John Abraham's love affair with NorthEast UFC

Sportstar spoke to people from different walks of life on their allegiance to their favourite sporting clubs. This is what they had to say.

Ashley Westwood, coach of Bengaluru FC (BFC), is a Manchester City fan.   -  K. MURALI KUMAR

Co-owner of NorthEast United FC, John Abraham, with his team.   -  PTI

Ashley Westwood, Bengaluru FC

I support Manchester City. It’s part of life. It’s something to follow. Something to inspire you. It gives you motivation and makes life a little bit more interesting.

Wasim Jaffer, former India cricketer

I have never been a diehard fan of any sports club. When I was growing up, Manchester United had a good team. When I was in England, they won the treble (in 2008).

So, you want to see them win more and more. Now, Barcelona is doing that. I live in Mumbai and I’ve grown up there, so Mumbai Indians will be special to me.

Isaac Zapata, engineering

technician, Seattle

Cheering for a club means you’re with it in its ups and downs. Never switching support to another team. You know the current events of the sports club like the team members and key games.

Kenneth W. Walsh, software engineer, Seattle

When you support and get to understand a local team, you are able to have conversations with others in your area who also enjoy that team sport.

By having a better understanding of a local team you can relate to conversations on the local sports radio channel. It helps pass the time during commuting to and from work.

Varun Varadarajan, entrepreneur, Chennai

It’s about the place, I guess. In the first IPL season, I rooted for Chennai Super Kings because the franchise was from my city. Then, I developed a bond with the players. Ever since, I support the team because a player like Dhoni was playing in that team. So, it was about a particular player as much as it was about the team.

Vignesh J, journalist, Bengaluru

The club should have a soul that I can connect to. For example, take Chennai Super Kings. Though it’s defunct now, all players are part of Chennai. The city’s cricket fabric embraced CSK as if it always belonged to it. Dhoni became ‘thala’ and Raina became ‘chinna thala’ and Bravo danced to Tamil tunes. That’s the soul.

John Abraham, film actor

NorthEast United FC is like my baby and we have managed to unite the eight States where the government couldn’t — through football. The people are so passionate about football and I share their passion through my club.

Amey Argade, football youth coach

I support Arsenal because I feel I am a part of that team and I find myself in it. It gives me a family sort of feeling.

Sudarshan Venkatesan, Second Year B.Tech student

I am a Liverpool supporter and this club gives me the passion and love for my players. I have learnt to support my team in good and bad times. Passion and determination is important than anything else.

Armando Khan, musician

Supporting a club means rallying behind the team even when it is not in the best of situations. I am a Real Madrid fan and I will keep singing even when we are 2-0 to Wolfsburg.

Siddhesh Pawar, lawyer

I am a Liverpool fan and it has become more of an identity for me. It is a way of life, you could say. The one thing I look forward to every weekend is a Liverpool game. I am the kind who will support a team come what may and always list out only the positives when I am around my friends. Supporting a team is like a love affair. It has no boundaries and it is absolutely unconditional.

Shreyas Hegde, engineer

I am a Manchester United fan and supporting them instils a sense of pride within me.

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