Gokulam Kerala crowned champion of IWL 2020 - As it happened

Gokulam Kerala FC defeated Kenkre FC 3-1 in the semifinal to set up its maiden IWL final with KRYPHSA, which beat defending champion Sethu in the second semifinal.

Gokulam Kerala

Gokulam Kerala players celebrate the second goal which was scored by Kamala Devi (number 9 jersey).   -  AIFF Media

Hello and welcome to the LIVE blog of KRYPHSA vs Gokulam Kerala in the final of the Indian Women's League (IWL). This is Manasi Pathak and I shall keep you updated as the action unfurls at the Bangalore Football Stadium.



Full time: KRYPHSA 2-3 Gokulam Kerala - Gokulam Kerala wins its first IWL title with a 3-2 win over KRYPHSA in the final. Goals from Prameshwori Devi (1'), Kamala Devi (25') and Sabitra Bhandari (87') sealed the win for the Malabarians. KRYPHSA came close to a comeback through Dangmei Grace (33') and Ratanbala Devi (71') but fell short. Gokulam Kerala joins Sethu FC, Rising Student's Club and Eastern Sporting Union among the champions of the premier division for women in India.

90+2' - SAVE! Manisha runs with the ball towards the KRYPHSA box where she takes a turn and shoots. Her shot is well delivered but the KRYPHSA goalkeeper punches it over!

90' - Five minutes of added time will be played. Gokulam is five minutes away from its maiden title!

87' - GOAL! SABITRA BRINGS GOKULAM UP! Sabitra Bhandari scores from the outside of her boot to score the third goal, after being fed a cross from the left from Manisha. KRYPHSA 2-3 Gokulam Kerala.

83' - A poor free-kick from Ratanbala. She absolutely misses the target as she sends it wide of the far post after Anju took a touch before the kick. That could have perhaps sealed the win for KRYPHSA!

79' - Prameshwori denies Dangmei at the far post as she clears the KRYPHSA player's header. This has become an interesting affair now. KRYPHSA is going for the kill!

78' - Gokulam is awarded a free-kick but Sabitra shoots it over. She had a dip on the delivery but couldn't keep it under the bar.

75' - The players take their second water break as the scores are level. KRYPHSA must be high on confidence having bridged the deficit. Can KRYPHSA complete its comeback? Over 15 minutes of regulation time pending. If the scores are level at full-time, we will head into extra time.

71' - GOAL! SCORES LEVEL! Ratanbala Devi scores the equaliser with 20 minutes left on the clock. Ratanbala finds the net as Chauhan fumbles, coming off the line. KRYPHSA 2-2 Gokulam Kerala. GAME ON!

69' - WHAT A SAVE! Linthoigambi gets a vital touch on a flying attempt from Sabitra from close range after the Gokulam striker was one-on-one with the goalkeeper.

65' - KRYPHSA is being tested heavily by Gokulam attackers. First, Sabitra forced Linthoigambi to come off the goal line to punch away the ball and later Grace Hauhnar troubled the KRYPHSA custodian from the left side.

60' - We are past the one-hour mark and as things stand, Gokulam Kerala is on its way to its maiden IWL title!

55' - Off a cross from Dangmei, Ratanbala heads towards goal but her header lands into the hands of Aditi in goal.

51' - Manisha takes the free-kick for Gokulam but KRYPHSA's central defender heads it away.

46' - The second half begins. 

Half time: KRYPHSA 1-2 Gokulam Kerala - Goals from Prameshwori Devi (1') and Kamala Devi (25') keep Gokulam Kerala in the lead. KRYPHSA opened the account through Dangmei Grace (33') but the Manipuri side is trailing by a goal at the break.

45+1' - CHANCE! Yet again, Sabitra troubles the KRYPHSA side with her run down the left wing. The Nepalese player crosses the ball for an onrushing Manisha but Manisha fails to reach the cross in time! It's 1-2 in the favour of Gokulam right now.

45' - Three minutes have been added on. Can KRYPHSA find another goal?

44' - Bina Devi goes down on the field after a clearance to stop Ratanbala Devi's attack. Bina is receiving medical assistance.

38' - CHANCE! What a golden opportunity for KRYPHSA to bridge the deficit as Dangmei cuts back for Ratanbala, but the latter shot poorly.


33' - GOAL! KRYPHSA opens its account through an own-goal from Manisa Panna! From the free-kick, Ranjana Chanu found Dangmei Grace at the far post, who stretched out her foot for an easy tap-in. The ball, however, entered the net off Manisa's body, but the goal has been credited to Dangmei Grace. KRYPHSA 1-2 Gokulam Kerala.

33' - Early change for KRYPHSA as Asharani Devi walks off to be replaced by Roshini Devi.

30' - The half-hour mark is here as Gokulam enjoys a two-goal lead. The players take a short water break. The match has so far been controlled by the team from Kerala but it would be foolish to rule out KRYPHSA's chances for the Manipur side has been one of the top teams this season.


25' - GOAL! Kamala Devi scores from the set-piece and the team runs to the sidelines as the players pose for a celebration photo! From the free-kick, Kamala aimed for the far post with her right-footed delivery. The free-kick might have taken a deflection off the KRYPHSA wall, which beat M. Linthoigambi Devi in goal. KRYPHSA 0-2 Gokulam Kerala.

24' - Free-kick for Gokulam Kerala right outside the box after a KRYPHSA player is found guilty of a handball. Sabitra and Kamala are having a discussion as to who will take it.

22' - M. Linthoigambi Devi blocks Sabitra Bhandari's long-range strike after Manisha Kalyan set her up with a cross from the left. Kamala Devi tried to latch on to the loose delivery but Papki Devi cleared the danger!

20' - Gokulam has so far enjoyed its early lead. KRYPHSA had the chance to level scores but Ratanbala Devi failed to get her head on to a looping ball at goal. It's 1-0 in the favour of Gokulam.

12' - Dangmei Grace displays her pace as she rushes up the right flank. She tries to square the ball for her teammate at the far post but fails to keep the ball inside the field of play.

7' - Sabitra Bhandari rushes up the field as she attacks on the counter and finds the net. However, the whistle goes off before the ball could enter the net as she was positioned offside.

5' - KRYPHSA seems to have become alert since the early opening goal. Ratanbala Devi takes a turn and shoots, but Michel Castana blocks. Roja Devi pounces on the loose ball but shoots wide of target.

1' - GOAL! Prameshwori Devi scores in the first minute to bring Gokulam in the lead! Sabitra Bhandari whipped in a cross from the left side, which was slotted into the net by Prameshwori with a tap-in. KRYPHSA concedes in the very first minute! KRYPHSA 0-1 Gokulam Kerala.


1' - Kick-off! Gokulam starts the proceedings. Gokulam players are in the maroon jersey, whereas KRYPHSA is donning the yellow colour.


KRYPHSA XI: M. Linthoigambi Devi, Sweety Devi, W. Linthoigambi Devi, Papki Devi, Asharani Devi, Anju Tamang, Babysana Devi, Roja Devi, Ratanbala Devi, Dangmei Grace, Ranjana Chanu.

Gokulam Kerala XI: Aditi Chauhan, Bina Devi, Umapati Devi, Manisa Panna, Sabitra Bhandari, Kamala Devi, Manisha, Michel Castana, Kashmina, Grace Hauhnar, Prameshwori Devi.

Match preview

KRYPHSA FC will take on Gokulam Kerala FC in the Indian Women’s League (IWL) final at the Bangalore Football Stadium on Friday.

KRYPHSA boasts of the best defence in the competition, conceding just once until now -- against Kenkre in the semifinal. The trio of Sweety Devi, Lilthoingambi Devi and Pakpi Devi has been stellar at the back, amply aided by the orchestrator Anju Tamang and midfield metronome Babysana Devi.

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“My girls have been together at this club for more than 10 years," said KRYPHSA coach Chaoba Devi. "We have a good understanding and chemistry amongst ourselves.”

Gokulam, on the other hand, has been prolific in front of the goal, scoring 31 times across five group-stage matches and one last-four clash. Talismanic forward Sabitra Bhandari and Kamala Devi have combined to score 28 of their team's 31 goals.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to be in the final," said Gokulam coach P.V. Priya. "The semifinal win against Sethu wasn’t easy, given that they are the defending champions and our southern rivals. Getting that result has given us immense confidence."

Match details

KRYPHSA vs Gokulam Kerala will kick off at 2 PM IST and can be streamed live on the Facebook page of the Indian Football Team.