I-League 2020-21 schedule: Full time table, fixtures, match timings in IST, venue

I-League 2020 schedule: Here is the complete match list of the tournament, which will take place at at three venues this season — the Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan, Kalyani Municipal Stadium and Kishore Bharati Krirangan.

Hero I-League

Hero I-League   -  AIFF Media

Debutant Sudeva Delhi FC and Kolkata giant Mohammedan SC are all set to get the 2020-21 season of the I-League underway at the Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan in Kolkata on January 9, 2021.

Due to the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, the matches will be played at only three venues this season — the VYBK, Kalyani Municipal Stadium and Kishore Bharati Krirangan. All players and officials from the local organising committees will be operating from within the safety of a bio-secure bubble.

“We are about to experience a new version of the Hero I-League this time as all the teams will be operating from within the bubble,” said AIFF Leagues CEO Sunando Dhar.

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“It will indeed be a unique experience for all the players, coaches and officials involved. Of course, we would have loved to have had fans in the stands, but due to the current circumstances, that would not be possible. I just want to convey to all the fans that we will all be there for each other in spirit. I wish all the teams the best ahead of the tournament,” he added.

The first fixture will see a kick-off at 2pm. It will be followed by successive games at 4pm [RoundGlass Punjab FC vs Aizawl FC] and 7 pm [Gokulam Kerala FC vs Chennai City FC] at the Kalyani Municipal Stadium.

The fixtures for the first 10 rounds have been released, with the schedule for the next stage to be released at a later stage.

1January 9Sudeva Football Club vs Mohammedan Sporting Club2:00 PMVYBK1
2January 9Roundglass Punjab FC vs Aizawl FC4:00 PMKMS1
3January 9Gokulam Kerala FC vs Chennai City FC7:00 PMKMS1
4January 10Real Kashmir FC vs Tiddim Road Athletic Union4:00 PMKBK1
5January 10Indian Arrows vs Churchill Brothers FC Goa7:00 PMKMS1
6January 14Gokulam Kerala FC vs Roundglass Punjab FC2:00 PMVYBK2
7January 14Sudeva Football Club vs Indian Arrows4:00 PMKMS2
8January 14Mohammedan Sporting Club vs Churchill Brothers FC Goa7:00 PMKMS2
9January 15Chennai City FC vs Real Kashmir FC4:00 PMKBK2
10January 15NEROCA FC vs Tiddim Road Athletic Union7:00 PMKMS2
11January 19Roundglass Punjab FC vs Churchill Brothers FC Goa2:00 PMVYBK3
12January 19Tiddim Road Athletic Union vs Mohammedan Sporting Club4:00 PMKMS3
13January 19Real Kashmir FC vs Sudeva Football Club7:00 PMKMS3
14January 20Aizawl FC vs Gokulam Kerala FC4:00 PMKBK3
15January 20Indian Arrows vs NEROCA FC7:00 PMKMS3
16January 24Tiddim Road Athletic Union vs Chennai City FC2:00 PMVYBK4
17January 24Aizawl FC vs Indian Arrows4:00 PMKMS4
18January 24Roundglass Punjab FC vs Mohammedan Sporting Club7:00 PMKMS4
19January 25Churchill Brothers FC Goa vs Sudeva Football Club4:00 PMKBK4
20January 25NEROCA FC vs Gokulam Kerala FC7:00 PMKMS4
21January 29Roundglass Punjab FC vs Sudeva Football Club2:00 PMVYBK5
22January 29Chennai City FC vs Indian Arrows4:00 PMKMS5
23January 29Churchill Brothers FC Goa vs Tiddim Road Athletic Union7:00 PMKMS5
24January 30NEROCA FC vs Aizawl FC4:00 PMKBK5
25January 30Gokulam Kerala FC vs Real Kashmir FC7:00 PMKMS5
26February 3Chennai City FC vs Sudeva Football Club2:00 PMVYBK6
27February 3Mohammedan Sporting Club vs NEROCA FC4:00 PMKMS6
28February 3Churchill Brothers FC Goa vs Aizawl FC7:00 PMKMS6
29February 4Real Kashmir FC vs Indian Arrows4:00 PMKBK6
30February 4Tiddim Road Athletic Union vs Roundglass Punjab FC7:00 PMKMS6
31February 8NEROCA FC vs Chennai City FC2:00 PMVYBK7
32February 8Churchill Brothers FC Goa vs Real Kashmir FC4:00 PMKMS7
33February 8Mohammedan Sporting Club vs Gokulam Kerala FC7:00 PMKMS7
34February 9Indian Arrows vs Roundglass Punjab FC4:00 PMKBK7
35February 9Tiddim Road Athletic Union vs Aizawl FC7:00 PMKMS7
36February 13Tiddim Road Athletic Union vs Gokulam Kerala FC2:00 PMVYBK8
37February 13Roundglass Punjab FC vs Chennai City FC4:00 PMKMS8
38February 13Real Kashmir FC vs NEROCA FC7:00 PMKMS8
39February 14Indian Arrows vs Mohammedan Sporting Club4:00 PMKBK8
40February 14Aizawl FC vs Sudeva Football Club7:00 PMKMS8
41February 18Aizawl FC vs Mohammedan Sporting Club2:00 PMVYBK9
42February 18Real Kashmir FC vs Roundglass Punjab FC4:00 PMKMS9
43February 18Chennai City FC vs Churchill Brothers FC Goa7:00 PMKMS9
44February 19Sudeva Football Club vs NEROCA FC4:00 PMKBK9
45February 19Gokulam Kerala FC vs Indian Arrows7:00 PMKMS9
46February 23Aizawl FC vs Real Kashmir FC2:00 PMVYBK10
47February 23Sudeva Football Club vs Gokulam Kerala FC4:00 PMKMS10
58February 23Mohammedan Sporting Club vs Chennai City FC7:00 PMKMS10
49February 24Churchill Brothers vs NEROCA FC4:00 PMKBK10
50February 24Indian Arrows vs Tiddim Road Athletic Union7:00 PMKMS10
51TBDMohammedan Sporting Club vs Real Kashmir FCTBDTBD11
52TBDSudeva Football Club vs Tiddim Road Athletic UnionTBDTBD11
53TBDChennai City FC vs Aizawl FCTBDTBD11
54TBDGokulam Kerala FC vs Churchill Brothers FC GoaTBDTBD11
55TBDNEROCA FC vs Roundglass Punjab FCTBDTBD11


All matches will be broadcast live on 1Sports and streamed live on social media/OTT.