Paris attacks: Explosions heard in football friendly

One of the targeted locations of suicide bombings was near the Stade de France, the venue of a friendly football match between France and Germany. In the first half of the game, two explosions were heard from within the stadium.

Spectators at the football friendly between France and Germany gather on the pitch after the game.   -  Getty Images

Besides gun attacks in Paris, there were explosions, including suicide bomb attacks that killed people. One of the targeted locations was near the Stade de France, just north of the city, where two explosions were heard from within the football stadium where a friendly football match was being played between France and Germany.

One of the explosions being heard was captured on a Vine footage on Twitter. After the match, won by the home team 2-0, the fans attending the game staying back till full time assembled at the pitch. Despite the two heard explosions, in what seemed a decision of pragmatism, the stadium authorities allowed the game to continue to keep the audience inside, where there was more assurance of safety than outside. The players were reportedly not told of the events even during the half-time break.

President Francois Holland, who was among the 80,000-odd spectators in the stadium, was evacuated at the break. Spectators were asked to avoid certain exits after the game, 'due to events outside', according to a report by

There were also gun attacks at the Bataclan concert hall, towards the central part of town, and two restaurants and bars.

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