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See you all later in the day today with brand new fixtures to dissect. I was missing the Dutch and the fixtures heard me. Netherlands plays Cameroon in Valenciennes and Canada takes on New Zealand in Grenoble. For now, it's time for me to take your leave. Sleep tight. Goodbye and goodnight from us at Sportstar!

That ends an eventful say on the blog for me. Thank you for joining me through these 300-odd minutes of back-breaking blogging exercises. A hat-trick of goals, a save treble, two knockout qualifications and one long night. It's been quite a day. But for now, my watch has ended.

England will celebrate today and it should. Fifth consecutive knockout qualification is no mean feat and it has done well to earn it.

Vanina Correa would have liked a victory to take home over a Player of the Match accolade but she deserves every praise coming her way tonight. What a brilliant story, her's is. Kudos.

England clinches three points with a 1-0 victory over Argentina and secures its place in the knockout stages. The Lionnesses dominated the game and had numerous chances to score before Taylor finally managed to get the breakthrough goal on 61 minutes. It after a quick counter-attack, catching Argentina out at the back, with Scott and Kirby linking up well, before slotting it through to Mead who drilled it across to Taylor, who made no mistakes with the finish from close range. They could've and should've scored more goals, but Argentina's Correa was in excellent form, making numerous saves to deny England a more comfortable victory.

England has now qualified for the knockout stages of the Women’sWorld Cup in each of its five appearances (1995, 2007, 2011, 2015and 2019).

England is through to the knockout stage. It joins France, Germany and Italy.

Jamaica and Argentina have found themselves in similar positions today, except Argentina has fought right until the end while being helpless when it comes to getting to the ball to the scoring side.

90'+2' England is trying to see out the rest of the game now, justkeeping it in the Argentina half and stretching the backline withballs over the top for Daly and Taylor.

WOW. I did NOT expect Phil Neville to be as loud as he was. I legitimately turned out thinking someone was telling me how to sit at work. I would not want to piss him off right now. The game is nearly won Neville will not rest until the job is done to the end.

4 minutes additional time, before England qualified for the knockout stages.

Argentina will still hope to qualify as one of the best third placed teams in the tournaments. To have to settle for that is heartbreaking for a team that has been so good in both its games. The girls have done well to restrict Japan and England for as long as they have in these games.

England has been the better side, although by a thin margin. Just to spice things up though, I am hoping for an equaliser. Come on girls, give us a match. (It's 2.15am here in India. This could just be the coffee being demanding).

If England wins today (which seems quite likely unless Argentina pulls off something special in the next 5 minutes), it will enter the knockout stages with two wins from its first two games, a first for them.

Late England change now, with Parris replaced by Daly.

Argentina hasn't had a touch at the ball in the England penalty area since the 20th minute of the game.

81' England has made its first substitution now, with Mead coming off and she has been replaced by Stanway. Mead has done well today and will be proud of the job done. The Lionnesses would have wanted to have more goals on the board but this will have to do and this will have to be defended until the final whistle blows.

74' England is just starting to give the ball away a little bit toeasily, some sloppy passes that are handing the ball straight backto Argentina.

72' CLOSE! That should've been a second England goal!Greenwood whips a lovely ball into the box, straight onto the headof Scott who was completely unmarked, but she powers her headerover the bar and it lands on top of the net.

One can understand how that must feel. My back feels like that after 270 minutes of blogging football. Sigh.

Oh, that was a nasty blow to the back for Beth Mead!

England's last six wins in the World Cup have been by a one-goal margin. Will this match follow suit?

There's hardly been time to breathe in this game. On one end, Correa has given us all anxiety and relief in turns with her saves and that singular miss. England is now relieved, having scored. it's easy to get complacent from here. The Lionnesses need a victory to guarantee a spot in the knockout stage and will want to play the next 15 minutes safely to get through without any hiccups.

Mariana Larroquette comes in to replace Estefania Banini. Is she nursing an injury? Why would you pull out one of your best players at this stage of the game?

Phil Neville is not impressed. The girls were celebrating and he cut that midway, sending out instructions.

63' Argentina might have to come out of their shell more now if it is to get back into the game. England is pressing forward in search of a quick second goal.

61' GOOOAAALLL! England lead 1-0! It's finally got the breakthrough goal with Taylor scoring from close range after a superb counter-attack. Argentina broke away themselves at the other end of the pitch, but England dealt with it well and sprinted forward in numbers. The ball was sprayed out wide to Mead down the left, who drills a low cross into the box, which Taylor taps into the back of the net. No chance for the keeper.


56' ENGLAND CHANCE! Taylor with a great opportunity from a header just a couple of yards out, but she powers her header straight at Correa. Either send of the keeper and that would've been a goal.

55' Last time out versus Scotland, Scott made her 15th appearance at the Women’s World Cup, more than any other England player. If she scores in this match, she’ll become just the second England player to net in three different editions of the WWC after Fara Williams.

53' England is still going for the goal unsuccessfully. Argentina has been brilliant.

England seems to be overcomplicating things a little especially in as soon as they get to the goalpost. It's going to take tact to get past Correa but to also get past simple miscalculations on its part.

I'd like to see Correa keep a clean sheet. Now that would be a story. But England seems to be out with renewed vigor. Will we see a goal this time? Let's find out. We're back with the second half.

I have spent my halftime break very usefully. I haven't gotten over Italy's Macarena and now I cannot get the song out of my head and my YouTube playlist for the game. This is going to take some time to seep out of my head. But that's not the useful thing. I made a little collage of that brilliant penalty save by Correa. What a player.


A recap of that brilliant penalty save by Argentina's Vanina Correa. She has been exceptionak in the first half of play between England and Argentina at Le Havre.

Argentina has been consistent. This is the same side that played Japan. The women know how crucial it is to defend if unable to score and they're doing it brilliantly. Correa will be proud of what she's managed to do. The Lionnesses are clearly frustrated after Parris and Mead were both denied perfectly plum chances. Will the second half be any different? We will know in 15 minutes.

45' There will be a minimum of two minutes of added time played.

Three Argentiniian players had to mark Scott to clear the ball from that corner. Speaks volumes of hoiw dangerous she can be.

41' CHANCE for England. Mead with a superb opportunity to open the scoring for England after she sprints through on goal and only has the keeper to beat, she drills the ball towards the bottom corner, but Correa makes a superb save with her feet. That's two brilliant saves by Correa tonight.

39' Cometti is shown the first yellow card of the game after she dives into a challenge with Bronze. It's a cynical tackle, just stopping Bronze from breaking into the box.

So has the first yellow card of the game.

Floodlights have come on in Le Havre.

Another statistic and this is interesting. Argentina has now gone two hours without conceding a goal in this Women's World Cup. Impressive.

Argentina's defense has been brilliant today. Correa's save is the icing on the cake. Let's hope they continue to give the Lionnesses a hard time. The end result: brilliant football.

Beautiful save from Correa. She is the only Argentinian player to feature in three Women's World Cups.

PENALTY SAVED. Parris was so good in the first game but she cannot do justice here.

CLOSE! Good free-kick routine, taking the set piece short and then working it back out to Kirby who managed to get in-behind, she heads the ball back across goal and Argentina just about manages to scramble the ball wide of the post. The resulting corner is also taken short and Moore fires a shot towards goal from the edge of the post, but it's deflected out wide.

The folks at Le Havre aren't as pumped as the folks at Reims. It's a lot quieter here. I miss the Dutch trumpets to be honest. Bring back the Orange!

Mead is tripped deep down the left wing, with Argentina starting to double up on her to prevent another driving run into the box. Free-kick to England.

Earlier today, Cristiana Girelli gave us a hat-trick to savour from Italy's 5-0 over Jamaica. She joins an elite group of women from this edition of the World Cup who have managed the same.

Argentina is camped inside their own half at the moment, getting everyone back behind the ball and preventing England from having any time or space in the final third.

11' England has won both of its Women’s World Cup matches versus South American opposition, beating Argentina 6-1 in 2007 and Colombia 2-1 in 2015.

This shade of red is so beautiful for a sports jersey. I am no shade expert but this outfit and the reds the USA women sported the night they thumped Thailand 13-0 are my favourites (the ones I can remember at least).

A victory will guarantee England a spot in the knockouts. The women in red seem to have come out today with a purpose. It's been an English show in the first 5 minutes.

The Albiceleste are on the backfoot here. England has possession and I don't think the Lionnesses like to share.

There is just one change to the Argentina starting XI, who will start in a 4-5-1 formation tonight, with Sachs replacing Gomez at right-back.

Phil Neville makes four changes to his England side, with Telford replacing Bardsley in goal. Meanwhile, McManus replaces Bright in defence, who went off with a knock against Scotland. Moore and Taylor replace Walsh and White. Toni Duggan is absent from the squad again with a thigh problem, she also sat out the game against Scotland.

Argentina picked up its first ever World Cup point on Monday with a 0-0 draw against Japan.

England vs Argentina is always an interesting game due to the rivalry between the two countries, but 34 places separate the two sides in the FIFA world rankings.

Five minutes to go for kickoff. Who are you 'Root'ing for tonight? (Get it?)

Hello and welcome everyone! I thought the Japan vs Scotland game was great. Along came Italy with its 5-0 thumping of Jamaica to prove me wrong. Now, I am tired and excited at the same time. This World Cup has a tiring set of fixtures but the football makes up for it all. Welcome back, for game three of the night folks! It promises to be a good one.

I have been trying to get people to follow the Women's World Cup and the response has been so heartening. Turns out that this tournament has also proven to be an easy entry point for people who want to learn the game itself from scratch. We always love company and more the merrier. We have a rich inventory of resources for those who are joining us for the first time.

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