Welcome to Sportstar's highlights of the FC Goa vs Kerala Blasters Indian Super League (ISL 2021-22) clash played at the GMC Athletic Stadium in Bambolim, Goa.

This was Neeladri Bhattacharjee bringing you the pre-match buildup minute-by-minute updates of the penultimate league fixture.

That was all for the night. We will be back tomorrow for the League Winners' Shield decided - ATK Mohun Bagan vs Jamshedpur FC. Thanks for tuning in tonight and take very good care of yourselves.

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Full Time

FC Goa 4-4 Kerala Blasters

Six goals in the second half as both sides share a point each after an entertaining and tense match. Kerala Blasters had already entered the semis after Mumbai City's loss last night and will be preparing for the semifinals now --its first semi-final since 2016.

90+3' Save! Hrithik makes a key save as Vazquez tries to dink the ball past the Goa keeper to score the winner as the scores remain level at 4-4

90' GOOOOOAAAALLLLLLL!!!! Vazquez gets the ball at the edge of the box and scores after coming on as a substitute. What a match this is turning to be

FC Goa 4-4 Kerala Blasters

88' GOOOOAAAALLLLLLL!!!!! Vincy Barretto gets a through ball from Chencho, makes a run in the Goa box and beats Hrithik to pull one back for Kerala

FC Goa 4-3 Krerala Blasters

87' FC Goa continues to go in front, but the season is over for it and what a way to complete the season -- beating the Golden Glove contender four times

82' GOOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!!! Airam Cabrera scores his third to complete his hattrick as Goa goes further in front

FC Goa 4-2 Kerala Blasters

79' GOOOOOOAALLLLLLLL!!!! Aiban scores a stunner to take the lead for the first time in the game so far

FC Goa 3-2 Keral Blasters

77' As the match begins after the water break, KBFC makes a fresh change as Prashanth replaces Rahul KP

75' Chance! Makano Chothe plays in a gorgeous lofted ball into the box and Cabrera rushes to hit it hom. However, the shot is too high  

73' The last time the two sides met, the score was identical to this and Chencho, meanwhile tries a shot from distance, only to see Hrithik catch it easily. No force in the shot at all

70 ' Chencho makes a runalong the right flank, crosses to Vincy, whose touch is too heavy and Goa clears the ball out of danger

67' Rahul KP gets the ball in the final third, but Goa tracks back on time to dispossess him

64' Substitution for KBFC! Adrian Luna and Vincy Barretto replace Ayush Adhikari and Pereyra Diaz

63' GOOOOAAAALLLLLLLL!!!! Cabrera takes the free kick and leaves Gill on the other side to equalise for Goa

FC Goa 2-2 Kerala Blasters

62' Penalty! Makan Chothe is brought down in the penalty box, as he tries to take a shot after getting the ball from a cross

61' Sahal tries to make a run along the right as Aiban keeps him in check to concede a corner, which is cleared away by Goa

58' Off Side! Cabrera poaches the ball after Chothe's hot os saved by Gill, but his goal is ruled put offside and the whole Goa side looks mortified as the replay showed teh player well within the line

57' Miss! Ayush makes a great run along the right and crosses for Diaz, who misses to guide it into the net.

55' Diaz tries to exploit the left flank and makes a run and passes to Stalin, who is fouled as KBFC gets a free kick on the left. Time for a set-piece for the Blasters, which is eventually put out of danger by Ivan Gonzalez

49' GOOOAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!! Bedia takes the free kick and his cross is guided into the net by Airam Cabrera

FC Goa 1-2 Kerala Blasters

48' Foul! Chencho fouls Brandon on the right flank as Goa gets a free kick for a set piece attempt to pull one back

46' Triple substitution for Goa at Half-Time! Three changes for FC Goa at Half Time! Airam Cabrera, Aiban Dohling and Seriton Fernandes replace Muhammed Nemil, Sanson Pereira and Seriton Fernandes

Second Half begins!


FC Goa 0-2 Kerala Blasters

45+3' KBFC goes on attack, Sahal passes to Sanjiv, whose cross is fisted away by Hrithik for a corner, which is eventually cleared away

45' Chance! KBFC tries an attack and Diaz and Rahul are suurrounded by the Goa defence and Chencho tries a lofted shot, that goes off target

44' Kerala Blasters clearly trying to play out the remaining few minutes of the first half. The job here is half-done. It has a two-goal cushion. It has the semifinal spot.

42' Save! Sanson makes a run along the left, receives the cross and takes a low shot on goal, but Gill saves it easily

41' Yellow Card! Ayush tries to tackle Devendra from the back and gets into the book for the second booking of the game

41' FC Goa playing in triangular passes to keep Rahul at bay as Goa tries to limit its embarrassment, having conceeded two goals before the half-hour mark in the match 

38' If the this match ends with this scoreline, Prabhsukhan Gill will add one more clean sheet to his name, cementing his position in the race for the Golden Glove this season.

36' Chencho tries to slide the ball for Rahul, but Goa steals the ball as Chothe makes a run on the right flank and the ball goes out for a throw in

34' As the match resumes, FC Goa tries to build on an attack as Devendra almost gets the ball in the final third ad Gill gets to it first to put that attack to bed.

31' Time for a cooling break!

29' The last time the two sides met, FC Goa and Kerala Blasters finished with a 2-2 draw. With the score 2-0 in favour of the Blasters for now, the Gaurs may have hope to make a comeback with another half left in the match

26' GOAAALLLLL!!!! Diaz takes the penalty and sends the goalkeeper on the other side to double KBFC's lead

FC Goa 0-2 Kerala Blasters

25' Penalty! Chencho makes a brilliant run in front of the box, storms into the box and then Hrithik tries to get the ball off him and concedes a penalty

24' Yellow Card! Brandon tries to steal the ball from Chencho and brings him down in the process to get the first yellow card of the match

23' Chance! A long ball by Ayush is flicked by Diazz for Rahul in front of the goal, but his shot is denied by Anwar Ali with a last minute tackle

21' Save! KBFC's corner kick is nicked in by Chencho, but Hrithik makes a crucial save to deny the second goal to Kerala.

19' Free kick for Kerala as Leskovic takes it and hits it straight into the wall as KBFC's set-pievce specialist Luna watches from the dugout. Irrespective of what happens tonight, Luna and his team are already through to the semifinals for the first time since 2016.

17' FC Goa tries to build an attack on the break, with Chothe, Brandon and Devendra pairing up, but Sahal is there at the heart of it to clear it out of danger

15' The corner kick, first cleared by Goa, is hit by Ayush and then cleared by Anwar Ali as KBFC continues to press high, forcing errors by the Gaurs

14' Gill's long kick is received well by Chencho on the left, makes a run and cuts in right to earn a corner kick for the Blasters

10' GOOOOOOOOAAAALLLLL!!!! Diaz scores from a set piece to put KBFC in front,. Sahal made a run along the right flank, cut in right and crosses to Diaz, who finishes in style.

FC Goa 0-1 Kerala Blasters

9' Barandon carries the ball along the righ flank, plays a passto Sanson, but the latter is dispossessed by Sahal and KBFC get tha ball back only to give it back to the Gaurs in the midfield

8' Chencho is playing o the left wing, containing the attacks along the flanks, marking Chothe, while Rahul and Diaz pair up for KBFC's attack

7' In the 15 matches that the two sides have played, FC Goa has won nine and KBFC has won and drawn three each. Kerala's last win against the Gaurs came in 2016!

5' Sipovic marks the Goa attack well enough to see the ball go out for a goal kick and Gill kicks the ball away  

3' Noguera earns a free kick from a Sahal foul, which is taken quickly and Sanson makes a run along the left, but his cross is caught comfortably by Gill.

7:30 pm: Kick Off!

7:25 pm: The players are out on the field and wil lline up for the National Anthem of India, after which they will take their positions in the ground. FC Goa is in its orange home kit, while Kerala Blasters will start in its away kit -- in black with white horizontal stripes.

7:10 pm: What are the coaches saying?

6:50 pm: The last time the two sides met, the match ended as an entertaining 2-2 draw. In case you missed it, we've got you cevered with the highlighst.

Read it here: ISL 2021-22 Kerala Blasters FC vs FC Goa Highlights

6:35 pm: Starting Lineups are out!

Kerala Blasters Starting XI:  Prabhsukhan Gill (GK), Marko Leskovic, Sandeep Singh, Sanjeev Stalin, Enes Sipovic, Ayush Adhikari, Givson, Sahal Samad, Rahul KP, Chencho Gyeltshen, Jorge Pereyra Diaz.

FC Goa Starting XI: Hrithik Tiwari (GK), Leander D'Cunha, Ivan Gonzalez, Anwar Ali, Sanson Pereira, Makan Chothe, Brandon Fernandes, Alberto Noguera, Edu Bedia, Muhammed Nemil, Devendra Murgaonkar.

6:15 pm: Here is how we think the two sides will line up tonight!

Kerala Blasters Predicted XI:  Karanjit Singh (GK), Ruivah Hormipam, Sandeep Singh, Sanjeev Stalin, Enes Sipovic, Lalthathanga Khawlhring, Ayush Adhikari, Sahal Samad, Vincy Barretto, Rahul KP, Chencho Gyeltshen.

FC Goa Predicted XI:  Naveen Kumar (GK), Aiban Dohling, Ivan Gonzalez (C), Seriton Fernandes, Dylan Fox, Alberto Noguera, Airam Cabrera, Princeton Rebello, Alexander Jesuraj, Makan Chothe, Devendra Murgaonkar.


FC Goa (FCG) will play Kerala Blasters FC (KBFC) in match 109 of the Indian Super League (ISL 2021-22) at the Athletic Stadium in Bambolim on Sunday. 

Ivan Vukomanovic's Kerala Blasters has already qualified for the semis after Mumbai City FC succumbed to a 2-1 loss against Hyderabad FC on Saturday.

If Mumbai had managed to win, then a win against Goa would have been imperative for the Blasters, but having already qualified now, the outcome of this match will have no effect in the top four of the league standings.

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The update from the Kerala Blasters FC camp is that Nishu Kumar will start training with the squad, and Jeakson Singh has been ruled out.

Derrick Pereira's FC Goa, which is ninth with 18 points from 19 matches, will be eager to finish its season on a high. If the Gaurs win, they can jump a place higher and topple Chennaiyin FC for the eighth position.

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