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We have one more game to go tonight and this will be one you don't want to miss. England takes on Argentina in a group D match in some time and we will be live blogging this game. Make sure you come back in an hour to follow the match LIVE right here on Sportstar.

Italy has made it into the Round of 16 but we still don't know what place it will take in the final group standings. It's next game is against Brazil on Tuesday.

Jamaica meets Australia next. It hasn't been a great tournament but the girls have been an absolute inspiration. It is a cliche, yes, but sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.

I empathise with Jamaica.The side began and ended this game goalless. I began live blogging this game without food and I am still stuck in the same place. I would blame the game for its pace but it was an absolute cracker! 5 brilliant goals, two great performances and one amazing dance routine! 90 minutes well spent.

Italy will look to finish top of the group when it meets Brazil in its last group match. Jamaica on the other hand will want to end its World Cup campaign with a goal at least if not a win and will seek to do that when it faces Australia.

This also means that Italy qualify to the knockout stages and join France and Germany in that club.  The brilliance of Girelli and Galli with some help from a poor Jamaican defense took Italy through in style.

Italy has picked up its joint-largest ever win in the Women's World Cup, level with its 5-0 victory over Chinese Taipei in 1991 in its first ever game at the tournament.


Talking about inspiration! I nearly forgot! It's Steffi Graf's birthday today. The legend turns 50 today. We spent the entire day in the newsroom today discussing her from time to time. Her reign, the Monica Seles stabbing, Andre Agassi, her Grand-Slam dominance, the list goes on. I think the best tribute of the day came from my colleague - Ipsit. Read it here: Happy birthday, Steffi Graf: My unrelenting, monster-diva

Look at these fantastic women conquer the game. Galli and Girelli have so much to be proud of today. One thing in particular, look at those little girls in the stands who will all take the memory of this game back with them. Such inspiration!

4 minutes of added time.

Stadium capacity: around 21,000.

This is Galli's third goal for the senior national team Her second came in the team’s last friendly match before the World Cup, against Switzerland.

Jamaica looks like it has given up. The passes are sloppy, Italy is not having to work at all for possession and I don't remember if the girls even went for the goal at all in the last fifteen minutes. The 5-0 scoreline has not helped their confidence. 

Child's play, Italy is making this out to be.

81' GALLI MAKES IT FIVE! It was a brilliant run from Galli to get on the end of Giugliano's throughball and she rounded the keeper with her first touch before firing the ball into the back of the empty net. 5-0 Italy !

At some points of the game, it feels like Jamaica, like us, is just watching Italy play. That's how dominant the blues have been in this game.

Italy now going the defensive way. It can afford to. It's a job done as far as they're concerned.

71' BRILLIANT GOAL FROM GALLI! She was left in a lot of space on the edge of the box and she had time to take a touch before getting her shot away. It's a brilliant strike from the substitute and the power on it takes it past Schneider despite the goalkeeper getting a hand to it. 4-0 Italy !

Italy is starting to find its rhythm in the game again now and is enjoying a good spell of possession. It's working the ball upfield well down the left wing before Cernola puts it straight out for a throw-in.
Three goals are not easy to top and Jamaica is not able to penetrate the field at all. The girls have tried but at this stage, an effort is just not enough.

Jamaica meanwhile has swapped Grey for Brown. My childish brain just chuckled at that shade-y joke. Get it? No? Alright.

Shaw is starting to cause Gama a lot of problems now. She just pulls off the back of her defender again but takes too long to get her shot away which allows the defender to recover and clear the danger once again.  

59' As soon as Gama went to ground, her team-mates started frantically waving the medical team over. It's not as bad as it first looked though and Gama is fine and will be able to carry on.

59' Shaw is the latest player to be shown a yellow card after she caught Gama in the face after she tried to go for an overhead kick.

Halftime is great for pep talks, a good energy drink, a banana perhaps. It's also the perfect time to break into a jig, as the Italians will have you believe. Thank god for Twitter.


ITALY MAKE A QUICK START TO THE SECOND HALF! It's a great cross into the box and Girelli gets there just ahead of Schneider, who had come off her line, to nod the ball into the back of the net to get her hat-trick. 3-0 Italy!

More importantly though, GOAAAAL. HAT-TRICK FOR GIRELLI!

I don't mean to take credit but this is the second time this week that a team has scored when I am ordering in food. I AM THE LUCKY CHARM.

All this drama has made me very hungry. I can say this being the armchair commentator (literally) that I am now that it's easier to score a goal than to choose what to order in for dinner. Sigh.

We have had drama today too. The World Cup seems to be controversy's favourite child. The VAR decision that gave Italy its first goal has not gone down well with Jamaican fans.

All you need to know about the Women's World Cup

All 24 squads

Results and Standings

I have been trying to get people to follow the Women's World Cup and the response has been so heartening. Turns out that this tournament has also proven to be an easy entry point for people who want to learn the game itself from scratch. We always love company and more the merrier. We have a rich inventory of resources for those who are joining us for the first time.

I am a little bummed by how muted Khadija Shaw has been in this first half. She needs to be a lot more involved for this team to have some sort of a chance in this game.

Girelli has now scored four goals in her last four games for Italy.

A spot in the knockouts is within arm's reach for Italy right now. 3 minutes added time now.

This stubborn defense isn't the hardest thing the Reggae Girls have had to deal with. Theirs is quite the story. As the pace of the game slows down a little, we have ourselves some time for light reading. Read about the Jamaican team and its struggles here.

Adamolekum and Grey are trying here but the Italian defense is almost iron-clad at the moment.

The spectators have taken a sad backseat through this tournament but we do have games where the stands come alive. This tie is a game in point. I can't tell where the crystal-clear screams are coming from - the pitch or the stands. Jamaican and Italian fans are going at each other, the decibels raising to prove passion. What an atmosphere. If there was a prize for this, we wonder who'd win. Even contest there too.

Open game at the moment.
The Reggae Girls are fighting back and we need that from these women. The spirit really matters, especially when you're trailing 0-2.

GREY COMES CLOSE! This time it's Italy that doesn't clear its lines from a corner and it bounces out to Grey on the edge of the area. She hits her shot first time, but her effort is always curling wide of the target as it flies past the far post

Girelli has been the star of the first half. Making a 2-0 lead happen is no mean feat and yes, the Jamaican defense has been shoddy but not absolutely porous. The Juventus striker knows the job profile and does it perfectly.

Attacking football from Italy here. The Blues are not giving Jamaica a chance to even try and get the ball near its goalpost. Absolute dominance.

SABATINO HITS THE CROSSBAR! Another corner for Italy isn't cleared by Jamaica and the ball is bouncing around in the six-yard box. Sabatino reacts quickest, but her shot is just a fraction too high as it bounces back off the crossbar.

25' GIRELLI GETS A SECOND! It's a simple corner into the box that Jamaica just doesn't get clear. It runs all the way through to Girello in the middle who gets ahead of her defender and taps it into the back of the net. 2-0 Italy!

20' Jamaica has struggled to get out of its own half in the last couple of minutes as Italy starts to pile pressure on the Reggae Girlz once again. They're holding up well defensively though and stopping their opponents from getting into the final third.

This goal did not come without some drama.

12' GOOOOOAL. Cristiana Girelli successfully converts the penalty for Italy. She still looks confident as she steps up to take the penalty for the second time and this time she decides to aim her shot into the bottom left corner. Schneider dived the same way as last time, but this time she couldn't make the save. 1-0 Italy

11' THE PENALTY IS BEING RETAKEN! Girelli stepped up to take the penalty and aimed for the bottom right corner and Schneider got across her line quickly to push the ball away. The referee has said that the penalty has to be taken again though as Schneider stepped off her line before the spot kick was taken.

PENALTY TO ITALY! From the referee's angle, it did look like Allyson Swaby had got the ball, but after seeing it from a different angle on VAR, it shows that the defender didn't make any contact with it. The referee goes back across and points to the spot.


9' Bonansea goes down in the box after a challenge from Allyson Swaby and she is convinced that she should have a penalty. The referee initially says that the defender got the ball but she's now going across to have a look at the VAR monitor to see the incident again

It's a very open start to the game with both sides going on the attack as soon as they win back possession. First, Sabatino almost slots the ball through to Bonansea in the six-yard box before Jamaica goes up the other end where Grey's pass to Shaw was intercepted on the edge of the box by Linari.

This easily looks to be one of the more successful editions of the tournament in terms of outreach. Read about it here: Women's football basks in spotlight as France hosts World Cup

Can we take a minute to appreciate FIFA's information packaging for this tournament? We have information on everyone involved in the match, from the players and coaches to the referees. The success stories coming out of this tournament have been remarkable.

1' Sabatino gets the game underway for Italy!

Hue Menzies makes four changes to the side that lost to Brazil last time out. Campbell, Adamolekun, Asher and Grey all come into the starting line-up to replace Bond-Flasza, Sweatman, Matthews and Carter who drop down to the bench.

Milena Bertolini makes just two changes to the team that beat Australia as Bertolini and Sabatino get brought into the team. Galli and Mauro both start on the bench.

The teams are out in the middle. I am first going to get you up to speed with the team news before we discuss these sides any further.

The points table changes a little now after that brilliant game. Here are the updated figures.

Hello and welcome everyone! I am pumped after that Japan vs Scotland game, especially after all the energy in the concluding minutes of the game. Here's hoping the Jamaica vs Italy game keeps up the tempo. If you missed the game earlier, you can catch all the updates right here, as they happened.