Napoli director to take legal action over 'false' quotes about Rog move

After it was reported Cristiano Giuntoli had confirmed Marko Rog's loan to Sevilla, Napoli has denied the claims.

Napoli midfielder Marko Rog   -  Getty Images

Napoli has announced Cristiano Giuntoli will take legal action after "false" quotes claiming Marko Rog was set to join Sevilla were attributed to the director.

News outlets in Spain had reported that Rog would move to Sevilla on loan, with confirmation apparently forthcoming from Giuntoli in an alleged interview with ABC.

The sporting director was quoted as saying: "We've given the OK to loaning [Rog] out. We feel it can be a good option for Marko.

"The player told us he wanted to play at Sevilla, but we can't give him away. He can spend the next few months in Seville, but then he'll be back with us. We don't want to include an option to buy."

However, Napoli insists Giuntoli never took part in the supposed interview and the comments relating to 23-year-old Rog are "false".

"Napoli sporting director Cristiano Giuntoli never gave an interview to Spanish media outlet ABC," a statement read on Tuesday. "All comments attributed to Giuntoli by ABC are false.

"Giuntoli will be taking legal action against those responsible."


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