ISL Highlights: Maximiliano Barreiro penalty earns NorthEast victory vs Hyderabad

Maximiliano Barreiro came on in the second half and scored a penalty under immense pressure to help NorthEast United FC beat Hyderabad FC at home.

Updated : Nov 07, 2019 18:20 IST

Hyderabad FC is coming off its first ISL victory against Kerala Blasters, but faces an uphill task when it takes on a solid NorthEast United FC at home.
Hyderabad FC is coming off its first ISL victory against Kerala Blasters, but faces an uphill task when it takes on a solid NorthEast United FC at home.

Hyderabad FC is coming off its first ISL victory against Kerala Blasters, but faces an uphill task when it takes on a solid NorthEast United FC at home.

Missed the game? Catch up with the dramatic contest between Hyderabad FC and NorthEast United FC on our ISL special podcast - The Full Time Show.


This is Shivansh Gupta bidding good night . Ciao!

That's all we have for today. Thank you so much for joining us. Do join us tomorrow for another ISL fixture.

What an absolute cracker of a game we had today! Hyderabad was the better side in the first half, but the way NorthEast United responded in the second half was commendable. It lost Asamoah Gyan to a groin injury early in the second half, but an error from Hyderabad's defence came handy as substitute Barreiro scored the penalty.


Seven clean sheets in its last eight away matches. That's some stat right there!

What an enthralling encounter we had on show today. Hyderabad FC did everything it could, but just was not able to score.


FULL-TIME! The referee blows the whistle and NorthEast United FC goes to the top of the table!

90+4' HIGH DRAMA! Late corner for Hyderabad. Yasir's cross is blocked by Reagen Singh.  Kamaljit Singh, Hyderabad Keeper runs up to the opposition goal. Corner from Marcelinho is headed away and Kamaljit Singh has to take evasive action. He runs back to the centre line and when NorthEast tries to attack on the counter, Kamaljit runs back in with a vicious tackle and is booked for it.

90+4' YELLOW CARD! Third of the season for NorthEast keeper Subhasish Singh. One more and he will be suspended.

90+3' WASTED! Marcelinho tries to dink it inside the box from the right corner, but the ball is shot wide as he is forced to take a shot from his right foot, the weaker foot.

90+2' YELLOW CARD! Rohit Kumar and Milan Singh get into a tussle while fighting for the ball and the former is pulled down.

90' Four minutes have been added on!

86' GOALLLL!! NorthEast has broken the deadlock through MAXIMILIANO BARREIRO! Under immense pressure, striker does well to slot the ball into the bottom right corner of goal, sending Kamaljit the wrong way.


85' PENALTY FOR NORTHEAST UNITED FC! Shankar, who has had a brilliant game so far, commits a blunder. Chaves stumbles inside the box and the ball falls to Redeem, who plays it to a charging Luedo right outside the box. The midfielder takes a shot and the ball was on target. Shankar is right in the line of the ball and tries to block it with his head. But the ball hits hand first and the penalty is awarded.

83' TRIADRIS MISSING! Chaves with a lovely ball in from the right, but Triadis is far too deep inside when he should hav been in the box.


79' WHAT A CLEARANCE FROM SAHIL! Redeem Tlang is denied by a brilliant header from Sahil. a great ball is played in from Rakesh Pradhan from the left flank. The ball falls right before the keeper for Tlang, but Sahil had other ideas as he gives it everything to steer the ball over the bar to safety. Should have been a corner for the visitor but it is not given. Another decision gone wrong from the referees!

76' YELLOW CARD for Abhishek Halder.

75' OFF-SIDE! Marcelinho is off-side by a couple of yards. Mohammed Yasir is solid in the left flank again. He is quick on the ball and makes a threatening run closer to the box. Marcelinho looks for a pass, but is too eager as he runs off-side. Maybe, he should have allowed Yasir to run in a little more before asking for the pass.

71' NOBODY HOME!! Yasir, once again, is stunning in the left wing. He makes a long, piercing run and crosses the ball into the box with a perfect weight and pace on it. However, no Hyderabad striker is there for the simple tap in as NorthEast defender Rakesh Pradhan clears the ball with ease.

70' SUBSTITUTION for Hyderabad! Gani Ahmed-out | Sahil Panwar- in

69'  EXCELLENT DEFENDING! Gurtej Singh tracks back quickly and is able to catch up with Triadis. The latter tries to cross the ball, but Gurtej block the shot with a diving tackle.

66' SAVED! Subhasish with a comfortable save.  Rohit Kumar makes the most of a poor clearance from Heerings Kai. He tries his luck from a distance and a has a crack from the mid-field. He connects the ball well but he ends up hitting it low and straight to the keeper.

65' THREATING, BUT NO HARM DONE! Nikhil Poojary collects the ball in his own half and runs past a number of defenders into the opposition half, but his touch is too heavy as the ball is stolen from him.

NorthEast has looked like a much better side in the second half. The visitor has already had a couple of chances and has made the home team keeper work.

61' TOO STRONG! Wayne Vaz, from the right, crosses the ball into the box, but too much power into it as the ball flies over everyone.

57' JUST WIDE! WHAT A CHANCE FOR HYDERABAD! Stankovic with a brilliant challenge on Leudo as he gets the ball cleanly. He gets up quickly and then plays fantastic ball floated over to Yasir in the left wing, who then cuts in sharply and takes a crack at it. But the ball is whipped off target by a huge margin.

54' CORNER FOR NorthEast but nothing is made of it as the ball is cleared away by the defender with comfort.

53' CHEEKY, BUT SAVED! Reagen Singh cuts in sharply from the right and puts in a dangerous box into the box with a great grounded pass. Panagiotis Triadis is quick to get to the ball and tries to flick it past the keeper, but Kamaljit Singh was up to the task and saved it. Another great save from Kamaljit Singh.

51' Substitution! Asamoah Gyan-out |  Panagiotis Tiadris- in

46' Gyan has pulled up and NorthEast will be forced to make a third change! What a blow for NorthEast.  Early in the second half, he tries to collect a chip pass near the right post of Hyderabad's goal and pulls up short. He has done his groin there.

46' SAVE! REDEEM TIMES HIS RUN TO PERFECTION and meets a brilliant ball from outside the box. He takes a shot, but Kamaljit Singh saves parries it away for a corner comfortably.

46' and we are off for the final 45 minutes.


NorthEast has made two changes in the break

Out- Nikhil, Komorski

In- Maxi Barreiro, Vaz


An entertaining half comes to an end! NorthEast has managed to somehow fend off Hyderabad in the first 45. NorthEast looked threating on the counter-attack, but could not convert any of its scarce chances. Hyderabad looked like scoring with a total of eight shots on goal and 51% possession.  No shots on goal for the visitor from its three chances.


46+2'- LATE CORNER! Nikhil's cross is blocked and corner for  Hyderabad. Marcelinho hits it low and gets another corner. Gyan heads the ball out of danger from the second corner and that's half-time!

45' Two minutes have been added on.

45' THAT'S GONE INTO THE STANDS! Gyan receives the ball in front of his defender right outside the box. He then turns left and passes it to Chaves, who plays it back to Gyan immediately and the striker takes a shot. But he didn't make a clean connection and ended up hitting it high and wide.

42' FREE-KICK!  The ball is crossed into the box, but cleared away safely by Hyderabad.

40' How's not that a free-kick? Yasir in the left mid-field plays the ball to Marcelinho in the centre, who then charges forward only to be stopped in his tracks by the NorthEast defender, but no foul awarded.  The ball then falls to Marko Stankovic, who rifles the ball way wide of goal from the distance.

36' CHANCE GONE BEGGING! Michael Chaves squanders a very good chance. Nikhil Kadam switches the wings from right to left with a soaring ball to Rakesh Pradhan, who puts in a good cross into the box looking for Asamoah Gyan. But the cross is headed away by Kilgallon and the ball falls to Chaves. He takes a crack at it, but ends up hitting it wide. What a miss!


32' GANI PUTS IT OVER! This has to be the best chance for Hyderabad thus far. Gani Ahmed gets to the aerial ball from Shankar Sampingrajand in. Subhasish makes the charges and puts enough pressure on Ahmed as the mid-fielder, while trying to chip the ball over the keeper, ends up striking it long.

29' SAVE! Lovely work from Matthew Kilgallon in the left wing. He passes it to Yasir, who charges in and then retreats a few steps to pass it to Rohit Kumar. Rohit then passes it back to Kilgallon, who puts in a brilliant ball to Yasir,meets the ball with a great first touch. Yasir takes a shot to near post, but ends up hitting it straight to Subhasish in goal. Comfortable save.

25' JUST WIDE OF GOAL! Once again, Komorski of NorthEast gives the ball away. Marcelinho from the centre of the field feeds in a brilliant ball to Abhishek Halder in the right wing with a lovely chip pass. Halder then brings it closer to the box and then passes it to Stankovic, who whips it just over the upright from outside the box. Brilliant move from Hyderabad. The ball flew just wide of the right post.

The pace of the game tonight has been quite intense, in comparison to the other games so far. Both teams have gone hard at each other and the players have done a good job of keeping up with the pace.

20' Cleared! Marcel Pereira shows great feet in the box after coming in from the right. He has Komorski on him, but he dodges the defender with quick feet movement to put in a dangerous ball to Gani Ahmed, but it is headed away by Rakesh Pradhan right in front of the keeper.

14' SHOT OR A PASS? Yasir with a poor shot on goal. He runs in from the back to attack the ball to take the shot. Had he taken two-three strides further, he would have had a better shot on goal. But miscues it and sends the ball trickling out for a goal kick. However, Marcelinho tries to gather the ball back, but is just a tad late.

13' YELLOW CARD! That was just a poor tackle from Gurtej on Martin Chaves. The latter hadn't even gotten on to the ball and was brought down by a rather silly challenge from the Hyderabad defender.  First booking of the night.

12' CORNER! Dangerous ball from Marcelinho from the left corner , but it was too good for everyone.  Mislav Komorsk earlier conceded a corner while trying to keep the ball away from Halder .

8' BRILLIANT CHALLENGE! Jose Leudo was through there for a free shot had it not been for a brilliant tackle from Stankovic. Danger averted for now.

7' FOUL! There was no need for Yasir to put in a diving tackle on Reagen Singh. He's lucky not be booked there.

5' CORNER! Free header for the Hyderabad player, but he puts it over.  After Stankovic's corner is cleared by the NorthEast defender, it falls to Halder, who crosses it to Nikhil. But the header is not timed and that's a goal kick.

5' SAVE! Hyderabad catches NorthEast on the counter and Halder does well to take the ball upfront. He lays it to Nikhil on the right, who then feeds the ball to Marcelinho. He goes in with clever trickery and takes a shot on goal to the far right corner, only to be denied by keeper Subhasish Roy.

3' NO FREE-KICK! The visitor had a throw-in from the left flank and the ball was thrown to Asamoah Gyan. The defender Gurtej blocks him and Gyan goes down, but no whistle.

2'- CORNER! Nikhil Kadam wins a corner for the visitor after Nikhil Poojary block the cross and that's a poor corner from Martin Chaves. Too much conviction there as the ball flies past everyone in the box for a goal kick.

Straightaway, NorthEast pushing hard, trying to apply early pressure.

1' - Marcelinho with the first kick of the ball and we are off the G.M.C. Balayogi Athletic Stadium, Hyderabad.

The team have walked out to the pitch for the Indian National Anthem.

Huge game for the host and safe to say, both teams can make some big gains tonight with a win.


Team news:

  • Hyderabad has one change tonight. Robin Singh makes way for Gani Ahmed. The host will start with a 3-4-3 formation.
  • NorthEast United FC is unchanged for this match and has gone for a 4-2-3-1 formation.




We've got something interesting for you to listen to while we wait for kickoff. After the opening fortnight of the 2019-20 Indian Super League, we at Sportstar decided to review the opening phase of the league and bring the important pointers to you. Also included is lessons for India coach Igor Stimac. Listen in:


How do both the teams shape up for this match?

  • NorthEast United FC will go to top of the table with a win a tonight. Whereas, Hyderabad FC has a shot at entering the top four and leapfrog to third of the league table should it bag three points .


  • An ailing Hyderabad FC is currently placed ninth in the league table, with three points from three matches.


  • The newcomers lost its opening two encounters but will be high on confidence as it comes off a 2-1 victory over Kerala Blasters in its previous match.


  • On the other hand, NorthEast United is one of the four unbeaten teams in the league thus far. With five points from three matches thus far, it is currently placed fourth in the league table.


  • NorthEast United started its campaign with a 0-0 draw to Bengaluru FC and bagged three points in the second match by beating Odisha FC 2-1. The team takes to the pitch following a thrilling 2-2 draw at home against Goa FC.





Match Preview:

Our reporter V.V. SUBRAHMANYAM talks about what to expect from this encounter in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad FC will focus on the available bench strength and not ponder on the injury concerns when it takes on  NorthEast United FC  at GMC Balayogi Stadium in Gachibowli here on Wednesday.

After losing the first two games, Hyderabad discovered the winning formula against Kerala Blasters (2-1) in its first home fixture. “The brand of  football  my boys displayed in the second-half against Kerala after being down 0-1 at the break was really a coach’s delight. The spirit and determination to win was something to be proud of,” said head coach Phil Brown.

“We are aware that NEUFC plays a different style of football, more disciplined and organised and has Asamoah Gyan, who can win matches on his own. We may have to change the formations but we are confident,” he said.

“NEUFC being unbeaten so far will have no effect on us. It is going to be a different kind of challenge for both the teams and we will be pleased to pick full points before going for the long international break in the  ISL  with six points from four matches,” said Brown in the presence of star midfielder  Marko Stankovic  whom he described as ‘colossus’.

Stankovic — who converted a penalty in the previous game to level the scores and then played a key role in Hyderabad winning the game against Kerala — is hoping the crowd will back his team.

“It is so important to have them there. This is what football is all about, if you have the home crowd backing you, it will make a huge difference,” he said.



The match will be shown on the Star Sports network and can also be streamed live on Hotstar. Kick-off is scheduled for 7:30 PM IST.


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