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What the coaches said -

Juan Ferrando, FC Goa:

About the team's performance: "Today was not really good. We had problems winning the second balls and taking the chances. Many times when we were in good positions, we didnot get the transitions right. Chennaiyin were more fresh."

On substituting Brandon early in the second half: "We had planned to play with two No. 10s - Brandon and Noguera. But the transitions were not good so we had to help our No.6 which is why I took the decision (to substitute Brandon and send Lenny Rodrigues). We had to take these tough decisions in situations like these. For me the press is the most important thing in football. When we lose possession, we need to press better."

Csaba Laszlo, Chennaiyin FC:

About the result: "I think it must've been 4-1 or 6-1. There were so many chances that were many missed chances against a quality side like Goa. I'm happy for Rahim Ali who came on in the big game and scored. We needed the win and I'm proud of the boys for the result. I think its a good result that can stabilise our team ahead of the next matches."

About the missed chances: " Sometimes I wish to have a joystick in my hand so that I can control my players better. Its good to have (Enes) Sipovic and Rafa (Crivellaro) and (Anirudh) Thapa back. It will be complete once Esma (Goncalves) comes back from injury. However, I want my team to be more compact and finish better. I always want my Indian players to put their body on the ball and not overdo it. But overall, Im happy with the win."


An absolute thriller of a match comes to an end. Chennaiyin FC took a deserved win in a match which had many chances at both ends. Both teams had 19 shots each off which 6 landed on the target on either end. Rafael Crivellaro opened the scoring in the 5th minute with a stunning corner kick which curled straight into the far corner. Four minutes later, Jorge Ortiz rifled home the equaliser after a brilliant pass from Alexander Romario. Chennaiyin players missed multiple chances with an open goal staring at them, but Rahim Ali scored the winner in the 53rd minute after a superb dribble from Crivellaro. Goa threw the kitchen sink in the final 10 minutes, but was unable to find the final pass.

Here's a recap of Crivellaro's stunning opener:

Crivellaro scores directly from corner kick

90+5' An absolute nail-biting 60 seconds! Ortiz receives the ball in the centre and tries to bend into the near post but Vishal makes a good save. Goa wins two free kicks in dangerous areas Vishal does brilliantly to thwart those chances. Chennaiyin clears it long as Nawaz comes outside the box to get the ball as the referee blows his whistle bringing the match to an end.

90+4' Another clearance from Chennaiyin falls in the opposition has Chhangte through to the goalkeeper Nawaz who fakes a pass to fox Chhangte who slips.

90+2' Goa is parked inside the opposition half as it proves to counterproductive. Rahim Ali is clear at the goal as he runs on the right side. Donachie makes a last ditch tackle to take the ball off the forward.

90' Crivellaro comes off to make way for Edwin Vanspaul. Goa is getting desperate with each passing moment as Savior tries a tame shot from the edge of the box which rolls comfortably for Vishal.  The fourth official announces five minutes of injury time.

88' Rahim Ali does well to win the second ball for Chennaiyin after Ortiz's corner kick is not properly cleared by the defence.

86' Chennaiyin is happy to sit back and soak the pressure. Goa is finding it difficult to find a way into the box. Goa wins a free kick in a dangerous position as Seriton whips a dangerous ball at the far post which is cleared by Sipovic.

83' This is not good news for Chennaiyin and Thapa. The midfielder, who's got heavy strapping on his right thigh seems to be in discomfort and carried off the pitch on a stretcher. Dhanpal Ganesh replaces the youngster in the middle.

82' Close! The game is poised on knife's edge. Ortiz bamboozles Thoi Singh and sends a dangerous cross into the box for Tlang, who is waiting at the far post but a bad first touch foils the effort.

80' Lenny is lucky to not receive a second yellow after he clatters into Thapa near the centre.

78' Chance! Terrific movement from Rahim Ali. The winger holds the ball on the edge of the box and puts Chhangte through to the goal. the winger shoots the far post, narrowly missing it.

76' Memo tries to go for an audacious try as he tries to bend a shot at the far corner from the centre but is far from target.

74' Goa tries to create something upfront as Tlang makes a run into right flank. Sipovic blocks his way and lets the ball run away for a goalkick.

72' A long ball from Chennaiyin finds Chhangte hurtling down the left flank as he tries to cutback into the centre but Dohling does well to get a shin to it as Goa clears the lines.

70' Chennaiyin backline does well to play Angulo offside as he tries to bring down a diagonal ball over the defence.

68' Noguera goes down easily on the right side after Jerry runs into him from behind. The linesman has none of the Spaniard's antics as he awards a free kick to Chennaiyin.

67' Former NEUFC winger Redeem Tlang, who is making his comeback after a two-game suspension, is sent in by Ferrando in place of Romario.

64' Goa is seeing more of the ball but it seems to struggle finding the final pass. Romario makes up few extra yards to keep the ball in the play and lays it off to Edu Bedia who wastes the chance with a tame shot at the goal.

61' Romario bends a superb cross which looked head for the goal as Kaith backpedals to get hold of it. Sipovic is booked by the referee for remonstrating about an offside.

59' Chance! Vishal is lucky to remain on the pitch! Ortiz lifts the ball over Sipovic as the centre-back allows the ball to roll out of play. Ortiz runs around for for the ball and almost gets there before Vishal runs into him to prevent the chance. The Goa forward is furious at the linesman for not calling the foul. It could've been a read card and a penalty in favour of Goa.

58' Lenny's first tackle of the match is a tad bit aggressive as he brings down Thapa in the middle and goes straight into the referee's book.

56' Ferrando makes his first change of the game as he takes off Brandon and sends in Lenny Rodrigues. The midfielder is not at all happy with his substitution as he avoids handshake with his manager before heading straight to the dugout.

53' CHENNAIYIN TAKES THE LEAD! Brilliant pressing from Sipovic! Chennaiyin wins possession just outside the box as Donachie loses the ball. Crivellaro is through as the midfielder holds the ball for a second longer to allow Rahim Ali arrive and tap into the back of the net.

52' Another chance! A poor clearance from Raegan helps Romario to set Seriton free on the right side. The full back curls a dangerous cross at the far post as Ortiz jumps high but heads it over the bar.

50' SAVE! Brandon cuts in from the centre and curls a stinging drive at the goal which Kaith does brilliantly to thwart. Chennaiyin deals with the resultant corner quite comfortably.

48' ANOTHER MISS! Chennaiyin cant seem to catch a break. A misplaced pass from Goa allows Chennaiyin with acres of space on the right. Chhangte, this time is not the culprit, as the winger cuts it back for Crivellaro who has an empty goal staring back at him, but blazes it over the crossbar. Laszlo cannot believe what he is seeing.

46' FC Goa begins the second half. Laszlo makes his first change of the night as he takes out Fatkhulo Fatkhulloev for Enes Sipovic.


A breathless first-half comes to close which saw two goals on either side, two yellow card for Chennayin players and some big missed chances. Lallianzuala Chhangte was at the end of three big chances, but agonisingly lifted the ball over the crossbar. Rafael Crivellaro opened the scoring for Csaba Laszlo's side in the 5th minute when he scored a spectacular corner kick which found the far corner. Four minutes, a brilliant cut back from Romario allowed Jorge Ortiz to pulls Goa level.

45+1' Jerry tries to find Fatkhulloev on the left but Romario does well to cut it out. Chennaiyin counters again as Chhangte plays Memo into space on the right who sends a dangerous cross into the box. Nawaz does well to palm it away which falls for Crivellaro who drags his shot wide off the near post.

43' THIRD MISS FROM CHHANGTE! Chennaiyin catches Goa offguard as Crivellaro dances past the midfield and passes it to Raegen who takes a shot from the left. Nawaz manages to deflect it which falls for Chhangte who once again lifts it over the crossbar. The forward is furious with himself as Chennaiyin coach Laszlo is in agony on the sidelines.

40' Excellent interchange of passes from Savior, Brandon and Ortiz. Ortiz makes a run into the box but Sabia reaches the ball first to hack it clear.

37' Romario skips past two challenges to lay the ball to Noguera who hits a low cross into the box which falls a step outside Ortiz's reach as Vishal gathers the ball comfortably.

35'  A superb delivery into the box from Brandon falls for Angulo inside the box but the delivery is wasted as Sabia cuts out the chance.

33' Brandon receives the ball on the right as he bends a ball into the box but his cross had no takers as the midfielder raises his arms in frustraition.

30' The referee calls for the drinks break. In the meantime, here's a recap of Crivellaro's stunning opener:

Crivellaro scores directly from corner kick

28' Ortiz makes a run into the box after as Seriton crosses into the box. Sabia clears the lines which comes off another Goa boot as Vishal mops up the loose ball.

25' MISS! How did Chhangte miss that? Crivellaro takes Goa's entire defence with a last moment cross from the byline as Fatkhulloev pulls it back to a free Chhangte in the centre, but the winger just lifts his shot over the crossbar. Chennaiyin should've had three goals up by now.

23' Chance! Chhangte makes a run around the left-back and pulls a ball back for Sylvester who somehow manages to drag his shot wide from point-blank.

21' Goa is slowly taking control of the possession. However, it is unable to create inroads into the box.

17' A good cross from Dohling falls for Angulo who lops it over the defence for Ortiz waiting inside the box. He tries to go for the goal, but the linesman had his flag up for offside.

14' Deepak Tangri's reckless tackle on Savior gets him an yellow card. Chennaiyin wins a free kick in a dangerous position as Crivellaro goes flat with his delivery which is easily cleared by Goa. Raegan Singh gets a yellow card for a body block on Ortiz.

12' So close! What a blistering opening half! Crivellaro bends a similar corner kick which swerved dangerously into the centre as Nawaz tips it over the bar. The next corner is cleared away which falls for Thapa on the edge of the box who unleashes a ferocious drives which Nawaz saves brilliantly. Thapa latches on to the clearances and pulls the trigger again narrowly missing the near post.

9' GOA EQUALISES! Romario makes a superb run into the box on the right side and squares a pass to Ortiz who rifles it into the roof of the net. Its game on at the Fatorda Stadium!

5' GOAL CHENNAIYIN! My, my, what a stunner from Crivellaro! The Chennaiyin captain bends a corner kick directly into the far post. The ball loops over the cluster of Goa defenders into the back of the net.

3' Double save! Thapa makes a darting run into space on the right side as he cuts it back for an unmarked Crivellaro in the centre, who takes two shots at the goalkeeper but Nawaz makes a super double save.

1'  Here we go! Chennaiyin kick-off from left to right. Both teams battle for superiority in the centre and end up cancelling each other out.

7.25 pm: The players are out on the pitch!

6.50 pm:  Chennaiyin’s last three games have seen it concede three goals including a penalty and face 32 shots, 11 of which were on target. Chennaiyin’s defence must be on high alert against a Goa side that has taken the most shots in the league so far (84) and also have the most shots on target (30). Also CFC has conceded three or more goals against Goa on seven occasions.


Anirudh Thapa, who scored Chennaiyin's fastest goal in 52 seconds against Jamshedpur FC, is back the starting XI.


6.30 pm: The line-ups are out!

FC Goa XI: Mohammad Nawaz (GK), James Donachie, Seriton Fernandes, Saviour Gama, Aiban Dohling, Edu Bedia, Alexander Jesuraj, Brandon Fernandes, Jorge Mendoza, Alberto Noguera, Igor Angulo.

Chennaiyin FC XI: Vishal Kaith (GK), Deepak Tangri, Jerry Lalrinzuala, Eli Sabia, Reagan Singh, Lallianzuala Chhangte, Rafael Crivellaro, Anirudh Thapa, Fatkhulo Fatkhulloev, Memo Moura, Jakub Sylvestr.

- FC Goa and Chennaiyin FC have met each other 17 times overall which also include semifinal clashes across three different seasons. Chennaiyin has been successful in all those semis clashes, including a thrilling a two-legged encounter last season which it won 6-5 on aggregate.

- Here are our predicted line-ups:

FC Goa XI predicted XI (4-2-3-1)

Mohammad Nawaz; Seriton Fernandes, Ivan Gonzalez, James Donachie, Saviour Gama; Edu Bedia, Lenny Rodrigues; Alexander Jesuraj, Brandon Fernandes, Jorge Mendoza Ortiz; Igor Angulo

Chennaiyin FC predicted XI (4-2-3-1)

Vishal Kaith; Reagan Singh, Eli Sabia, Memo Moura, Jerry Lalrinzuala; Anirudh Thapa, Deepak Tangri; Fatkhullo Fatkhuloev, Rafael Crivellaro, Lallianzuala Chhangte; Jakub Sylvestr

- Jamshedpur FC's 1-0 win over NorthEast United FC on Friday pushed Chennaiyin FC and FC Goa a place below to seventh and eighth. Here are the current standings.





An inconsistent FC Goa will look to get back to winning ways when it takes on a struggling Chennaiyin FC that is looking for its second win at the Fatorda Stadium in Margao on Saturday.

The Gaurs have two wins, losses and draws from its six matches and would want to find a bit more consistency following the defeat to ATK Mohun Bagan in its last outing.

While the team plays an attractive brand of football with scoring seven goals from six games, defensively it has not been strong, conceding late penalties.

FC Goa coach Juan Ferrando conceded it is an area of concern for his side and something that team would need to rectify. “We have to think about the spaces when we lose the ball and go on to concede the penalty. We are not happy conceding late penalties. It is necessary to think about what happened before the penalty,” said Ferrando.

Its opponents, Chennaiyin FC also have had similar issues conceding soft goals but, the two-time champion’s issues have been compounded by a lack of goals.

Despite dominating proceedings often, the team has not been able to convert its chances scoring only three goals from five matches, two of which came in its first match.

“We need to score goals. We should not be aggressive but focused when we get chances to score and stay compact,” said CFC coach Csaba László.

However, Laszlo did not blame his players and said the lack of preparations has not helped.

“If you are out of football for six months and then come back and hit the ground running, it is not easy. So, I don't want to blame my players. I want us to start scoring more goals, even in training. We need to do that more and, that confidence will come,” László added.


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