ISL 2020-21, JFC vs FCG Highlights: Angulo brace earns Goa 2-1 win; Jamshedpur disappointed by poor refereeing

ISL 2020-21, FCG vs JFC Live Streaming Updates: Catch the Indian super league live score updates between FC Goa and Jamshedpur FC at Tilak Maidan.

Igor Angulo celebrates after scoring the equaliser for FC Goa against Jamshedpur FC.   -  sportzpics

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's ISL 2020-21 highlights of the clash between Jamshedpur FC and FC Goa.

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Match report| Angulo double earns Goa dramatic 2-1 win over Jamshedpur


The reactions from the Jamshedpur camp are less than happy. Here's what both teams said after the match:

Owen Coyle

On Lima's goal not being given:  "I feel robbed. Its becoming embarassing. I'm okay with fouls not going our way, but clear decisions like today are embarassing. The ball was clearly over the line and linesman did not see it. At a level we are playing, that should not be happening. The boys have played their socks off and this happens. I feel cheated."

On this team's second half display: "FC Goa has great players, but we should not be giving away goals. The players have been playing well and coaches are doing their jobs but something needs to be done. Four big decisions have gone against us."

FC Goa striker Igor Angulo on the result: "It was important to get that goal and its good for the team's confidence. Its not that we are playing bad or we have bad players. We needed today's win to help us."

"I honestly don't know how I scored that goal, but it went in which is the most important thing."

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FC Goa coach Juan Ferrando on the result: "I am so happy that after 10 days and four games we finally have a good result. I am happy for the character the boys have shown today. When you play so many games in such short period of time, it gets difficult to maintain intensity."


After a one-sided first half dominated by Jamshedpur FC which also took a 1-0 lead, the second half had all the drama of a thriller movie. Goa completely dominated the chances at the beginning of the second half as Alexander Lima's foul on James Donachie helped Igor Angulo to equalise from the penalty spot in the 64th minute. Jamshedpur thought it had the winner in the 87th minute when Lima's shot hit the bottom of the crossbar and spun back into play after landing inside the goal line. However, the referee chalked out the goal, much to Owen Coyle's frustration. In the fifth minute of the injury time, Brandon Fernandes' corner kick hit Angulo on the back and fell into the net earning Goa and unexpected win.

90+6' Ferrando makes a last-minute change bringing in Sanson Pereira for Brandon. Goa desperately clears a corner which is the final kick of the game. Owe Coyle walks back and he looks crestfallen.

90+5' GOA GETS THE WINNER! In the dying seconds of the match! Ortiz wins a corner kick which is curled into the near post by Brandon as Angulo jumps over Valskis and connects the ball with his back which beats the goalkeeper.

90+4' Lima finds himself in space on the left as he hits it into a crowd of black shirts and Goa scampers to clear the ball away.

90+2' Chance! Goa wins a free kick after Ortiz is fouled. Angulo's delivery is free for Doungel who flicks a header at the far post, narrowly missing it.

90' Goa wins a free kick from the outside the goal which Jamshedpur clears comfortably. Jamshedpur counters quickly through Valskis who loses the ball to Donachie.

87' OFF THE BAR! Lima unleashes a ferocious drive from the edge of the box with the goalkeeper wide open as the ball hits the inside of the crossbar. Unfortunate for the Brazilian and relief for Goa as the referee says "No Goal". However, it looks as if the ball spun back into play after landing inside the goal line.

86' Jamshedpur wins a corner kick as Mobashir bends it at the far post which Nawaz does well to palm it away from Eze. However, the ball is not fully cleared but Seriton does well to hack it away.

84' Jamshedpur hearts skipped a beat there. Hartley's foul on Brandon gives away a free kick in a dangerous position. Angulo floats the ball at the near post which Hartley brings down but Eze is hesitant about the clearance and waits for a moment before poking it out of the play.

81' Brandon tries to find Angulo who runs into space between the centre backs, but Eze does well to track the striker and Rehenesh collects the ball comfotably.

77' Owen Coyle makes a double change as Jitendra Singh and Sandip Mandi replace Aitor Monroy and Isaac Vanmalsawma.  Mandi gets a yellow with his first involvement on the ball with a unnecessary tackle on Gama.

75' Close! Breathtaking stuff from Goa. Seriton cuts a ball back from the byline as Angulo and Ortiz both have a shot at the goal which are blocked by Hartley and Eze.

73' Goa breaks away quickly as Angulo wins a free kick just outside the box, but the free kick from the Spaniard is straight at the keeper. Juan Ferrando makes his first change of the match as he sends in Seiminlen Doungel for Princeton Rebello.

69' Close! Two glorious chances go begging for Jamshedpur. Valskis' free kick from close range bends dangerously into the far corner but strikes the crossbar following a deflection from the keeper. Valskis tries a low cross at the far corner which Eze completely misses as the ball bounces just wide off the far post.

66' Goa has come out all guns blazing from the break. It looks more incisive with its passing and confident in taking its chances. Ortiz and Brandon exchange passes on the edge of the box as Ortiz pulls the trigger which is blocked by Hartley. Brandon pounces on the loose ball but the linesman had his flag up.

64' ANGULO EQUALISES FOR GOA! Angulo steps up to the spot and sends Rehenesh the wrong way as he places it into the left side of the net. The striker makes it 7 goals for the season, overtaking his opposite number Nerujis Valskis who has six so far. Check out the Golden Boot race.

63' PENALTY TO GOA! Donachie makes a runs into the box from the right as he clipped inside the box by Alexander Lima. The referee wastes no time awarding the penalty.

62' Goa creates a good chance after Seriton crosses into the box but Romario is unable to control it and Renthlei hacks it clear. Mohammed Mobashir comes on for Jamshedpur to replace Jackichand Singh, who had a quiet game.

60' Isaac wastes a chance to keep a throw-in in play. Goa does the same moments later after Nawaz' goalkick is let go on the right side.

58' Two big chances at both ends. Ortiz does well to skip past challenges on the left and squares a pass to Angulo who stings Rehenesh' palms with a powerful drive. Valskis finds himself in one-on-one position with Edu Bedia from a Lima cross but hits it straight at the goalkeeper.

56' A good spell of possession from Goa. Ortiz wins a corner which is played short by Brandon, but Monroy does well to block a cross from Seriton.

54' Chance! That was Goa's best chance of the game. Isaac loses the ball from the corner kick as Romario frees up Angulo on the left. The Spaniard charges down the flank and pulls the trigger from the edge of the box, narrowly missing the crossbar.

52' SAVE! Isaac's pass is deflected beautifully by Jackichand into Aniket's feet at the far post. The winger takes couple of touches and pull the trigger as Nawaz does well to deflect it over the bar.

50' Valskis finds himself in acres of space outside the box but is brought down by a cynical tackle from Gonzalez. He is lucky the referee let him go with a yellow card as it looked like a deliberate attempt to stop a goalscoring opportunity.

48' Lima plays a diagonal ball from the back as Valskis makes a run into the box but is unable to shake off Gonzalez. Brandon plays a cross into the box which Seriton tries to reach it but is blocked by Hartley.

46' Second half begins! Brandon brings down Saviour's pass and goes for a long-range strike which sails over the bar. Things are not looking good for Goa this season.


Jamshedpur began the match strongly and deservedly got the first goal. Stephen Eze who mistimed his early header from a free kick got it right in the 33rd minute with a superb outfoot finish into the far corner from Aitor Monroy's free kick. Goa, on the other hand, has been unable to create anything meaningful with Jamshedpur packing the box with blue shirts.

45+4' Goa looks clueless in the final third with Angulo and Ortiz isolated up front. Angulo tries to dribble on the edge of the box but has nowhere to go and the ball is played backwards.

45+1' Renthlei makes an overlapping run down the left as Isaac tries to find him. Jamshedpur finds its way back into the centre through Lima, but Gonzalez wins back possession.

44' Isaac gets a knock in the ribs after late challenge from Donachie. Valskis fires the ball wide off the far post and turns back the referee, furious that a free kick was not awarded for Donachie's foul.

42' Jamshedpur has been winning all the key battles so far. Valskis drops deep to hold the ball from three defenders and squares it to Aniket, who makes way through the right but loses his battle to Seriton.

39' Not much is working for Goa. Ortiz and Brandon have been trying to bring Angulo and Romario who have denied space in the final third.

36' Chance! Angulo twists and turns inside the box and creates room on the right. He pulls the trigger but is straight at Eze's legs.

33' GOAL JAMSHEDPUR! Superb finish from Stephen Eze. Jamshedpur wins a free kick on the right which is floated at the far post by Monroy. Eze reaches the ball in full stretch and beats the goalkeeper with a outfoot finish into the corner.

32' Romario plays a brilliant lob over the Jamshedpur defence to put Angulo through to the goal. He shadowed closely by Eze who gets a boot to the ball after which Angulo goes down inside the box. The referee tells him to play on.

29' Jamshedpur wins a free kick few yards outside the box as Monroy sends a looping delivery at the far post. Eze jumps the highest but is unable to direct it into the back of the net.

26' Chance! Brandon gets the ball on the edge of the box and cuts in from the left. He pulls the trigger, as the ball curls at the far post but misses the top corner by a fair distance.

23' Both the goalkeepers have been kept busy but the chances have been far and few so far. Romario goes for a strong tackle on Lima as the referee is not interested in the Brazilian's claims for a foul.

21' Renthlei wins possession as he passes it to Jackichand who loses the ball to Gonzalez. Goa counters quickly as Romario's cross at the far post goes out of play.

19' Ricky does well to take the ball off Romario as Monroy connects a pass to Isaac. Jamshedpur switches to the right as Aniket nutmegs Ricky to cut inside. Donachie is forced to clear the ball for a corner.

17' Goa wins a free kick in the middle and plays it from the back trying to find a way through. Seriton tries to put Ortiz through on the right flank but Eze intercepts it.

15' Isaac sighs in disbelief after his pass to Jackichand is poked behind the line by Gonzalez. He once again hits a cross into the box which is brought down by Valsksi, but the Lithuanian does not have support as Goa clears it away.

13' Miss! Brandon plays a delightful cross at the far post as Angulo has a good view of the far post but the striker drags his header wide. The linesman had his flag up by that time.

11' Isaac cuts in from the left after a superb dummy by Valskis and tries to find Aniket at the far end with a diagonal pass but gets it totally wrong as the ball runs away for a Goa goalkick.

8' Angulo is furious at the linesman after he is flagged offside after what seemed like he was behind last defender Ricky. Jamshedpur breaks away quickly as Valskis play a superb backheel to Aniket, but Seriton does well to clear it.

7' Valskis wins a free kick in a dangerous position as Monroy hits it flat which reaches a Goa head. Eze exchanges few words with Donachie over a small scuffle inside the box.

5' Monroy and Jackichand try to work the ball on the left side but the winger's challenge on Rebello gives away a free kick to Goa. Brandon tries to exploit the space on the right side, but Eze comes off his line to clear the ball.

3' Valskis runs into Donachie just outside the box as the clearance falls for Aniket who makes a run through the right and cuts it back to the centre but is straight at Gonzalez.

1' Here we go! Jamshedpur kicks off from left to right! Edu Bedia wins possession as Ortiz tries to make a run behind the highline Jamshedpur defence but is played offside.

- The players are out on the pitch at the Tilak Maidan!

- FC Goa has dominated this fixture so far. Here's a look at the Head-to-Head record:


- Both Nerijus Valskis and Igor Angulo are joint top in the goalscorers list. Here's how the Golden Boot race looks like.


- FC Goa has conceded the first goal in five out of its seven matches, drawing twice and losing thrice in those games.

- Both the matches that FC Goa scored first have seen the other side win the game.

- 6.30 pm: Line-ups are out!

Jamshedpur XI: TP Rehenesh; Laldinliana Renthlei, Stephen Eze, Peter Hartley, Ricky Lallawmawma; Aitor Monroy, Alexander Lima; Isaac Vanmalsawma, Aniket Jadhav, Jackichand Singh; Nerijus Valskis

Goa XI: Mohammad Nawaz; Saviour Gama, Ivan Gonzalez, Edu Bedia, Seriton Fernandes; Alexander Romario, Brandon Fernandes, James Donachie, Princenton Rebello; Jorge Ortiz, Igor Angulo.

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- FC Goa will look to move above Jamshedpur with a win today. Here's how the current standings look like:

1.Mumbai City FC7511113816
2.ATK Mohun Bagan751183516
3.Bengaluru FC7331118312
4.NorthEast United FC8251108211
5.Jamshedpur FC724187110
6.Hyderabad FC62316609
7.FC Goa72238808
8.Chennaiyin FC62225508
9.Kerala Blasters FC6033611-53
10.Odisha FC7025511-62
11.SC East Bengal6024311-82


Here's the match Preview:

An upbeat Jamshedpur FC (JFC) will take on FC Goa, struggling after losing two in a row, in the Indian Super League match at the Tilak Maidan on Wednesday.

JFC drew against a solid Mumbai City FC team despite being a player down from early in the first half. The 1-0 win over NorthEast United FC further added to its confidence.

With 10 points in seven matches, JFC has remained undefeated in six straight matches.

Head coach Owen Coyle appeared confident at the pre-match press conference. “The boys are doing well. They apply themselves during every training session. I have a wonderful group of players to work with – very professional, disciplined and motivated. We want to continue with our good run of form along with being unbeaten for as long as possible. But equally, we always want to win the match that's in front of us and win three points,” he said.

Goa has just two victories (three losses and two draws) and is very keen to get back to winning ways. Head coach Juan Ferrando said the players are ready after the short break. “We were not ready for Chennaiyin FC. Now we had three days of rest. We are ready,” said the 39-year-old Spaniard.

The return of midfielder Aitor Monroy, after serving suspension, has made Coyle quite happy. “He's (Monroy) a wonderfully gifted player, very professional, sets a great example for the younger players. So when you have that kind of a player available to you, it always helps the team,” said the 54-year-old Scot, who revealed that defender Joyner Lourenco is fit. “It is a great boost for us.”


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The Indian Super League (ISL 2020-21) marks the return of major league competition in India after the nationwide lockdown to prevent the COVID-19 outbreak was first imposed in March.

The seventh edition of the ISL got underway inside a bio-bubble in Goa on November 20.

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The tournament, spanning over four months, will see 11 teams play each other in a league and playoff format across three venues. Following the inclusion of SC East Bengal, this season will feature 115 games, up from 95 last season.

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