Lovren hits out at critics as Klopp backs defender to become world's best

Dejan Lovren is not happy with criticism of his performances, but he is thankful for Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp's support.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp, with Dejan Lovren   -  Getty Images

Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren says Jurgen Klopp thinks he can become one of the world's best defenders, despite what the Croatian considers to be unfair criticism.

The centre-back has been singled out for some high-profile mistakes this season, particularly in Premier League defeats to Tottenham and Manchester United.

Lovren was taken off after just 31 minutes of a 4-1 loss to Spurs at Wembley last October, but he only missed three of Liverpool's next 14 league matches, during which they went unbeaten.

The 28-year-old says support from his manager has been helpful amid the scrutiny on his performances from outside the club.

"When he took me out at Spurs, I was fuming," Lovren told The Sunday Times. "But after, when we spoke, it took a couple of days then he invited me into his room.

"I wanted answers but he said positive things. He said: 'If you just think about yourself like I think about you, you will be one of the best players in the world.'

"You know maybe, it's sometimes just... just my self-confidence disappears in some moments. And he believes in me, you know? And I believe in him.

"Sometimes, I'm a person who thinks, 'Ah, I'm really good.' But other times I think, 'Ah, I did that. I'm not good enough.'

"He says always be level, but it's difficult. You have sometimes self-confidence, sometimes not; sometimes good moods, sometimes not."

He continued: "Everyone makes mistakes, but I play one bad game in 18 and everyone says, 'Look, look, look.' Why? I don't deserve that. People don't see me in the 'small' games. They see 5-0 against Porto but nobody sees my part.

"It's a challenge. A personality challenge. After a mistake, are you ready to move on? I did it straightaway after Spurs when I was in that record of 18 games unbeaten. Big players don't need six or seven games; big players in the next game prove you wrong.

"But some people don't care about that Dejan. They're just searching for the next mistake."

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