Marseille incurs stadium ban for crowd trouble against PSG

Marseille has been ordered to play one home match behind closed doors as punishment for crowd trouble in last month’s game against PSG.

Shields are held up to protect PSG’s Neymar from objects possibly being thrown as he goes to take a corner during the French League contest between Marseille and PSG in Marseille on October 24. Among members of the crowd, 21 people were arrested by the police and 17 taken into custody.   -  AP

French football authorities on Wednesday ordered Marseille to play one home match behind closed doors as a result of crowd trouble in last month’s game against Paris Saint-Germain.

The clash between the bitter rivals on October 24 ended in a 0-0 draw but was held up on more than one occasion as objects were thrown from the stands when PSG players went to take corner kicks. There was another interruption in the second half when one young man invaded the pitch and approached Lionel Messi before being escorted off by a legion of security staff.

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Twenty-one people were arrested and 17 taken into custody, charged with damage, possession of rockets, and violence or insult or resisting police officers following further incidents outside the Velodrome. Six received sentences ranging up to two years in jail.

Marseille had already been punished twice this season by league officials for incidents in the stands in matches at Nice and Angers.

It had been threatened with a one-point deduction but escaped further punishment, and will host Troyes behind closed doors on November 28.

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