Turkish military salute makes an appearance again, in France

Turkey's players decided to make a controversial salute gesture to celebrate their draw with France in Paris on Monday.


Spectators rose to mimic the players in their controversial military salute celebration.   -  AP

Turkey's players celebrated their draw with France in the Euro 2020 qualifiers by making a military salute, despite already facing an investigation for a similar celebration in their previous match.

UEFA confirmed it would be opening an investigation into the celebrations made by Turkey's team following the win over Albania on Friday.

It comes as the Turkish army clashes with Kurdish fighters in northern Syria, with France among a number of nations to impose sanctions on Turkey and condemn the actions of president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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Everton striker Cenk Tosun scored the winner against Albania, and subsequently posted a picture of the celebration to his official Instagram account, stating: "For our nation, especially for the ones who are risking their lives for our nation."

UEFA, which does not allow players to make political gestures, vowed to open an investigation, though it appears Turkey's players took little heed of UEFA's warning, making the same gesture after equalising in their 1-1 draw with France in Paris.

The Turkish national team's official Twitter account also displayed an image of the players making the salute, using it in a post showing the Group H table, which Turkey top.


Several French politicians had called for the match to be cancelled, with security having been tightened at Stade de France, while there were also reports of altercations in the crowd over a pro-Kurdish banner.

Earlier on Monday, German second-tier side St Pauli released Cenk Sahin after he took to Instagram to show his support for Turkey's military action in Syria.

On Saturday, Turkish gold medalist Ibrahim Colak made the gesture at the Gymnastic World Championships in Stuttgart.