Kompany calls for cheap tickets and safe standing

Tottenham released their season ticket prices for next season this week, drawing criticism from - among others - Vincent Kompany.

Manchester City defender Vincent Kompany   -  Getty Images

Vincent Kompany and Gary Lineker have criticised Tottenham's season ticket pricing for next season, the Manchester City captain calling for affordable tickets and safe standing.

The cost of watching football is a hot topic across Europe, with Spurs' announcement on Monday of the season ticket prices at their new stadium drawing outrage.

As the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters' Trust released a frustrated statement after finding only nine areas of the ground were priced below £950, former striker Lineker offered his support on Twitter, calling for clubs and the Premier League to see sense.

"We're seeing more and more empty seats at grounds," he posted. "Given the vast sums received from TV rights, ticket prices should be falling not rising.

"The game needs full stadiums otherwise its appeal will slowly decline, even to rights holders. Avarice will only damage the game and clubs."

City captain Kompany then joined Lineker, pointing out that clubs can stand to benefit financially from fuller stadiums and better atmospheres as a result of cheaper tickets.

He replied: "Less empty seats leads to a better TV product but also better atmosphere, which in turn affects testosterone levels and territorial behaviour in players, therefore increasing home advantage.

"There's financial value in every added league point too."

And Kompany posted again, adding his support for safe standing, with only all-seater stadiums currently allowed at the top level in England.

"[The Premier League] is unique, financially dominant and global," he said. "I imagine that a general decline in stadium atmosphere can damage the value of that product.

"[The] link to ticket pricing, seating location and safe standing is almost inevitable. Long-term gains vs short-term profits, [an] eternal dilemma."