ISL 2019 Odisha 2-1 Jamshedpur, highlights: Santana brace powers Odisha to win on home debut

Follow live scores, commentary and updates from the Indian Super League match between Odisha FC and Jamshedpur FC at the Kalinga Stadium, Bhubaneswar

Updated : Dec 27, 2019 23:01 IST

Aridane Santana managed a brace in the first half to compensate for Odisha's defensive frailties to help the home side lead Jamshedpur FC 2-1 in its first game at the Kalinga Stadium.
Aridane Santana managed a brace in the first half to compensate for Odisha's defensive frailties to help the home side lead Jamshedpur FC 2-1 in its first game at the Kalinga Stadium.

Aridane Santana managed a brace in the first half to compensate for Odisha's defensive frailties to help the home side lead Jamshedpur FC 2-1 in its first game at the Kalinga Stadium.

That's all we have from this game of the ISL. Kerala Blasters and North East United take each other on in the next tie of the League. Stick around for the post-match review tomorrow on our ISL special podcast -The Full Time Show. Until then, goodbye and goodnight!

FT Odisha FC 2 - 1 Jamshedpur FC:
What a game this has been for the home side. We usually see goal flurries in the second half as has been the pattern in this season, but this was a quiet second half on that account. Jamshedpur missed a prized opportunity to equalise when a Farukh Choudhary header went past the post. Questionable refereeing decisions continued when Farukh picked up a yellow card for bringing down Bikramjit despite making contact with the ball. Odisha's defense has had a united yet ridiculous outing with all four defenders and the goalkeeper earning yellow cards, thereby finding themselves walking on thin ice for a big part of that second half. Jamshedpur FC, without Piti and Castel are in an arrow-without-a-point situation. The Men in Red were quick and capitalised on chances but the finishing was poor. Odisha's porous defense should have been exploited and it is stages like this where your Aniket Jadavs and Farukh Choudharys shine. But that did not happen. At the end of it all, Odisha rises to 6th place on the points table with 12 points. Jamshedpur stays in fourth place but that position isn't safe, with Mumbai clipping at their heels with a game left to play to be level.

There goes the full-time whistle and that's that.
Gombau has his first win against Jamshedpur in five attempts, his previous best was a draw.

90+4' - Dorronsoro gets a yellow card
for time wasting. The entire Odisha backline has earned yellow cards today. This is hilarious and ridiculous at the same time.

A ball comes straight to Dorronsoro who makes a mess out of clearing it. The ball stands dangerously in the goal mouth. Santana finds it and clears it with Jamshedpur players clammering onto him. Offense- 100/100, defense 100/100. Superman Santana

Tiri has to come in to be centre forward. The issue is clear. No Piti, no Castel, no sting, no win.

90+2' - SOOO CLOSE yet so far.
Vineeth manages to middle a cross and heads it into the centre right before the goal where it finds Tiri but Gaurav Bora comes in to intercept and a heart-in-the-mouth moment sees no damage done.

Shubham Sarangi has been stretchered off. We hope he's okay.

If this game ends this way, Odisha will have 12 points from 10 games and go up to sixth place. Let's see if Jamshedpur manages to successfully play spoilsport.

Four minutes added to regulation time here at the Kalinga.

89' -
Shubham Sarangi runs with the ball along the right flank with three Jamshedpur players behind him. Mobashir brings him down. Another opportunity for Odisha to waste some time here.

And it looks like the referee has got this one wrong. Farukh intercepts Bikramjit and gets the ball out of the way but Bikramjit has come down with it. There is clear contact with the ball so I don't understand how Farukh gets a card here. Like the broadcasters say, the damage done to the turf is worse.

82' -Another coach booked. Josep Gombau has now earned a yellow card himself. He has stepped on to the pitch and he is not happy with the decision. With a twitching eye, he nows sits back in the dugout, safely - very safely away from the touchline.

79' Another yellow. Aridane has earned a yellow card. Let me figure out why.

78' -  Substitution (Jamshedpur) Isaac OUT | Aniket IN

78' - Aridane manages to get an elbow on Tiri's jaw as they grapple for the ball. The duo quickly talk it through and Aridane has managed to waste some time. Tactics are spot on from Aridane here at the Kalinga. The broadcaster says, "perfect number 09, he is - Aridane."

Jamshedpur has four forwards and Jairu, a left-winger on the field today. The strategy is clear. ATTACK.

Nandhakumar Sekhar has been brilliant, he's run down the left flank right to centre and tried to make space for the strikers to come in but Tiri will see that risk through. Crucial interception there, his left boot comes out to stop the ball from doing anything Jamshedpur might not like. What a game Nandhakumar has had tonight! Playmaker.

- Impact from CK Vineet. He has darted down to make a chance available to Farukh and spilled and Perez gets to it and kicks it out of the way

- Substitution (Jamshedpur) Robin Gurung OUT | CK Vineet IN. Gurung seems to have hurt himself after his foot went in an odd angle after getting stuck in the ground while being marked

70' - Substitution
(Odisha) Daniel OUT | Manchong IN

Jamshedpur has conceded three goals after the 75th minute. Odisha has conceded six after the 75th. Doesn't look good for either, stat-wise.

Narender manages a lovely lofted cross to find Farukh Choudhary on the right of the goalmouth and he darts a header but it goes too wide. Dangerous that. Lovely passage of play though as we head into the 70th minute.

- DoubleSubstitution (Odisha) Xisco OUT | Martin Guedes IN
Vinit OUT | Bikramjit IN

-  Shubham Sarangi has also earned a yellow having clipped down a Jamshedpur player along the touchline. He completes the Odisha defense that now has all the four on a warning. Bikash Jairu is the Jamshedpur player in question.

- Rule change: If the ball strikes the referee and it proves to be an advantage for the other team, then the referee has the right to call play back. So many players here are not aware of this and it comes down to the fact that the referees have to sit down with players before the start of the league to figure this one out and keep them in the know. First, it was Xisco airing his frustrations, now it is Jamshedpur.

- Players playing in unfamiliar roles is not going down too well with several players in the league and one of them is Memo (Emerson Moura). He has rammed into Xisco.

Did anyone else see the grass fly off the ground with that Subrata kick-back? Oh no, Kalinga.

50' - Slow resumption here at the Kalinga stadium, similar to the paces of the first half.

47' - Nandhakumar Sekar runs down the left flank and gets a pass to Tebar who then lays one down to Santana but a weak shot sees the ball go straight to Subrata Paul. Needs to better for a hat-trick here, Aridane.

And we're back folks. Time for the second half.

Our interns, Lalith and Sahil, are also following this game with us and Lalith points out that seven out of the 11 goals conceded by Jamshedpur this season have come in the second half, which amount to almost 64% of the total goals conceded. Ominous stat heading into the second half of this game. Sahil is confident that Jamshedpur will rejuvenate itself, just like it did after Monroy's penalty. The side has pressed down Odisha's brittle defense, so perhaps a better second half awaits for the visitor? I can't decide between the two. What do you think? Reach out to us on Twitter and tell us what you think. You can find us at @Sportstarweb.

I need to catch my breath here, folks. After a slow start in the first 10 minutes, saying that the game saw a fresh filling of fuel does not cut it. Electric football in the last half hour has seen three goals - two for Odisha, one for Jamshedpur and at the end of it all, Odisha leads at half-time in its first game at the team's home - the Kalinga stadium. The refereeing was questionable, with generous sprinkles of drama. Jamshedpur for its proactive attacking deserves more goals than it has, especially considering Odisha's pedestrian defending. I can see more goals coming in the second half. Let's wait and watch.

- GOAAAAAAL AND ARIDANE is at it again! The crowd is on its feet. Drum beats echoing through the Kalinga now. Nandhakumar Sekar sends a cross flying into Aridane from the left. The latter makes no mistake, with a side-footed volley making its way into the goal. He is waving to the crowd and rightly so. Brace for Santana.

- HOW DID ODISHA NOT CONCEDE THERE? Farukh finds the ball and kicks it into the centre where Odisha defenders have surrounded Passi, a slight touch from him finds the ball grazing past the side. No keeper there. My oh my, how has Odisha gotten away with this?

- Ranjit Bakshi explains the new drop ball rules to Xisco who then flips out listening to why Jamshedpur gets the ball. DRAMA.

- CONFUSION . Aridane is down and the referee's whistle has been blown. Tiri has brought the goalscorer. The referee has a good long mental debate about that. Monroy came down first but the game continued. Santana was brought down and the players are furious that it's being recognised as late as it is. Jamshedpur was ready on the counter. Momentum broken and players are not happy. In hindsight, both Tiri and Santana have themselves to blame for that collision.  Iriondo is trying to explain things to Santana, this is slightly hilarious.

Odisha's defending has been abysmal.

38' - GOAAAL AND EQUALISED. Monroy scores.
His first ISL goal. He keeps his eyes on the keeper, kicks from the left and sends the keeper the wrong way while slotting it safely into the left corner.

- Unnecessary from Narayan Das and it looks like Jamshedpur can get a penalty here. Surprising, no card for the Odisha player. Monroy to take the penalty.

- Whistle. Foul. Free kick given to Jamshedpur. Delgado gets an arm on Farukh. Oh my, the referee is pulling out a red card. Why is the red card coming out? Oh no, wait a little more. The referee realises he has taken out the wrong card and reaches into the other pocket to pull out the yellow. Wow, I was ready to jam in my outrage right here. To err is human. Yellow given though to Delgado as there is no intent to play the ball here. Isaac takes it and a curling shot towards the left goes a little too wide. Good effort though from Isaac.

- YELLOW CARD. Narayan Das is the culprit here. Tiri takes the resulting free kick. Thunder strike straight into Dorronsoro's hands but he spills it but nothing comes off the effort from the counter.

- GOAAAL! Gombau is jumping and rightly so and the man of the moment is Aridane Santana. His fifth goal of the season and his first here in Bhubaneswar for the home side. Here's a Brooklyn 99 reference: the only way to break a slump is to work a case till you solve it. Santana has put in the hours and the slump has hopefully been broken. Santana manages to collect the ball near the halfway line. He passes to Nandhakumar Sekar who wriggles through a few men before giving possession up. Santana finds it again and this time, there's no error. Straight into the net.

- Silly foul from Farukh. He follows Sarangi to the left corner and trips the man. Three fouls from Jamshedpur so far while Odisha has managed six.

- Monroy flicks the ball out of Nandakumar's reach, clipping the man in the process. Free kick given. Wasted.

- Jairu gets the ball down to the left flank and tries to get left-footed shot to find the back the back of the night but that's very awkwardly almost parallel to the goalmouth and so it manages to go wide of the far post.

Jamshedpur has not won a game during the absence of Sergio Castel.
But that is the biggest talking point - the dependence. The visitors have been good so far in this game. The finishes have been poor though.

- Daniel again gets the ball from the left flank. He takes a shot but the keeper has collected it with relative ease.

- TOO WIDE for Xisco.  Odisha has scored 55% of its goals from crosses this season and this is one Xisco and Odisha will be annoyed to have squandered. Narayan Das manages a cross from the left flank into the centre, where the lofted shot finds Xisco. His header goes too high and over the crossbar. No damage done.

10 minutes down.
Possession favours Jamshedpur (52%). Odisha has been good on the counter though.

8' - Hold it.
Is Xisco's moustache gone? YES IT IS . As has his balance. Tussle for the ball near the right wing between Xisco and Monroy and Xisco manages to bring the latter down. Offside flag goes up.

6' - Attempt.
Daniel comes down the centre and tries to hit in a left-footed shot but the ball finds Subrata Paul's hands. Nandakumar manages to wriggle in that chance and maybe a shot with his right foot may have helped Daniel get that somewhere dangerous. Odisha is fighting back.

- Handball shout! My of my. A ball comes fleeting into the box, grazing past Vinit Rai's hand but the game goes on with Santana taking the ball across the field to the other end. No harm done. Too miniscule to matter. The referee deems the player was too close for a penalty to be awarded.

So the strategy seems simple from Antonio Iriondo. There's no Piti here tonight to manage any creativity in the midfield for the Men of Steel so they have to try and force errors out of Odisha, which they now know the side is susceptible to.

- Kickoff. Early intent from Jamshedpur here. Taken a leaf from Goa's book here as the men in red press Odisha early.

Here's a quick recap of what happened when the two sides locked horns earlier this season. Listen in to our review of that game on our ISL special podcast, The Full Time Show.

Time for the national anthem.

Odisha FC is going with a 4-2-3-1.
Four changes for Gombau's team. Jerry is the glaringly missing face in this lineup. Bora gets his first start this season.

Jamshedpur FC is going with 4-2-3 tonight. No Piti or Castel. Mobashir comes in for the former. Jairu is back in the side as well. Amarjit Singh Kiyam finds himself starting on the bench tonight, back from a long spell out due to injury. To read more about that, click here .

Four days remain in 2019 and we have exciting matches lined up, the first being Bhubaneswar's first game of the season where home side Odisha FC will take on neighbour Jamshedpur FC in the Indian Super League tonight.

Match preview:

Odisha FC and Jamshedpur FC will be looking to put their indifferent run of form in the Indian Super League (ISL) to an end when they meet at the Kalinga Stadium here on Friday.

It should make for a spectacle in Bhubaneswar as Odisha finally makes its debut in its home city. Josep Gombau’s side has had to play its previous home games of the season from Pune due to the unavailability of the Kalinga Stadium.

The Spanish coach will hope that a change of setting will turn its fortunes around and give the side an impetus in its push for the play-off spots. Odisha, placed seventh on the table (9 points), has won just one out of its last six games and is coming off a demoralising 3-0 defeat against FC Goa.

Its opponent Jamshedpur is also in a rut. It is winless in the last four matches and is placed fourth on the table (13 points) only because of a strong start to the campaign. However, a win on Friday will see the side go level on points with third-placed Bengaluru FC.

Odisha has been inconsistent in front of goal. It has drawn blanks in four out of its nine matches and the attack, led by Aridane Santana, needs to start converting chances if it is to make a push for a top-four spot.

The likes of Xisco Hernandez, Jerry Mawihmingthanga and Nandakumar Sekar have looked good but have failed to show consistency. The defence has caused alarms for Gombau. Odisha has scored joint second-lowest goals from set-pieces (2) and has conceded joint-highest goals from set-pieces (6).

Clearly, set-piece is an area that Jamshedpur will look to utilise and hurt Odisha. But the Men of Steel have their own worries, especially in defence. They have struggled to keep hold of leads, winning only one out of three games where they were ahead at half-time. Moreover, seven out of the 11 goals conceded by Jamshedpur this season have come in the second half, something which Tiri and team will be looking to improve on.

Interestingly, Odisha has conceded more goals (10) in the second half than Jamshedpur. Jamshedpur has also failed to keep a single clean sheet in its last four matches.

Star striker Sergio Castel is still doubtful for this match while Noe Acosta remains on the sidelines. Coach Antonio Iriondo will miss the services of influential midfielder Piti as well.

Both sides are plagued with similar issues to an extent but Odisha will be more desperate for the three points. Can the prospect of playing at home finally inspire the team?


Odisha FC vs Jamshedpur FC will be shown on Star Sports network and can also be streamed live on Hotstar. The kick-off is scheduled for 7:30 PM IST.

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