ISL 2021-22, Odisha FC 1-1 FC Goa Highlights: Odisha and Goa settle for a point each

ISL 2021-22, OFC vs FCG Score: Get the Indian super league updates between Odisha FC and FC Goa from the Tilak Maidan Stadium in Goa.

Odisha goes on the attack on another set-piece and Nandha's cross is saved by Dheeraj, which falls for Jonathas and he equalises for OFC.   -  ISL

Welcome to Sportstar's live coverage of this evening's Odisha FC vs FC Goa Indian Super League (ISL 2021-22) being played at the Tilak Maidan Stadium in Goa. This was Neeladri Bhattacharjee bringing you all the pre-match buildup and live updates from the match.

That was all for the night. We will be back on December 26 for more action in the Indian Super League as Jamshedpur FC plays Kerala Blasters on Boxing Day. Thanks for tuning in and take very good care of yourselves and wish you Merry Christmas.

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Post Match Comments

Hector Rodas, Odisha FC Captain: "We tried to get the three points, but in the first half we made some mistakes and we are happy that we got one point."

Ivan Gonzalez, Hero of the Match: "Today was a difficult game. We got one point nad now we are thinking about our next game against ATK (ATK Mohun Bagan). (On Derrick Pereira) He told us to improve in little things and told us to improve in set pieces"

Alberto Noguera, FC Goa: "I think we played very well in the first half, but I think in the second half, we stepped back and we think we could have done better. I think the players are the main characters here and whatever it is, we need to look forward and try to get three points in the next game.

Match Report : ISL 2021-22: FC Goa settles for a point in a 1-1 draw against Odisha FC

Full Time

Odisha FC 1-1 FC Goa

FC Goa drew its first game under new manager Derrick Pereira as Kiko Ramirez's side had to settle for a point as well in this highly attacking game. Each half of the game saw a goal, with the first coming from Ivan Gonzalez for FC Goa in the 42nd minute and the other from Jonathas Cristian in the 53rd minute for Odisha FC.

90+2' Save! Odisha attacks on the break, with Aridai running in the middle and passing it to Krasniqi, who tries a right-footed curler, but Dheeraj's fingertips deflects the ball, which hits the woodwork to keep the score 1-1

90' Five minutes added to regulation time! Seriton crosses the ball in from the right into the box, which is cleared away

88' Paul brings down Noguera, but no cards involved, in spite of protests from Noguera and Edu Bedia

86' Rodas tries to hit on the volley from the free kick, but fails to get the appropriate contact and the play shifts to the midfield

84' FC Goa trying triangular passes and reverse passes and then a ball from Noguera is just too much for Nongdamba as Kamaljit catches it

82' Krasniqi ro Aridai and the Spaniard's pass is eventually intercepted by Goa as Ivan's long ball keeps Goa's attacking hopes alive

80' Hector Rodas tracks back and clears the ball away as the white shirts were trying to create something in the final third

79' Substitution for Odisha! Isaac Chhakchhuak is replaced by Paul Ramfangzauva

77' The match resumes after  abried coolinig break as either side looks for a winning goal. Six of Odisha's 13 goals this season have come in the last 15 minutes. Let's see if that count goes up tonight

73' Double substitution for FC Goa! Makan Chothe and Sanson Pereira replaces Devendra Murgaonkar and Saviour Gama respectively

72' Save! Aridai's cross is met by Fox, which hits the cross bar as the Australian escapes an own goal and the shot that follows is headed out by Ivan and a third shot is saved by Dheeraj to finally end the attack

69' Yellow Card! Jonathas is fouled by Noguera and he gets  his second yellow card this season and the two players get together, which is cleared away by the referee

67' Substitution for Odisha FC! Javier Hernandez is replaced by Liridon Krasniqi

65' Odisha goes on the attack and Javi goes down in the box with a Dylan Fox challenge. He is desperately asking for a penalty, but the referee is not interested at all.

64' Double Substitution for FC Goa as well! Princeton Rebello and Mohamed Ali are replaced by Dylan Fox and Muhammad Nemil respectively

62' Double Substitution for Odisha FC! Aridai Suarez and Gaurav Bora replace Victor Mongil and Nandhakumar Sekar

62' Chance! This time Jonathas makes another header with a cross from the left, but gets a corner, which is eventually cleared only for Javi to cross it backk from the left, but that's that of the attck

61' Chance! Javi Hernandez makes a run in the midfield, looks to his right and passes the ball to Jerry, who shoots, but lacks force as Dheeraj saves comfortably

53' GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! Odisha goes on the attack on another set-piece and Nandha's cross is saved by Dheeraj, which falls for Jonathas and he equalises for OFC

Odisha FC 1-1 FC Goa

52' Save! Jonathas makes a run along the right and tries to glide the ball over Dheeraj, but the Indian goalkeepeer pushes the ball away

51' Another yellow! Rodas tries to get the ball back from Tongdamba and fouls him in the process to get into the book. That's two OFC bookings in two minutes!

49' Yellow Card! Hendry Antonay brings down Ivan Gonzalez, and he requests the referee to reconsider, but he is already in the book for the challenge

47' Vinit Rai has been replaced by Thoiba Singh in Half Time. FC Goa continues to press as Isaac gets back the ball

Second Half Begins!

Half Time

Odisha FC 0-1 FC Goa

In spite of Jonathas and Javi trying to put Odisha ahead, it was FC Goa that drew first blood with an Ivan goal through a set piece with both sides having plenty to wonder about for the second half.

45+3' Foul! Javier Hernandez fouls Princeton this time, but no cards involved.

45+2' Odisha tries to make a run along the left, but the goal scorer tonight, Ivan Gonzalez, is there to ward off the attack as Dheeraj takes the goal kick

44' Free Kick! Odisha get a free kick from a scoring position and Javi takes it which hits Aiban on his face, but he takes one for the team as Goa remains on the driving seat in the dying minutes of the first half

42' GOOOOOOAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! Ivan Gonzalez put the ball in the back of the net from a Noguera free kick, which is assisted by Devendra in the box, to put Goa up front

Odisha FC 0-1 FC Goa

41' Devendra tries to make a run with OFc tracking back, but fails to make the most of it and he is dispossessed eventually

39' Save! Ivan tries to go on the attack, makes a run from the back to the midfield, but his through ball is intercepted and eventually OFC make a run - Jonathas and Javi play a one-two and then Javi takes a shot, which is saved by Dheeraj

36' Save! Gama's through ball finds Noguera, who shoots, but Kamaljit makes another key save to keep the scores deadlocked

35' Another Foul! Vinit Rai fouls Noguera yet again and escapes a red card

34' Chance! Goa's corner kick is headed for goal by Aiban, but is is whiskers away from goal as Rodas was present to mark his well

32' Play resumes after stopping for a cooling break in a match that has already seen end-to-end action in the first half and hour of the game

29' Foul! Javi and Jonathas pair up for an attack, but Jonathas tries to regain the ball after losing it to Edu Bedia and fouls Bedia in the process, who is being attended by the medical team

26' Save! Gama's cross drops to Nongdomba, but he is closed by the OFC defence and the ball is stolen by Noguera, whose shot is saved by Kamaljit

24' OFC tries to attack on the break and a long ball is supplied for Jonathas from the back. However, Dheeraj jumps to catch the ball to stop any development in that attack

22' FC Goa gives a delicious long ball for Gama, who carries the ball along the flanks, but his cross is watched well by Hector, who clears the ball away from danger

20' Substitution for FC Goa! Nongdamba is subbed on for Cabrera as thh Spaniard leaves the field with a cramp

18' Airam Cabrera goes down with a cramp and he does not look in good shape and he is helped out of the field. His role in the match has ended for the day

16' Nandha's cross is met by Jonathas, but his header goes out of play for a goal kick. Jonathas looks furious, but in spite of demanding a corner, the referee sticks to his own decision.

15' Free Kick! Edu Bedia's free kick cleared by the Odisha defence and Odisha goes on attack, but Jonathas is just dispossessed, but OFC regains possession of the ball

11' Chance! FC Goa starts a build up with Gama passing the ball for Devendra, whose cross is floated back by Seriton for a Gama header. Mongil tries to clear it, but misses as Kamaljit finally ends the attack

9' Yellow Card! Vinit Rai fouls Noguera in his third foul of the day and he gets into the book with a yellow card - the first of the game

8' Airam passes the ball on the right to start building an attack, but OFC has the attack in control as Goa returns to back passes

7' Hector Rodas brings down Devendra, but the referee is not interested to give a foul, n spite of the FC Goa camp expressing its displeasure on the decision

4' Shot! Nandhakumar makes a run on the left flank and cuts in to his right and takes a shit which misses the target narrowly. Goa had gone for goal on the other end a few second earlier, but a cross for Cabrera was intercepted, supplying the ball for Nandha

2' Free Kick! Edu Bedi and Noguera play a little one-two, but fails to go any further in the opposition half and OFC forces a back pass back to Dheeraj

1' Foul! Vinit fouls Devendra in the opening minute and the play resumes after a short free-kick

7:30 PM: Kick off!

7:27 PM: The playesr have come on to the field and after the national anthem have taken the field. Odisha FC, in black and violet, starts from the left to right, while FC Goa, in white starts from the other end.

7:20 PM- STAT- FC Goa is three goals away from becoming the first Hero ISL side to score 250 goals in the competition, while it has conceded six of the 8 set-piece goals through free kicks – the most by any club. Naturally, the Gaurs will have to focus equally well on defence and in attack with a new manager in the dugout.

7:05 PM- Key player for both teams!!

Javier Hernandez and Aridai Cabrera (Odisha FC): Hernandez has set the tone for Odisha FC this season with four goals – the most for the club this season and fourth overall, while Cabrera has been clinical in Odisha FC’s early progression in the league, scoring three goals in the first two games.FC Goa 

Alberto Noguera, Ivan Gonzalez (FC Goa): An important player in midfield, Noguera has made three goal-scoring contributions with an impressive passing accuracy of 85.56 in the six matches he has played so far, while Ivan has been the defensive lynchpin for the ISL side with 26 tackles, 21 clearances and 9 blocks. 

6:50 PM- Here's what happened when both teams met the last time!! 

FC Goa vs Odisha FC ISL 2020-21 Highlights

6:35 PM- Confirmed Line-ups are out!

Odisha FC Starting XI: Kamaljit Singh (GK), Hendry Antonay, Hector Rhodas, Lalhrezuala Sailung, Victor Mongil (C), Vinit Rai, Javier Hernandez, Isaac Chhakchhuak, Nandhakumar Sekar, Jerry Mawihmingthanga and Jonathas Cristian. 

FC Goa Starting XI: Dheeraj Moirangthem (GK), Mohamed Ali, Ivan Gonzalez, Aiban Dohling, Seriton Fernandes, Saviour Gama, Princeton Rebello, Edu Bedia (C), Alberto Noguera, Airan Cabrera and Devendra Murgaonkar.

6:15 PM-  Yesterday’s match saw Kerala Blasters storm its way into rhe top four with a win over Chennaiyin FC. If you missed it, we have got you covered.  

Watch the recap here: CFC vs KBFC Recap

6:00 PM- Here's how we think the two sides could line up today!! 

Odisha FC Predicted XI: Kamaljit Singh (GK), Lalhrezuala Sailung, Gaurav Bora, Victor Mongil (C), Lalruatthara, Thoiba Singh, Paul Ramfangzauva, Javier Hernandez, Isaac Chhakchhuak, Aridai Suarez and Jonathas Cristian. 

FC Goa Predicted XI: Dheeraj Moirangthem (GK), Mohamed Ali, Ivan Gonzalez, Aiban Dohling, Seriton Fernandes, Saviour Gama, Princeton Rebello, Edu Bedia (C), Alberto Noguera, Airan Cabrera and Devendra Murgaonkar.

5:45 PM- Head-to-head 

FC Goa has dominated this fixture with four wins in four matches these two sides have contended in. The Gaurs have been able to score 11 goals while Odisha FC have scored three against them 

MATCH PREVIEW: ISL 2021-22: Odisha, Goa looking to climb the ladder

Odisha FC has blown hot and cold this season. It opened its campaign with two impressive wins, scoring nine goals in the process.

It had defeated Bengaluru 3-1 and East Bengal 6-4. But it has also been at the receiving end in a goal-fest, going down 0-4 to Jamshedpur. That was followed by a 1-2 loss to Chennaiyin in its last match.

So Odisha will be desperate to recapture its early-season form when it takes on FC Goa at the Tilak Maidan Stadium, Vasco, on Friday. Odisha is placed seventh in the table and Goa eighth.

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Goa is unbeaten for the last three matches, but it has been in the headlines for a different reason.

Coach Juan Ferrando stepped down and joined ATK Mohun Bagan, replacing Antonio Habbas. The Goan management, in the meanwhile, appointed Derrick Pereira as the new coach.

Goa’s captain Edu Bedia admitted he had been upset by the situation but expressed hopes about the future. “I know Derrick, and he can help us a lot,” he said. “This would be the start of a new journey for us (with the match against Odisha).”

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The new coach said the job came unexpectedly. “I need some time, and I am putting my thoughts into place,” Pereira said.

His counterpart, Kiko Ramirez, expressed concerns about his team’s defence conceding too many goals. “Having a lot of goals in a match may be good for the show and the people watching the game, but not for the coach,” said the Odisha coach.

Where to watch?

You can watch the Odisha FC vs FC Goa match live at 7:30 PM on the Star Network (SD and HD). It will also be streamed live on Disney+Hotstar and JioTV.