Saudi female football fans at the stadium - for the first time!

A pictorial look at the Saudi Arabia women going to a football stadium for the first time to witness a match.

A group of women, carrying Al-Ahli club flags and wearing the scarf, is about to enter the King Abdullah Sports City to watch the Saudi Pro League match between Al-Ahli, the host, and Al-Batin on Friday. Saudi women being allowed to watch football matches at the venue is one of the reforms of the kingdom recently. Photo: AFP
A group of boys and girls collect their match tickets before entering the King Abdullah Sports City, which hosts Al-Ahli's match against Al-Batin on Friday. The enthusiastic young fans can be seen wearing scarves, carrying flags and being eager to enter the venue to watch their favourite team in action. Females entering sports venues to watch an event is a first in the kingdom. Photo: AFP
Supporters of Al-Ahli take their seats at the King Abdullah Sports City, with Al-Batin the visitor in the Saudi Pro League match on Friday. With scarves around their neck and flags in their hands, the Saudi female football supporters show their enthusiasm for the sport and the team they support. Photo: AFP
A section of Al-Ahli supporters gathered at the King Abdullah Sports City to watch their team take on Al-Batin in a Saudi Pro League match on Friday. Some fans look to capture images of the action unfolding in the middle. Attending a football match at the venue is a first for the Saudi women. Photo: AFP
The Saudi women joined the men to watch a football match hosted by the King Abdullah Sports City in Jeddah on Friday. The women were visibly enthused by the opportunity to attend a sports event at the venue, displaying their pleasure and support for their favourite team by wearing scarves and carry flags of Al-Ahli, the local team. Photo: AFP