlights of Argentina vs Mexico Group C FIFA World Cup game at the Lusail Stadium.

Reactions after Argentina’s win

Social media has its take on Messi’s brilliant performance against Mexico.

Enzo after the game

“I always dreamed as a kid to play with this shirt, and today the dream of scoring a goal in a World Cup was fulfilled.I’m very happy for today’s win, this group deserves it. For all the people of Argentina who came to encourage us and for all those who are at home banking us, this triumph is for them. This group will represent Argentines in the best way. We want to get one more win which is very important for us.”

Messi after the game

“It was a complicated game to get up, because Mexico plays well. The first half we played with intensity and in the second we calmed down and we were us again. It cost us the first game, there are many conditions. Still, they were two isolated plays. We knew that today we had to win, that another World Cup was starting for us, and we knew how to do it. We can’t give up now. We have all finals to play, we can’t go wrong. We knew that the response of the people was going to be like this, I think we fulfilled it, we have been together for a long time.”

Who is Enzo Fernandez?

The second goal for Argentina was scored by a player who is making just his fourth appearance for the national team. Here is more about the midfielder.

Full Time: Argentina 2-0 Mexico

The FIFA World Cup is up and running for the South Americans. They took time to get into groove. The first half was mostly toil for Argentina as they lacked creativity. In the second period, the side stepped up gears. It started with getting more bodies up front and controlling more of the ball. Messi found space where there was none and beat Ochoa with a shot taken from outside the box. Mexico, well and truly with a foot in the door, lost control of the game from that point. Enzo doubled the lead with a worldly strike to seal the win for La Albiceleste. La Albiceleste now take on Poland in the last group game while Mexico faces Saudi Arabia. A draw will be enough to seal Argentina’s passage to the last 16 while Mexico, with just one point from two games, need a win.


A minute over the directed stoppage time but Argentina keep the ball in Mexico half. The referee finally blows the full time whistle. Argentina get their first win of the tournament.


Lisandro clears an attempted cross by Mexico. No way in for the El Tri frontline.


Argentina avert the Mexican attackers from making an entry near their penalty area. Just three minutes left now.


Mexico gets a free kick in the Argentina half but the delivery is cleared. A total of six minutes added for stoppages.

87’ Argentina 2-0 Mexico - Enzo Fernandez
What a strike! Fernandez with a goal that will ease Argentine nerves. De Paul plays the ball to Messi. Messi spots Enzo making his way to the box and passes to him. The defender does not cover the room and Enzo gets enough time to curl an attempt. He has eyes for the far right corner and that is where he hits. Messi gets an assist to add to his goal.
Mexico’s goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa gives up a goal to Argentina’s Enzo Fernandez.
Mexico’s goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa gives up a goal to Argentina’s Enzo Fernandez. | Photo Credit: AP

Mexico’s goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa gives up a goal to Argentina’s Enzo Fernandez. | Photo Credit: AP


Acuna wins a corner on the left wing for Argentina. De Paul takes it short. AND IT IS A GOALLLLLLL!!!! Enzo Fernandez! Argentina have sealed the contest


Argentina starts a counter post the corner. Messi plays a ball to De Paul but the midfielder is brought down with a clean tackle.


Mexico gets a corner. Chavez takes it but Argentina’s Alvarado clears.


De Paul tries to control the ball near the corner flag in the Mexico half. A classic way to waste him but he trips over the ball and Mexico gets a goal kick


Mexico play a long ball from the centre to the right flank. Antuna is the lone El Tri player running on the wing but the ball beats him. Throw in for Argentina.


Mexico’s Antuna is fouled as the game enters the last 10 minutes of regulation time.


Palacios is fouled by Herrerra as he tries to break on a counter.


Alvarez and Messi try to link in the Mexico penalty area but the danger is cleared by Mexico.


Messi finds himself with the ball, and he has ample space. Yet, he is unable to make his way past the men in front of him. Mexico end up winning a free kick.

Another change for Mexico

IN - Alvarado, OUT - Lozano


Antuna is chasing a long ball but Romero judges the pass to perfection and clears the danger.


Molina attempts a long range effort after an Argentina corner is cleared. The shot has too much power and goes over.


A score of changes by the two teams.

Argentina: IN - Romero, Palacios | OUT - Di Maria, Mac Allister

Mexico: IN - Antuna, Jiminez | OUT - Alvarez, Vega

64’ - Argentina 1-0 Mexico - Messi
How many times have we seen this? It had to be that man. It had to be Messi. The little magician gets the ball in the centre outside the box. He takes one touch and places the ball into the bottom right corner. Ochoa dives to the ball. He has no chance though. He is beaten. Mexico’s wall has cracked. And Argentina goes ahead. Di Maria bags the assist.

MEESSSSSSIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!! And La Pulga has fired his team ahead!

Two changes for Argentina

IN - Julian Alvarez, Molina | OUT - Lautaro, Montiel


Di Maria’s cross from the right flank is cleared.


Another long ball attempted by Argentina which Mexico clears with ease. The South Americans hold the ball still.


A free kick for Mexico for a handball by Lisandro. The set piece is cleared by the defence, though.


Argentina move forward through Messi but the No.10 is crowded out by the Mexican defence and he loses the ball.

Argentina’s first change

IN - Enzo Fernandez | OUT - Rodriguez


Messi thinks that Acuna will make a run in behind and plays a dinked ball. The left back stays put and the ball rolls out for a goal kick.


Di Maria makes a dash into the penalty area. He skips past couple of players before crossing. MacAllister stations to attempt a shot but Mexico clear it before he does that.


Argentina manage to win the ball back again. It is the final third where the Argentines mess their game.


Argentina enjoy a long spell of possession but it fruits to nothing.


An entire stadium waits with bated breathe for Messi’s freekick but the forward offers a tame attempt. Did not even test Ochoa.


Messi is free into space and Gutierrez takes one for the team. He goes into the book.


Rodriguez misplaces a pass which almost lands Argentina in trouble. Ominous signs.


Argentina manage to clear an entry by Mexico into their penalty area. Lisandro makes quite a task of it but they somehow manage to avert danger.


Mexico win a free kick for hand ball by Mac Allister.


De Paul fouled on turn at the centre line.

Second Half

The game begins with Argentina taking the centre. Can they change gears and get their first win at the FIFA World Cup?

01:27 - Where is Messi?

The Argentina talisman has taken only 25 touches so far. None have been in the Mexico penalty area. The game has been too quick for him perhaps.

Stats at HT

Possession : 68-32 | Shots : 1-3 | Shots on Target : 0-1 | Corners : 3-1

Half Time: Argentina 0-0 Mexico

This has been a quick game but still the score is unchanged. Argentina are a shadow of the team that went 36 games unbeaten. Their delivery has been poor, they’ve failed to link play and have been devoid of creativity. Mexico has had no trouble barring a couple of shots. Mexico will look to convert just one chance. With Argentina attack not firing, a solitary goal should be enough to win the game.


A corner for Argentina in the last minute of the half but the delivery lacks flight from Messi. That’s that for the half.


Vega takes a long range effort but the ball goes flying into the stands.


Argentina is building an attack when Lautaro is brushed off the ball. Messi gets the spill but he too squanders possession. Poor from Argentina.


Argentina attempts a long ball but Mexico is able to see it out to win a goal kick. Five minutes of stoppage time to end the first half.


Martinez! That’s a vital save for Argentina. The keeper dives to his right to save Vega’s free kick. He had to be on his toes and reach the top left corner of the goal.


Montiel concedes a free kick with a rash tackle on Gutierrez. He also gets a yellow card.

A substitution for Mexico

IN - Gutierrez | OUT - Guardado


Di Maria delivers the set piece and Lautaro meets it in the box. But the header is way too high.


Montiel wins a corner for La Albiceleste on the right wing.


Argentina yet again fail to convert. Messi plays the ball to Lautaro through the middle and the striker passes to De Paul. The midfielder takes the ball towards the touchline but is unable to keep it in play.


Di Maria is charging down the right wing but loses control of the ball. Argentina win a throw in nonetheless!


Ochoa saves! Messi’s free kick is direct at the goal. Ochoa was trying to parry it away for a corner but the ball stays in play. The Mexican keeper is fouled on the loose ball. Mexico can breathe easy.


Argentina forces a corner on the left flank. Messi delivers the ball but De Paul is the one who is fouled on the other end while trying to make use of the second ball.


Messi loses possession but the referee brings the ball back for a foul on La Pulga.


Lisandro plays a long ball but the pass fails to find any Argentina shirt in the final third. Mac Allister is fouled on the subsequent possession for Argentina.


Lozano is caught offside chasing a long ball.


Argentina try to build an attack from the left flank. Acuna is one on one against Alvarez but the defender is able to block the attempted cross.


Mexico’s Araujo plays a long ball from the back but Lisandro comes out of his position and clears the danger!


Argentina attempts a cross from the right. Montiel is the player but he lacks direction and control. He was offside too in the build up!


Yellow card for Araujo. Acuna is going to win the lose ball until Araujo sends him crashing to the ground.


Guardado plays the free kick out wide on the right flank, and the cross then arrives. The goalkeeper is up for the challenge and wins it in the air.


Otamendi fouls Lozano from behind and Mexico has a set piece in a dangerous position. A silly tackle really.


The tempo of the game has slowed down drastically.


Lautaro is caught offside!


Otamendi makes a crucial steal from Herrerra. The midfielder was cutting in with the ball and threatened an attack.


De Paul loses possession and Lozano moves the ball forward for a counter attack. Lisandro makes the tackle to stop the move.


Chavez commits a foul on De Paul trying to win the ball in Argentina’s second third. Aggressive start from El Tri.


Mexico has a free kick on the left flank. The delivery into the box is threatening but Montes is unable to meet the ball at the far post.


Mexico enter the final third and end up winning a corner. Argentina had the chance to clear but cannot.


Mexico is breaking out on a counter but Vega’s elbow hits Montiel on the face and the play is stopped. Argentina wins a free kick.


Mexico manage to push the ball back to Argentina half. Otamendi and Lisandro play out a few passes in Argentina’s backline.


Messi gets into the action! He wriggles past two players in the middle and gets the attack going! No threat to Mexico goal though.


A foul on Di Maria on Argentina’s right wing!

Kick Off

Mexico get the ball rolling rom the centre circle but Argentina gain the possession in the first minute itself.

00:29 - Daniele Orsato to control the game on the pitch while Massimilliano Irrati to assist him on VAR.

00:27 - The Mexico fans join the team for the national anthem. The decibels rising at Lusail!

Argentina players line up prior to the Qatar 2022 World Cup Group C football match between Argentina and Mexico at the Lusail Stadium.
Argentina players line up prior to the Qatar 2022 World Cup Group C football match between Argentina and Mexico at the Lusail Stadium. | Photo Credit: AFP

Argentina players line up prior to the Qatar 2022 World Cup Group C football match between Argentina and Mexico at the Lusail Stadium. | Photo Credit: AFP

00:25 - The Argentina national anthem is played first. The fans in unison supporting the team.

00:23 - The players making their way through the tunnel. A big big game for La Albiceleste!

00:20 - Gear up folks! Just 10 minutes to go for Kick Off.

00:18 - Game mode ON!

00:16 - Mexico’s form in the recent games:

Drew 0-0 vs Poland

Lost 1-2 vs Sweden

Won 4-0 vs Iraq

Lost 2-3 vs Colombia

Won 1-0 vs Peru

00:05 - Argentina’s unbeaten run ended at 36 game after the loss to Saudi Arabia. Here are the team’s last five results:

Lost 1-2 vs Saudi Arabia

Won 5-0 vs UAE

Won 3-0 vs Jamaica

Won 3-0 vs Honduras

Won 5-0 vs Estonia

00:00 - Messi behind Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo overtook Lionel Messi for the goals scored at FIFA World Cups. Ronaldo scored his eighth goal against Ghana this week. Lionel Messi still has seven goals.

23:54 - History favouring Argentina?

Argentina has never lost to Mexico in a World Cup match. The team’s faithful will sure hope the record stays intact.

23:50 - Here is what Lionel Messi had to say after the loss to Saudi Arabia:

“I ask the fans to trust us. This group will not let them down.”

23:45 - Head to Head Record

Played: 35 | Argentina: 16 | Mexico: 5 | Draw: 14

23:35 - Argentina players arriving at the Lusail Stadium:

23:30 - The players who are out from Argentina’s starting XI

Molina, Tagliafico, Romero, Parades and Gomez.

23:26 - Even after a win today, Argentina’s path to the last 16 remains tricky. Here is how.

23:22 - A record for Messi!

21 - The Argentine forward equals Diego Maradona for most appearances for Argentina at World Cups.

23:19 - Group C standings before Argentina vs Mexico:

Position Teams Matches Won Drawn Lost GF GA GD Points
1 Poland 2 1 1 0 2 0 2 4
2 Saudi Arabia 2 1 0 1 2 3 -1 3
3 Mexico 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 1
4 Argentina 1 0 0 1 1 2 -1 0

23:13: Here is Mexico’s playing XI

Ochoa - Montes, Araujo, Moreno, Gallardo, Alvarez - Chavez, Guardado, Herrera - Vega, Lozano

23:09 - Here is Argentina’s starting XI - Argentina makes 5 changes!

Martínez - Montiel, Otamendi, Lisandro Martínez, Acuña - De Paul, Guido Rodríguez, Mac Allister - Messi, Lautaro, Di Maria

23:05 - Argentina is expected to make changes to its team after the shock loss to Saudi Arabia, according to multiple reports. Here is how it might line up today:

Martínez - Montiel, Otamendi, Lisandro Martínez, Acuña - De Paul, Guido Rodríguez, Mac Allister - Messi, Lautaro, Di Maria

22:58 - Here is what Argentina striker Lautaro Martinez said before the game:

“We were very excited to start the World Cup with a win. I think we lost due to details and our mistakes. But that is behind us and we think of Mexico.”

22:50 - The other result in Group C today

Poland beat Saudi Arabia 2-0 to move to the top of the table with four points. The result between Argentina and Mexico will be crucial in deciding the fate of the group.


Bottom of the table and no longer a favourite, Argentina’s life has dramatically changed since those five fateful second half minutes. The grudging appreciations about a 36-match unbeaten run have made way to murmurs of becoming the first top team to get knocked out of Qatar 2022. A loss here would be the end.  

A goalless draw in the other Group C game, however, has left its qualification still away from the realms of probability. The motivation is not lacking and there’s a desire to reconstruct and offer some joy a day after omnipresent Diego Maradona’s second death anniversary. 

“This is a very special day and as Argentinians we always think about him. He is an important person for the national team and a global icon and it’s a sad day for us. But we hope to bring some joy with our game tomorrow,” Lautaro Martinez, whose two strikes were ruled out for offside on Tuesday, said. 

Thankfully, there’s still no sense of panic and Lionel Scaloni continues to trust his process. “We don’t want to change our style due to what happened in the other game. After that emotional big blow of the first day, the group is ready to bounce back,” the coach said. “We have assessed our game and might introduce some variables as Mexico is an excellent team and have a clear game style with an offensive approach. But our style is also non-negotiable.” 

Mexico, too, needs a win and Argentina has plenty to worry as the Aztecs have Hirving Lozano – on fire with Maradona’s Napoli – and the scheming brain of its former manager Tata Martino plotting a downfall to create further shockwaves. 

The Saudi crowding of Rodrigo De Paul had destroyed Argentina’s shape, forcing Lionel Messi to drop deep and a similar strategy might again bring further problems. “Mexico plays with the ball with open players, and we need to counterattack and make the most of the chances that come our way,” Lautaro indicated a plan is in place. 

Marcus Acuna can be brought in to use the wings which was largely ignored in the first game, and a few other changes are also expected. 

The air around the Argentine camp is, of course, stifling but the hushed tones can be silenced if a win comes its way.

-Ayon Sengupta


When will the Argentina vs Mexico match kick-off?

The Argentina vs Mexico match will kick-off at 12:30 AM IST, November 27.

Where will the Argentina vs Mexico match kick-off?

The Argentina vs Mexico match will kick-off at the Lusail Stadium.

Where can you watch the Argentina vs Mexico match in India?

The Argentina vs Mexico match will be telecasted live on Sports18 and Sports18 HD. On Android and well as iOS, the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be live streamed on JioCinema.

Where can you watch the Argentina vs Mexico match outside India?

Argentina – Live Stream: Telemundo

United States – TV: FOX, Telemundo; Live Stream: fuboTV, Fox Sports app, Telemundo Deportes En Vivo

Canada – TV: CTV, TSN; Live Stream: fuboTV, TSN app

United Kingdom – TV: BBC One; Live Stream: BBC iPlayer, BBC Sport Website

Australia – TV: SBS; Live Stream: SBS On Demand

New Zealand – TV: Sky Sports; Live Stream: Sky Sport

Malaysia – TV: RTM, Astro; Live Stream: Astro Go

Singapore – TV: Mediacorp Channel 5; Live Stream: StarHub TV+, IPTV, Singtel TV

Hong Kong – TV: BeIN Sports, ITV; Live Stream: Now TV, ViuTV

Nigeria – SuperSport and Showmax Pro.

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