AIFF Youth Cup: India takes on Tanzania in second encounter

India faces Tanzania in its second match of the AIFF Youth Cup having drawn 2-2 against Malaysia in the opening encounter.

India drew 2-2 with Malaysia in the opening game.   -  AIFF

The Indian youth team coach Nicolai Adam is keen to avoid mistakes on the field as India takes on Tanzania in its second match of the AIFF Youth Cup here in Goa.

The German spoke about the 2-2 draw against Malaysia and the looked ahead to the next fixture as the team had a cooling session in the swimming pool.

“The boys look a lot like the players from South Africa when we played there. They are tall but not muscular. They played a very good match against USA. It will be another hard day for us,” he said of the Tanzanian team.

Of the draw against Malaysia, he said, “We also have to be critical of ourselves. A 2-2 draw is not enough for what we have to play in the future. The boys made too many mistakes. We need to avoid that. That’s how I see it, especially when you are the better team on the field. You just can’t afford that. So we need to improve on that aspect.”

Adam also expects a better showing from the crowd. “Coming back from 0-2 is quite good. I feel the spectators liked the spectacle. We hope more people come to the ground to cheer for us.”

Tanzanian coach Bakari Shime insists that it will be a 'hard match' against India. “India are the hosts. The hosts are always the strongest. On top of that, India have been preparing so long. It will be a hard game,” he said.

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