Paul Pogba has hit back at his critics after an indifferent season with Manchester United by suggesting Lionel Messi would never receive the kind of criticism he does.

Pogba struggled for consistency at Old Trafford in 2017-18 which resulted in him being dropped at times by Jose Mourinho.

Some of his lacklustre performances drew condemnation, with questions arising as to why he could at times be seen ambling around the pitch.

Pogba has no intention of changing his approach, though, despite calls for him to raise his levels and contribute more from his midfield role.

"I've always been like that," Pogba told France Football. "When I've won, I've won being like that. That's my style of play.

"You're not going to criticise Messi when he walks on the pitch.

"If he scores three goals are you going to say, 'Ah, but he's walking on the pitch'? No. You can't tell me how to play.

"If I'm here today, it's as I am. No one has told me how I must behave. That's my football, that's all.

"People can like it or not. I'm not judged like everyone else so I'm not normal. And I take this as a challenge."