Lambasting the Indian Super League (ISL) for the heavy penalties it imposed on FC Goa, the club’s Brazillian coach Zico today said the order is based on a “clearly cooked” video and has left him disgusted.

“I have no words! I feel disgust for the order taken by the committee. How can ISL put such a heavy fine of Rs 11 crore (around USD 1.6 million), put bans of 2-3 year on owners and docking of 15 points for FC Goa?” Zico said in a statement issued here.

“We were there - Coaches Moraci Santana and Bruno Silva saw Elano assaulting Mr (Dattaraj) Raj Salgaocar in our dugout,” he insisted. “That video is clearly cooked! Anyone with sense can see there is a cut before the assault on the owner, and surely all the reaction that came from our team members was not without motive,” he added, referring to the video that apparently showed Elano being manhandled by Goa officials and was released before the verdict yesterday. > READ: FC Goa to be docked 15 points ISL 2016

Zico blamed the entire episode on a controversial goal scored during the match. “Interestingly, I could notice that in no time you can hear about the second goal of Mendoza that was scored by hand. It was one of the main things that extolled the spirits of those who were in the field as well on the stands."

“They deal with it as nothing really had happened. The video of this goal went viral but they speak that was not conclusive, but an edited video like this one brought a such harsh verdict like this to the club,” he said.

Earlier, FC Goa co-owners Shrinvas Dempo and Dattaraj Salgaocar had also issued a joint statement, saying that the order has left them shocked.

India’s former Captain Bruno Coutinho said, “This is wrong and harsh judgment and extremely disturbing. The owner made a mistake, so what? But this is an unfair punishment of Rs 11 crore. Both the owners are good people and have done a lot for football. On what grounds have they fined Rs 11 crore and on what basis have they been docked for 15 points?” Coutinho questioned.

India’s former goalkeeper Brahmanand Sankhwalkar said, “The judgment is very bad, and for this to come after four months is extremely unfair. I don’t understand what they have to gain and it is very bad for football. Both Dattaraj and Shrinivas are gentlemen and have done a lot for football. Show us what they have done to deserve this,” he added.

In an unprecedented decision, Indian Super League side FC Goa was slapped with a whopping fine of Rs 11 crore while their co-owners Shrinivas Dempo and Dattaraj Salgaocar were banned for two and three seasons respectively for “bringing disrepute” to the tournament.

The ISL Regulatory Commission took the decisions after the conclusion of the hearings in Mumbai relating to the controversy surrounding the scuffle between Chennaiyin FC’s Brazilian marquee player Elano Blumer and FC Goa officials after the ISL second season final in Margao in December last.